Get Your Revenge Again

The tribute to our other movella "get you're revenge". Unfortunately that got deleted so enjoy this story by FantasyRulez��, EmmySugarPlum and Rose Weasley.


4. Are We Your Torturers?!

The doors threw open in a dramatic flair, as usual. Sugar was revealed to be standing there, head down, fists clenched, and shaking with what seemed to be either tears or anger. Nobody could tell. She stomped up to the front of the Great Hall, looking up to reveal a normal looking girl, well as normal as Sugar usually looks.

''Hey guys! I'm back for a few moments to give you all a special pep talk. Do you remember last time we were sent to torture you, given the mission from Satan himself in the fiery depths of Hell where most of you Slytherins will probably end up going due to the future that is doomed- I mean set upon Hogwarts, what with the Battle of Hogwarts looming some time in the future and all those people dying- Oh wait, I wasn't suppose to tell you that.'' She grinned innocently at all the horrified looks of the students. But she scowled at the scoffs, ''Oh, so Voldemort can be back all he wants but it doesn't make sense that there's going to eventually be a huge battle where a lot of people die- sorry Fred.''

Professor Trelawney stood up, grabbing the girl's hand, ''My, my. The Divine Eye must be strong with you dear, to be able to predict such a disaster.''

''Yeah, no. Sorry Trelawney, but I only know these things due to my author-chan powers!'' Sugar fist-pumped at this, '' 'CAUSE I'M THE HERO!!''

''Just kidding! I was here to ruin all your lives and bring chaos to your once semi-normal lives. And that's on Harry Potter's level, not some low life idiot like, oh I don't know, Jacob Webley. But sadly, this account of mine is going to become inactive due to my new fixation with Wattpad and it's easier use. So I bid you all this very melancholy farewell, and a terrible time!'' Sugar bowed.

The whole student body and teachers threw their hands up and cheered like they had won the Battle of Hogwarts already- pfft, what losers.

**If anyone's interested in my Wattpad account, it's TheItsMeCrew**

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