What happens 70 years after the rebellion? Does the Hunger Games return, or does something worse happen ? ~not close to finished~


2. Me.



          My Name is Sydney Reese. I live in District 11. I'm 17 years young. My

family is dead... not just mom, and dad, but everybody; Aunts, Uncles,

Cousins, They all died of a fire caused by peace-keepers. the peace

keepers we're sent by President Whitmore. Actually scratch that.. MY

younger brother, Vin, is a head inventor in The Capitol.


      Of course you're probably thinking, " You cant leave your district, unless

its for transporting, or If your a tribute in the hunger games." , that was

nearly 80 years ago, but the Capitol is still extremely strict on leaving your

district. you c an only leave if "your worth" something. So basically, if your

still walking around district 11, your worthless.



       My life-style is quite simple really. Live or die. I dont exactly live

luxurious, but i live ''OKAY'' compared to others. My brother sends me some

money every now and then, but other than that i earn money from selling





      Panem no longer holds The Hunger Games. we haven't had

those bloody

games in nearly a century; since the ''Legendary'' Katniss Everdeen started

a rebellion with nightlock, a type of poisonous berry. 


  Living here is actually quite simple. Survive or die.


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