Kylie Lawely,The sister of the famous youtuber,Kian Lawely,has been crushing on Vine sensation,Nash Grier's younger brother;Hayes Grier.So one day she was going to school,as usual,But little did she know Hayes was going to be the 'new kid' at her school.They see each other and start developing a friendship.Later they soon find out that they have feelings for each other but the schools 'Bad Boy' Justin,wants Kylie all to himself.He is bound to slip them apart if it the last thing he does.Will Kylie and Hayes' love for each other be strong enough to last. Will they be too ATTACHED to each other to let go? Read to find out xx


2. Blacked out?

( Kylie's P.O.V)

(So that's David Rodriguez , He will be Kylie's Best Friend )
" So you're telling me your cru-I mean brothers friend is in all your class rooms ? " My best friend David asked.

" Yes and please don't say anything about me having a crush on him-and here he comes! Don't screw up." I growled at David . 

" Hey Kylie-and ...Kylie's boyfriend..." Hayes said sounding a bit upset.

" WHAT!" Both me and David laughed . Well I laughed and he choked on his drink. 

" I'm David , Kylie's ex- NO JUST KIDDING! " David yelled as I raised my fist.

" He's my best friend , but he's also my pain in the ass!" I reassured Hayes. 

" Eww I don't want to be in your ass! It's probably gross!" David joked.

Hayes laughed at David's grossed out expression . I found it funny as well but decided not to laugh as David was gagging , making me feel as if I need to puke. Hayes then sat down on the bench with us , grabbing his phone , probably making a vine. 

" So what are you doing here at this school?" David's asked Hayes.

" Oh my brother Nash and I decided to move here along with our friend Cameron." Hayes replied.

" WAIT CAMERON'S HERE TOO?!" I yelled/questioned with happiness .

" Oh thy Cameron Dallas? Kylie is absolutely mad for him!" David laughed.

Although Hayes didn't seem too happy about the fact that Daniel made it sound as if I had a serious crush on him , And I don't! It's just that he's like a brother too me. Don't get me wrong , I absolutely love Kian to bits,but Kian can be a bit too boring or strict at times , Unlike Cameron .

"He's joking , I love Cameron as a brother." I laughed .

Hayes facial expression then changed from upset to relieved . He's actually quite cute when he's jealous . 

"Um okay?" David laughed .

Oh crap , I said it out loud ! I didn't mean to say it loud. Oh crap now i'm blushing. Oh my god , Hayes is hiding his face ,Is he - oh my shit! Hayes is blushing! 

" You two remind me of tomatoes ! " David laughed .

" Head in the clouds , got no weight on my shoulders! I should be wiser , and realize that i've got ! " My phone rang. 

What the hell? Who calls me during school?

" Hello?" I ask .

" KYLIE!" Cameron screamed.

" CAMERON!" I screamed , jumping off the bench David , Hayes , and I were sitting on. 

" I missed you so much Cameron! " I laughed.

" I miss you so much too! Although shouldn't you be at the talent show? " 

" Haha I missed you too !Although aren't you supposed to be at the talent show ?" Cameron asked.

"Oh my Markiplier , I forgot about the talent show !" I screamed.

" Markiplier? What's Markiplier? " Cameron and Hayes asked .

" No time to explain! Is Kian coming to watch me?" I asked.

" Yeah we're on our way , and tell Hayes that Nash said to us a seat!" Cameron said before he hung up.

" Let's go!" David barked , as he threw me over his shoulder.

He started running towards the talent show as I kept screaming , telling him to hurry up. Hayes was in front of David the whole time . As soon as we reached the talent show , Hayes opened the door for us to get in .

" WE'RE HERE ! WE'RE HERE! KYLIE IS HERE !" David  screamed , being the idiot he is. 

Everyone turned their heads towards us , making girls attack David and Hayes . Both Hayes and David are well known , David being well known on tumblr . He's known as a 'tumblr boy' . Hayes on the other hand is known for being Nash's little brother , Nash is even more popular then Hayes on vine. Hayes is well known on vine  , and is considered a 'tumblr boy' , and I can't argue with that. Am I well known ? Yes, I'm Kian Lawely's little sister ! I'm well known on Tumblr,Vine, and Youtube . I'm also known for being considered a 'tumblr girl' , But I don't think so. 

" Mr.Rodriguez , I'm very disappointed in you for rudely interrupting our talent show ! Go take a seat!" Mrs.Potter , our principal , yelled at David. 

"Sorry Mrs.Potter ! " David apologized with a smirk , making girls sigh .

I then see Nash, Cameron , Matthew,Carter,Jc,Connor, and Kian rush inside. Oh crap , The girls are going to scream. Wait for it...Wait for it-

" OH MY GOSH IT'S NASH!" Some girl screamed.

" ITS CAMERON!"A short girl screamed.

"IT'S MATTHEW ! I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE SO HOT!" Another girl screamed, making me laugh.


" JC WILL YOU MARRY ME?!" Another girl screamed!

" CONNOR CAN I HAVE YOU?!" A girl with red hair screamed.

" KIAN EAT ME TILL' I'M CLEAN !" A girl with black hair screamed.

" EWWWW HE'S MY BROTHER! PLUS HE HAS A GIRL FRIEND !" I screamed at the girl.

By now I was gagging , While David laughed on the ground. Mrs.Potter made everyone shut up so we could continue the talent show . I soon then sat down between Hayes and David . Kian sat behind me , on his left , Jc and Connor sat , talking about some girl on Badoo. On Kian's right ,Cameron,Nash, and Carter sat making vines. Matthew was sitting  beside Hayes , they started arguing about ketchup and mustard . I found that very odd. David was the only one actually talking to me , although we talked about how I should really make another youtube video because I haven't done one in a while. 

" Up next is Justin Perez , He will be singing ' Give me love ' By Ed Sheeran. He also said that this song is dedicated to a very special girl , No other than Kylie Lawely ." Mrs.Potter announced. 

I turned around to look at Kian , and he didn't look too happy . As for the rest of the guys ...they had smirks on their faces. Hayes and Kian we're the only ones not enjoying his performance. I actually did find it sweet of him to sing a song for me , And he did have an amazing voice . 

The crowd started clapping as Justin finished his song. I really did enjoy the performance. It was a very romantic and sweet thing for him to do for me. Mr.Capleton then gave me the sign to go back stage and get ready. I quickly got my things , with the help of Hayes , and ran backstage. 

"Are you ready Miss.Lawely ?" Mr.Capleton asked .


"Yes sir , I just need Hayes to help me set up things." I replied. 

" Very well then , we'll open the curtains when you are ready!" Mr.Capleton informed. 

I nodded and ran towards the front of the stage , while Hayes carried my guitar case and amp. 

" You nervous ? " Hayes asked , grabbing me by my waist.

" Kind of ... Always have been." I sighed , resting my head on his chest.

" Well you shouldn't , You'll do fine. You're very talented , and you should know that ." Hayes whispered , looking into my eyes as he tucked one of my hairs behind my ear.

The curtains unexpectedly opened , showing the audience a very interesting sight of me and Hayes basically holding each other close. I quickly try to push Hayes but he lets go of me first and just walks of the stage awkwardly .

" Up next is Kylie Lawely singing 'All of me' by John Legend. She dedicates this song to a very special person that she loves but she hasn't met him ...yet." Mrs.Potter announced.

I then started strumming my guitar and sang . During my performance I saw Kian taking a video of me , Nash,Cameron,Matthew,Carter, and Hayes also recording; although i'm sure they were making vines.  

As I finished , Kian ran to the stage and hugged me , along with the rest of the guys. Matthew spun me around and then hugged me tight . I loved Matthew so much, He was an older brother to me. 

"Can I hug her now?" Hayes asked Matthew. 

Matthew nodded and let go of me . Hayes than gabbed my hand and looked into my eyes , I don't know what happened , but I had a sudden feeling that I would never get over him . That he would never love me the way I want him to. I just couldn't bare to look at him , knowing that he can't be mine. I then let go if his hand and ran away . 

" Kylie !" David,Kian,Cameron,and Hayes screamed.

I ran as fast as I could , not letting anyone see the tears streaming down my face. I heard someone behind me , so I decided to look back . I saw Cameron running behind me , So I tried running even faster , but I couldn't. When Cameron was about to grab me , A black van pulled me inside , and then I soon blacked out. 


Weyhey guys , Sorry for not updating soon . I had lots of stuff to do. Hope you like it! ~Jess


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