Kylie Lawely,The sister of the famous youtuber,Kian Lawely,has been crushing on Vine sensation,Nash Grier's younger brother;Hayes Grier.So one day she was going to school,as usual,But little did she know Hayes was going to be the 'new kid' at her school.They see each other and start developing a friendship.Later they soon find out that they have feelings for each other but the schools 'Bad Boy' Justin,wants Kylie all to himself.He is bound to slip them apart if it the last thing he does.Will Kylie and Hayes' love for each other be strong enough to last. Will they be too ATTACHED to each other to let go? Read to find out xx


1. He's the 'New Kid ' ?

  ( Kylie's P.O.V)

"Ladies and Gentlemen we've got a special treat for you tonight,I'm gonna call my friend Olly up here to sing to you ladies,Olly!Let's go man,My name is Olly, nice to meet you, can I tell you
baby,Look around there's a whole lot of pretty ladies,But none like you, you shine so bright, yeah.I was wondering if you and me could spend a minute,On the floor up and close getting lost in it,I won't give up without a fight.I just wanna, ooh, oh baby,I just want you to dance with me tonight,

So come on, ooh, oh baby, I just want you to dance with me tonight." My alarm clock sang. Oh how wonderful , another day in my life . " Kylie hurry up ! I got to take you to school . I've got to make another  said beside me. " I don't want to go Kian !" I yelled , covering myself with my warm blanket ." Kylie , it's friday , You have to go , It's the talent show." My brother Kian  told me. I jumped off my bed and got my clothes and brushed my teeth. " Forgetting something?" Kian told me as I was about to leave the house and get in his car . " Right ! Can't forget my guitar!" I said , laughing . Kian  then handed me my back pack and my guitar case and a pick. " Hey Kylie, You remember Hayes Grier right?" Kian asked as he back up through the drive way . Hayes Grier ! Oh my god , I have a crush on him . Too bad he's dating someone though . " Yeah , I remember ." I replied. " Well , He's attending your school." Kian said . " WHAT?! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?! I CAN'T SEE HIM LIKE THIS! I NEED TO CHANGE ! GO BACK HOME! I NEED TO CHANGE!" I yelled , freaking out. Okay , Maybe my crush wasn't tiny." Wow , Calm down Kylie! Do you have a crush on him?" Kian laughed. " Maybe..." I muttered. " Oh look , There's Nash and Hayes !" Kian said parking his car and getting out. " Oh Kian , Please don't tell anyone though!" I whispered as I chased after him. " Fine ." Kian whispered back. " NASH !" kian yelled as he ran to Nash , That's when I saw two icy blue eyes that weren't Nash' , They were Hayes' . " KIAN!" Nash yelled hugging Kian. I just stood there awkwardly untill I felt someone slap my butt . " Hey you ! Did you just smack my sisters ass ?!" Kian yelled as he walked up to Justin. Justin literally has tried getting me into his pants since he's claims i'm ' The hottest girl in school' . " I SAID DID YOU SMACK MY SISTERS ASS ?! " Kian yelled once again . " Kian, it's fine I can handle this .." I whispered. " Justin just go , Can you please leave me alone today ?" I asked as Kian glared at Justin. " No can do babe ." Justin whispered then pecked my lips. " That's it !" Kian yelled as I tried holding him back from hurting Justin . " NASH ! HELP ME!" I yelled . Nash soon held Kian as Kian started to calm down. " Oh my god ! Thanks Nash ." I sighed.  " No problem Kylie ." Hayes chuckled . As soon as Kian calmed down the bell rang , indicating that it's time for first period. " Um Jessica can you maybe please hang out with Hayes and show him around ? " Nash begged me before I started walking . " Sure Nash ." I replied giving him a hug.  I then ran to Kian and hugged him and said y goodbye . As I entered , I heard a group of girls screaming . I look and see that Hayes is trapped in a corner near fan girls . " Excuse me , Coming through ... " I muttered as I squished through the crowd . As I was about to reach Hayes , some girl pushed me into Hayes . " Sorry Hayes .." I muttered as I was in his arms. " It's okay Kylie , But I would like if you may ...I don't know ..Help me ?" Hayes chuckled. " Okay girls ! Get out of the way , Hayes can't be late to class now move it !" I screamed. I then grabbed Hayes' hand and led him through the crowd.  " Let me see your schedule .... Perfect! You're in all my classes !" I said . " That's great ! Get to spend more time with my bae!" Hayes laughed , grabbing my hand. I literally blushed so hard , and I think he saw me blushing. I felt his hand grip my hand tighter as we walked in to our first class. English ...My best subject ! " Miss Lawely , you're late . I expected more from you. " Mr.Dull said . " Sorry Mr.Dull , This is Hayes Grier , He's now attending our school and he got mobbed by fan girls..." I said apologizing. " Very well then , Mr. Grier , I see you have met one of my best students , Kylie . You may have a seat next to her if you like ." Mr.Dull said. " Cmon Hayes." I said tugging him to my seat and now his seat . " What's that noise?" Hayes said as he sat down . He still hasn't let got of my hand since our desk's are connected . " That must be ...Justin.." I sighed , And guess who it was? It was Justin. " MR. PEREZ ! COME IN MY CLASSROOM QUIETLY NEXT TIME!" Mr. Dull yelled as Justin. Justin then started walking towards me and then stood behind Hayes. " Faggot here is in my seat." Justin told Mr.Dull. " What did you just call me ?" Hayes asked , turning around. " Justin just shut up and sit somewhere else!" I yelled. " But he's -Let go of my bitch!" Justin yelled as he realized that Hayes was still holding my hand. " I'm not yours ! I don't even like you! I hate you ! Just leave me alone!" I yelled at him . " Don't you dare call her a 'bitch' !" Hayes yelled at Justin . " But she still hasn't slept with me , AND SHE WILL!" Justin yelled. " DUDE ?! WHAT THE HELL ! I'M JUST THIRTEEN ! I'M NOT FUCKING ANY RANDOM PIECE OF SHIT LIKE YOU!" I yelled . " THAT'S ENOUGH! Justin sit in the back!" Mr.Dull said sternly. " Sorry about that Hayes.." I whispered , looking at him . " It's fine , Just don't like the fact he thinks he owns you. You're mine!" Hayes joked , Or at least I thought so. " So Class today you will write about someone you admire or write about someone you love. It will be due tomorrow , but in the mean time . You will be given the entire class to work on it . Begin!" Mr.Dull said. I then let go of Hayes' hand and got a piece of paper. " Why'd you let go of my hand?" Hayes said , pouting . " I needed to get a pencil ...And plus your hand is sweaty!" I laughed. " But your hand is so soft! Let me hold it! Or at least let me wrap my arm around you!" Hayes said. " You're one odd guy ." I laughed . " Oh am I ?" Hayes replied , wiggling his eye brows , causing me to laugh. " Just wrap your arm around me you weirdo !" I laughed as he kept wiggling his eye brows.  He then wrapped his arm around me as he started working on his own thing. Hmmm what should I write? I guess about Hayes , But I won't mention his name or give much details to reveal that i'm writing about him . " Miss.Lawely  , you may write down a song that you would like to sing for the class if you'd like ? You would sing it tomorrow !" Mr.Dull said. " Oh Jesus , I have the talent show today and now tomorrow I have to sing again? Dear lord help me. " I laughed. 

Settle down with me, Cover me up ,Cuddle me in .Lie down with me, And hold me in your arms ,And your heart's against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck. I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet, And with a feeling I'll forget, I'm in love now Kiss me like you wanna be loved ,You wanna be loved ,You wanna be loved. This feels like falling in love, Falling in love ,We're falling in love ---

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