Not your usual romance story...hehehehe...


3. Chapter Two

    "No! Don't!"

    I shot out of bed, fairly close to passing out from hyperventilating a bit much. I looked over to see all the bloody clothes that I had been wearing as I witnessed two deaths, meeting and running from a beast in the process. One thing that I had found was necklaces. For some strange reason, when the cops searched Clarissa and the little girl's dead bodies, they found two exact necklaces. 

    I glanced towards my dresser and noticed something bright and shiny on sitting on top. Pushing the sheets away, I got out of bed quietly, trying to not disturb anyone from downstairs, and carefully walked quickly to my dresser. Sitting on my dresser was a knife. I pure, silver knife to be exact. There was also a strangely written note attached to it. At first, I didn't know what the note said. But after remembering what my mother and father taught me before they died, I figured it was some kind of fable-witch language or something.

    "My dearest granddaughter,

        I can't help but notice that you had witnessed those two "murders', haven't you? Watching your best friend bleed to death and having to see a little child's heart get torn out and flesh torn to pieces. But I'll just have to tell you this, my dear. That was a werewolf. The werewolf...'prince' be exact. I just hope that you take good care of yourself my dear.


   I dropped the note, watching it float down to the ground with no sound at all. Werewolf? Werewolf prince? None of the things in the note made any sense to me at all. I mean, werewolf? Come on! Their just made up supernatural creatures, aren't they? And I have no grandmother. All of my grandmothers are dead. Or as what my mother and father said. I glanced at the silver knife and reached my hand out to touch it. But I instead left it alone and scurried into my bed, wrapping the covers around me.

   "Nope! Not even gonna try!" I yelped, a bit frightened by the sudden lightning. "It's not real and someone's just pranking me! Yeah! Pranking me!"

   "You may think that, my dear. But it is all true and you cannot deny that..."

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