What happens 70 years after the rebellion? Does the Hunger Games return, or does something worse happen ? ~not close to finished~


3. Not Possible

                  Wow, I’m lucky today. I have enough food, consisting, of wild

bore, rasberries, and several birds to go me a week and a little extra to

sell for money.


         I remember something is going on today... Capitol Message ! A

Capitol Message is extremely important. The messages are so important

they have to be physically said. A messenger is sent to each district to give

what ever information needed to the people. I have only been to two

Capitol Messaging, and both of them were about over-population. Everyone

must go to the Messagings. Usually if you don't go, you get punished by

getting your lips burned. Ironic really.


      I sprint to the front of my house. I jog up the three step leading to my

front porch. I swiftly slide my key into the rusted old lock, and force the old

door open. I place my bag of meats on the old rickidy table in the kichen. I

unpack all of the goods into cupboards. I wrap the meat in plastic wrap to

stay fresh.


     I pop a rasberry in my mouth. I can feel the sour liquid dance upon my

taste buds, the sourness is slowly being overcome by the sweet aftertaste.



     I run up the old stairs, that are soon to break. I walk towards the

bathroom. I enter the bathroom and turn the faucet on. I cup my hands

underneath the water, scooping the water, I wash my face. I place both my

hands on the counter to support my heavy, tired weight. I look straight into

the dirty, cracked mirror. I can see a girl with tanned, skin, and brown eyes

stare so deeply back at me. I then heard the siren call out, alerting us it's

time for The Capitol message.




      I walk out my front door, and lock it. I continue on the path to towns

triangle, where the messaging is held. 



''Syd!!" I hear a girl cry out, i turn to see the one and only, Berthney Quine.



   Berthney Quine was a girl from school, an acqauintance more of friend

she is to me. A happy girl she is.. She is definitely beautiful person. She is

quite short compared to my 5'7'' figure. Her blonde hair, and green eyes

were much more nicer than the brown hair and brown eyes i have. 


''Hi...'', I wave off to her. 

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