☣ Who Is The Traitor? ☣

Nothing out of the ordinary was meant to happen. The 12 Exo members were only visiting a high school under their manager's orders.

However, within just a few hours, the entire school building had been tranformed into a place of chaos and bloodshed.

Bodies lie everywhere and there are hardly any survivors left still wandering around.

And Exo just had to get caught up in the whole situation.

Credits to ❛cray-sis •• graphics for the cover~
Written from Xiumin's point of view.


1. Ordinary Morning

The school courtyard was immediately filled with screams and shouts as the limousine pulled up into the driveway just before a long, red carpet. Hundreds of students - mainly females - crowded around on either side, wanting to get a glimpse. Even though I was basically used to all this commotion, I couldn't help feeling a little nervous on the inside. This was the first time going to a school this big after my group's debut, so I was excited as well. Hardly being able to contain it all, I turned to the person sitting to the right of me, one of my room-mates, Kris. Ever since we discovered all those 'fanfictions' written about the both of us, we had become a little distant so I thought now would be a good time to catch up with each other.

"I hope we don't get mowed down like at the mall last week." I said to him, trying to strike up a decent conversation as the limousine door opened. The seat I was sitting in was the furthest away, so I didn't need to worry about getting off right now.
He let out a tiny chuckle at what I said, filling me up with relief because of the fact that we weren't too far apart just yet. Hopefully as time progressed, we would be able to regain our past closeness. But for now…

Kris got out of the vehicle, with me hot at his heels. As soon as I stepped outside, I was instantly blinded by the sun's brightness. Everyone else seemed to be having the same reaction as I was, judging from how they were shielding their eyes and complaining about being stuck in the car for at least five hours. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see that there was a large amount of students crowded around on either side of the carpet. I had no idea that we were this famous even in a country like Japan.

We began to walk through the gates towards the main school building, with lots of people pushing each other to get as close to us as possible. Finding all this overwhelming, I quickened my pace to be next to Kris. But doing that only made the crowd cheer and squeal, earning me a strange look from my room-mate. Sighing, I slowed down again, putting me back in my original position.

Just as I stepped inside the school principal's office, the bell went off, making me cringe at the loud sound it made. That was to be expected though, seeing how I was the nearest person to the bell above us. A man seeming to be in his 30s - quite young actually - sat at a polished birch-wood desk, a warm smile clearly visible on his face.

"Welcome to Omiya Nishi High School. We must thank you for coming to Saitama City, and I know you are quite exhausted from last night's concert, so feel free to come here and rest whenever you want. Now, Miss Sacha here will be your tour-guide, so any questions will go to her." He said, before gesturing a hand towards the refreshment-filled tables and chairs in the corner of the room. The delicious smell of freshly, steamed buns swirled around me, making my mouth water. I wondered if the favorite food of each of the Exo members had been chosen.


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