Get Your Revenge Again

The tribute to our other movella "get you're revenge". Unfortunately that got deleted so enjoy this story by FantasyRulez��, EmmySugarPlum and Rose Weasley.


3. What Hurts More? Torture of Kisses?

    Rose and Sugar walk into the Great Hall. ''Oh Everyone~" Sugar sing-songed. ''We got some dares~'' Rose copied. When they got the front stage, Fantasy popped in, ''Hey, did you know there's a dragon outside?'' Sugar and Rose shrug, ''No.'' ''Oh, we've got a dare, don't we?'' Fantasy asked, looking at the tablet in Sugar's hands. ''Actually we've got two. One for Ginny and Draco, the other for Bellatrix and I'm adding Hermione,'' Rose said, motioning for the mentioned to come up.


Draco hit his head against the Slytherin table before sighing and coming up, ''What's the dare that involves me and Weaslette?'' At their evil smirks, he added, ''How horrible is it?'' ''Nothing bad! You two just have to... Kiss... in front of all the other Weasleys and your father....'' Fantasy trailed off, smiling sweetly, as if she wasn't a she-demon.


''What?!'' The dare participants yelled in unison before glaring at their tormentors. ''I am not kissing a foul, loathesome, evil, little cockroach such as Malfoy! Besides, I like someone else!'' Ginny said, flipping her hair over her shoulder. ''I'll do it!'' Sugar piped up, grin in place.


Rose and Fantasy gave her weird looks. ''What? He's Malfoy, he made be evil, and mean. And rude. And judgemental. And condescending. And hypocritical. And- You know what? Nevermind. The point is, he's hot and I've always wanted to do it. So I'm just saying," Sugar defended herself, ''Besides, it would mean I would get to do something Pansy hasn't.''


''Moving on.... Just do it! Weasleys! Get up here!'' Rose said, ignoring Sugar. All the others Weasley family members appear just as Ron, Gred and Feorge come up. Ron glares at Malfoy the whole time, and Lucius glares at Ginny. Gred and Feorge are just laughing and Percy's reading a book instead. Arthur was playing with a rubber duck and Molly was scolding Gred and Feorge for laughing. Bill and Charlie just weren't interested.


Ginny and Draco glared at each other. Then Ginny sighed and pecked him on the lips quickly before stomping off, pouting that she had done that. Draco immediately wiped his mouth and sat down, glaring in disgust at the ground.


Sugar, Fantasy, and Rose all said in unison, ''Bring out the psycho!'' Someone from the crowd yelled out, ''There's three right in front of us!'' ''Shut it!'' They all three yelled, again in unison.


''Bellatrix shall now be tortured by Hermione. And Ginny, now that I think about it. The original dare was that Bellatrix be tortured for trying to kill Ginny, but then I thought that since she hurt Hermione AND Ginny, that they get to torture her,'' Sugar said, Rose and Fantasy nodding along.


''Let the blood lust begin!!!'' Sugar yelled as Bellatrix was brought out in chains and an inhibitor collar around her neck.


***Three hours later***


Hermione and Ginny wiped their foreheads, accidentally smearing the blood on their faces. ''Well that was fun,'' Hermione said, stepping away from the mangled corpse of Bellatrix.


Rose, Sugar, and Fantasy all huddled in a corner in fear of the two deranged witches before them. ''Remind me NEVER to get on your guys' bad sides,'' Rose said as she crawled away from Sugar and Fantasy, who then hugged each other without her.


''I may need a therapist after this..." Sugar mumbled quietly.

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