Daughter of the moonlight

When Chloe-Elizabeth was born she was born at the stroke of midnight. No more no less. It was the bed of a truck filled with blankets the only thing in the sky not covered by clouds... The moon. This happens once a year... August 31st. When Chloe was born the man in the moon claimed her as his daughter and put her real father in the moon to take his place. When she realizes how special she is how will she react?


1. Prologue

I looked down upon the young female in the truck. It was turning midnight right as she have birth to two children. Both girls. One was born at midnight and the other, at 12:05 the eldest was a girl with fair skin and caramel eyes while her sister shared the skin tone, her eyes were a deep brown... Almost the color oh her mothers hair. After the girl opened her eyes she made eye contact with me up in the sky. Yes I am in the sky, or the moon to be more precise. I am, the man in the moon. When our eyes met, my destiny in the sky was fulfilled. I gave her the powers of a night witch. As soon as I gave her the gift I looked down at the man sitting next to the mother. 'I now trade souls so you can fulfill your true destiny. Boy on the earth become man in the moon' and our bodies switched replacing all memories if him in the world with the same one of me and putting him up to look down and watch upon the world. I cradled the youngest girl in my arms naming her Rachel-Marie and the eldest Chloe-Elizabeth.

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