What happens 70 years after the rebellion? Does the Hunger Games return, or does something worse happen ? ~not close to finished~


1. Just Another Introduction


     76 years ago, there laid a rebellion led by, and started by the one

and only, Katniss Everdeen. She was able to stop President Snow and

the Annual Hunger Games. Katniss led Panem's people to peace. That

was 79 years ago. What happens when a new, lets say, worse

president was elected after 40 years? Except this one was merciless.



     "Uh!" Every single drop of cold water feels like knives


piercing through my skin, I got  used to it anyways. I mean, living in


district 11 your whole life isn't exactly luxury... wait let 


me rephrase that; living in Panem isn't luxury at all.



        I hate the capitol with a burning passion. There


completely insane electing Whitmore for president. Whitmore is a


monster. He took everything from me. He-e took  m-my family.


The thoughts of my family dead in front of me begin to flood my


twisted mind.. I can feel the warm tears prick my eyes; the


tears, forcefully trying to come out. No. I cannot be weak even if no


one is around to see. I step out and wear my usual; white baggy shirt,


leather jacket, jeans, and boots.


I grab my compound bow, my knife holder, and run out of my old, run


down house.




     I commence into animal mode. There's a small abandoned burrow


covered with leaves, and twigs. A great way to escape the horrid


life of  district 11. I only barely fit through the burrow.. but i made it


through. I get to my feet and head out into the woods. it may be illegal,


but its where 


i'm free.




How is it? Should I continue?


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