Whats Underneath

*Trigger warning.*
He was just the nerd at school that nobody ever talked to. She was probably the most popular girl in school. When Cheyenne Stevens found out she was failing Math and was assigned a tutor she didn't argue. Marcel was a complete nerd but she didn't mind. She liked him and that's all the mattered. When she found out what was happening to him he asked her to change him. When peoples outside become pretty their insides become ugly. And that's just what happened.


1. Chapter 1.


                                                                  ^Cheyenne Stevens.^

Last period. The longest class of the day. Of course it was math class, the class I will never be good at. "Ms.Stevens." I sat upright and smiled. "Yes?"

The class snickered as my face turned a bright pink. Mr. Coleson sighed. "Quit your day dreaming and pay attention." 

I sighed. "Piss off..." I said under my breath. I looked around the room and saw a boy staring at me. His face turned a bright red. He had a pair of dorky glasses and slicked back hair. His attire was like a old fashion nerd. He opened his book up like he was reading. He stared at the book but then looked at me again. I chuckled and went back to my work.

The end of class came and we all stood up and flooded out of the dreadful class room. "Ms. Stevens! Can you come here for a minute?" I was almost out the door to. I sighed and spun around on the heels of my shoes. The dorky kid from earlier was standing there with a big smile.

"Yes Mr.Coleson?" I sneered. "Your failing my class. You have a 35% in this class." My heart dropped. "How!? I do all my work!" He shuffled his papers. "You do the work just its not right." He looked at the boy and smiled."And that's why I asked Marcel to help you. Marcel, this is Cheyenne."

He smiled and held out his hand. "Pleased to meet you Cheyenne." I shook his hand and smiled. "You too.." I sighed and looked at the clock. "Alright..I guess we'll go to my house?" His eyes grew wide. "Y-your house?" I nodded. "Okay.." I smiled and walked away with him following. I went to my locker and grabbed my stuff. He leaned against the other lockers. 

"Do you mind walking? I don't have a car or anything..." He snapped to his feet. "No no that's quite alright!" I nodded. He seemed so...different. 

We made it outside. It was a bright nice day like usual. I saw out of the corner of my eye Marcel staring at me again. "You stare at me a lot..." He blushed again. "Really? Huh..I-I didn't know..I did...that.." he's acting like it was his first time talking to a girl. He's really awkward. Not like most of the guys I talk to. But then again he hasn't tried getting with me or anything. 

It was getting kinda awkward."Soo...whats your crowd? Who do you hang out with? I hope I'm not taking you away from them.." He bit his lip and put his hands in his pocket. I looked at him confused. "Hey, C'mon answer me." I playfully bumped into him. "Um.. I don't get along with people. I usually tend to myself." My face dropped. " Oh...I'm sorry. I'll be your friend if you want." He looked over at me, a smile plastered on his face. "Really? Cool." 

We got to my house. My mom wasn't home yet. She gets out of work around like 8:30 at night. My brother was at boxing practice so god knows when he'll get back."No ones home so no one can bother us." I said opening the door. "Um..Is it ok to be here when your parents aren't here?" I shrugged. "My moms hardly ever home anyway so it's not like she'll ever know." Marcel looked around. "And your father?" I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge door. "Never met the man." Marcel went to say something but I wanted to drop the topic. 

I cut him off,"Are you hungry? Thirsty? ." He shook his head no as he awkwardly stood by the stove."Make yourself at home. Your gonna be coming here for a long ass time if you want me to pass." I took out to bottles of coke." By the way, Thanks for doing this. I'm sure you didn't want to but asshole Coleson made you, huh?" I sat down at the table with Marcel. He shrugged. 

He took out his text book and set it on the table. 

" I bet your really holding back on the names aren't you?" I narrowed my eyes down at him."Excuse me?" He swallowed hard and darted his eyes at me. "Why are you being so nice? Your so popular, I'm a nobody." I sighed." Marcel..I'm not that type of person. I'm not cruel like the other girls. If your nice to me I'm nice to you." His face softened and then a small smirk. 

"Alright,now that we got that out of the way." I said,"Teach me the ways of math."

(Hi guys c: I've been wanting to do a Marcel story for a whiiiiile now c: I hope you like it! Tell me in the comments if I should keep going with this.)

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