☣ Who Is The Traitor? ☣

Nothing out of the ordinary was meant to happen. The 12 Exo members were only visiting a high school under their manager's orders.

However, within just a few hours, the entire school building had been tranformed into a place of chaos and bloodshed.

Bodies lie everywhere and there are hardly any survivors left still wandering around.

And Exo just had to get caught up in the whole situation.

Credits to ❛cray-sis •• graphics for the cover~
Written from Xiumin's point of view.


2. And It Begins

The time was now 10:13am and none of us had eaten breakfast yet, save for some of our members who had 'magically found' pieces of candy in the hotel we were staying in. Because there was still some time before we had to leave for the tour around the school, we sat down to eat. It turned out my earlier hunch was correct, because everyone found their most favorite food in no time. Once we finished, we stood up and allowed ourselves to be lead around the school by our tour-guide, Miss Sacha.

"And this here, is the gym where all our assemblies are held." She said, explaining to us information about the last place of the day, including the unnecessary things we didn't really need to know like how there had been a hole in the roof earlier this year. Although knowing it was rude to, I quickly glanced down at my watch while she was still talking, but she didn't seem to notice. 2:44pm. That meant school would end in... A few more seconds.

And I was right, because the bell suddenly went off and our tour-guide led us back out the gym to the main building. A large crowd of students were hurriedly making their way towards the exit, laughing and chatting to their friends, when a loud explosion suddenly knocked us all off our feet.
Screams could be heard throughout the corridor and I blinked my eyes rapidly, trying to make sense of what was going on.

What was going on? Did terrorists or thieves or something among the lines attack this school? Shaking my head, I turned around to see Lay lying on his back, unmoving. My eyes widened and I could see that his arm had been cut by broken glass, causing bright, red blood to trickle down onto the ground. This wasn't good. Using all my strength, I crawled over to him and gently nudged him.

"Hey... hey! Lay!" I whispered to him, in a trembling voice. I prayed to god that he wasn't dead, and that his injury wasn’t actually as severe as it looked.
Thankfully, he stirred a little and sat up, rubbing his eyes and looking at me in a daze. "What...?" He began, before abruptly pausing mid-sentence when he saw the wreckage around us. Tables had been upturned, bodies were lying on the ground everywhere in small piles, and there were glass shards and other various sharp objects in sight. It was hard to believe that this part of the building had actually once belonged to the school.

A painful groan coming from the left caught my attention, and I saw Luhan struggling to get out from under an upturned table. Leaving Lay behind for the moment now that he seemed to be fully conscious, I made my way over to my room-mate and proceeded to assist in prying the furniture off his back.
"Thanks-- Owch!" He winced in pain upon moving his right leg to help himself up. I opened my mouth to ask whether he needed a hand, but he shook his head before I could do so and slowly got to his feet. Oh well.

"Hey, Xiumin! Any idea what's going on?" Lay called out to me, seeming to have recovered from his earlier temporary moment of confusion. The glass shard was no longer sticking out of his arm and a piece of cloth had been wrapped around his wound. I quickly made a mental note to myself to go to him whenever I was injured.
I shook my head in response to his question. It was something I wanted to know the answer to as well. The last thing I could remember was that there had been a large explosion and everything had turned white.

"That's not our first priority. We need to find the others first." Luhan muttered, brushing bits of ash and paper from his hair. Before all this happened, he usually had a bright, cheery smile on his face, but not anymore. It had been replaced with a serious frown and a look of determination in his dark eyes. Despite being older than him by a few months, I was beginning to feel a different form of respect for him, for making an attempt to keep calm in such a situation.
"Yeah, that's a good idea. As the saying goes, there's more safety in numbers." Lay said, a grin on his face. I knew he was secretly shaking inside though.

"Then let's go."



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