Not your usual romance story...hehehehe...


2. Chapter One

    “Oh shucks, Lily. No need to be scared.” Clarissa started as I started to shiver in the back seat. “Trust me! I’ve been on this road a hundred times before. It’s perfectly safe.”

    Yeah, perfectly safe was what she said. But it wasn’t safe when a dark figure appeared on the seat next to me. I yelped when I saw a young man just randomly appear on the seat next to me.

    The handsome young man had glistening black hair and golden brown eyes. He appeared to be two or three years older than me, considering that fact that we were in the deepest and darkest parts of the woods in a car. He had a fairly large build and he looked like he had to be six feet or something. The dark, black shirt that he had been wearing allowed me to see that he was fit. But he wasn’t handsome for long.

    I started to scream as the handsome young man growled, turning into a huge and ferocious beast. Clarissa also screamed and stomped on the car brakes, allowing me a bit of time to unbuckle my belt before blood splattered all over my clothes. I looked up from the belt and my eyes widened in horror as I saw where the blood had come from.

    The beast had ripped a huge gash in Clarissa’s neck and blood splattered onto the car seat, everywhere! I quickly opened the car door and scrambled onto my feet, running as fast as my legs could take me. When I took a quick glance back, the beast was howling and chasing after me. Screaming in pure horror, I let my mind go blank as I stupidly jumped of the bridge I had gotten on and plunged deep into the sea, ignoring the salty cold water. It was the best place for me to hide in this situation, right? The woods were not a number one choice right now.

    I dove under the water as the beast, who murdered my only best friend, ran onto the bridge I had recently jumped off of and sniffed around to see where I had been. Sadly, he gave up on searching for me and focused on something, no, someone else. A lost little girl walked along the bridge, unaware of the fact that there was a very hungry beast at the other end. I yelled at the little girl to try and stop her, but the waves pushed me under the surface just as the beast lunged at the girl.

    “No! Don’t!”

    But it was too late. The beast had already ripped the poor little girl’s heart out with his sharp claws and tore her into shreds with his abnormally large jaws. Endless tears streamed down my face as I ran to the death spot of the little girl when the beast finally left. The face of the little girl saddened me more as I saw the shock and fright in her big, brown orbs. I sobbed, leaning over the girl’s body, not caring if I was getting covered in blood. This was a night that I was never going to forget.

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