Kylie Lawely,The sister of the famous youtuber,Kian Lawely,has been crushing on Vine sensation,Nash Grier's younger brother;Hayes Grier.So one day she was going to school,as usual,But little did she know Hayes was going to be the 'new kid' at her school.They see each other and start developing a friendship.Later they soon find out that they have feelings for each other but the schools 'Bad Boy' Justin,wants Kylie all to himself.He is bound to slip them apart if it the last thing he does.Will Kylie and Hayes' love for each other be strong enough to last. Will they be too ATTACHED to each other to let go? Read to find out xx


3. My birthday

Me: So since i've decided to add a bit of more humor since theres like nothing but drama-
Nash: But that's what you want...
Me: Yes but-
Hayes: Always with all the but's
Me: Shut up Hayes i'm trying to-
Taylor: How come i'm never mentioned?!
Me:Can you all just shut the hell-
Carter: Why can't I be with Kylie?
Me: Because she's 13 you idiot.
Cameron: Shouldn't you continue with the story?
Me : And shouldn't you shut up before I cut your -
Jack and Jack : *cover my mouth* YOU CAN'T SAY THAT!
Aaron: Say what? What was she going to-
Shawn: And now we shall continue with the story! *laughs nervously*

( Previously on 'Attached ' )

(Kylie's P.O.V)
As I finished , Kian ran to the stage and hugged me , along with the rest of the guys. Matthew spun me around and then hugged me tight . I loved Matthew so much, He was an older brother to me.

"Can I hug her now?" Hayes asked Matthew.

Matthew nodded and let go of me . Hayes than gabbed my hand and looked into my eyes , I don't know what happened , but I had a sudden feeling that I would never get over him . That he would never love me the way I want him to. I just couldn't bare to look at him , knowing that he can't be mine. I then let go if his hand and ran away .

" Kylie !" David,Kian,Cameron,and Hayes screamed.

I ran as fast as I could , not letting anyone see the tears streaming down my face. I heard someone behind me , so I decided to look back . I saw Cameron running behind me , So I tried running even faster , but I couldn't. When Cameron was about to grab me , A black van pulled me inside , and then I soon blacked out. 


( Kylie's P.O.V)

" Are you sure this was a good idea? I mean we could get arrested for kidnapping her." A familiar voice whispered. 

" Quiet Sullivan! She's waking up!" A voice I knew too well whisper/shouted.

I open my eyes and hiss at the bright lights. I blinked my eyes a couple of times , trying to adjust the bright lights . Soon my eyes adjusted and what stood - Or should I say who stood in front of me , shocked me. It was Justin and the schools shy girl , Andrea Sullivan. How could she do this ? She was seemed too innocent and friendly to do this. Huh , Guess I thought wrong of this 'shy and innocent' girl. 

" How ya feeling , sweetheart ? " Justin laughed .

" What do you want Justin?" I spat at him.

" I want you . So badly. Although I actually kidnapped you for a different  reason..." Justin said , earning a gag from me. 

I swear to god this buy is so gross and persistent. I hate him so much . Why does he even want me? Oh wait , I'm the only girl who hasn't slept with him . Yes , even Andrea. I know , weird . 

" Why did you kidnap me ? " I ask .

" Look I don't think that Hayes kid is right for you...I mean he's a famous kid who can play with your feelings ..."  Justin mumbled. 




I was quite surprised to learn he actually cares . As he kept going on and on about how he hates Hayes , I heard a small tap on the window . I look at the only window here and see that it's my friend Julie with her friends . They're a gang , Although they like to think that they're a group of friends looking around their neighborhood and cart weapons for safety reasons . It actually seems more like security or something. I see Steven throw a rock at the window , Making the glass shatter on me.  


" What in the actual fuck ? Who are you guys ? " Justin questioned.


Emily sprinted towards me and quickly untied me while Steven pinned Andrea and Julie held a knife near Justin's neck .  Nathan grabbed his phone and called Kian letting him know where I was and that I'm okay . 


" You look mighty fine to eat . " Justin said with a wink.


He tried smoothing his way out Julie's grip so he can try some more flirting , Julie smiled at his comment and then punched his gut . Wrong move Justin . Julie hates pricks like him and trust me , she know's a lot about everyone.


" Shut it Perez . " She spat .


just then Justin grabbed the knife and cut her back slightly , I think , Oh my god it's big but not deep.  Julie hissed at the pain which I found funny yet adorable about her since her eyes are green like a cats and her sneeze sounds like a cat and - what am I doing? Justin then punched Julie and cut her cheek . Nathan then ran towards Julie as Justin ran , Steven let go of Andrea and checked on Julie . She kept saying she was fine but I think we should take her to my house .  Steven then carried Julie all the way to our house . 


I grabbed my keys and head inside and told Steven to put her on our table . Jessica wasn't whining which was good because that means she wasn't badly wounded . I then heard Kian , Jc , Connor , Rick , Sam , Trevor , Nash , Cameron , Taylor , Aaron , Shawn , Jack J , Jack G, Hayes , and Matthew rush down stairs . I could tell they were happy to see me when they ALL tackled me . Everyone was laughing and smiling until they saw Julie . 


" What happened to Julie ? " Kian asked .


" Justin kidnapped me and Julie and her friends saved me but Justin put up a fight with Julie and well he cut her back and cheek and he punched her face and wow she has a black eye !" I responded .


" Ouch Steven . " She hissed . 


Steven kept disinfecting her cuts and when he finished up she was all better. She was feeling so much better that she decided to flirt with Hayes , Well I think Hayes is doing all the flirting while she just laughs .  I thought Hayes liked me , I guess maybe he doesn't . Julie kept being stared at by every boy in this house which I could clearly see since she has green-blue eyes and tan skin and dark brown hair and she had a great body , Such a great body that even Shawn couldn't keep his eyes off of her . I see that Matthew got her attention with his weirdness , And oh look now Hayes comes up to me.  


" Hey you okay Kylie ? " Hayes asks as he grabs my hand . 


" I don't know why don't you go ask Julie ? " I spat at him .


"How would Julie - Wait are you jealous ? Because I was just telling her what life in North Carolina is like and w

hat idiotic things I did over there . " Hayes laughed .


" I am not ! " I said calmly . 


" Are too " He laughed .




Everyone looked at me shocked that I called Julie a thot even though she saved my life . 


" I should be going and Steven, Emily,Nathan left me ....Well good seeing you again Kian and you too Kylie and as for the rest if you it was nice meeting you guys ! " She smiled leaving out the door .


" Thanks a lot Kylie ! Now you made Julie feel bad ! " Kian spat at me as he stomped upstairs .


" But - " 


" No Kylie , You really screwed up this time ! " Matthew spat .

Matthew , My best friend Matthew just shunned me ...The only person who stayed here with me is Hayes . He pulled me to the couch and sat me on his lap . I cried and laid my head on his chest .

" But today's my birthday ..."

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