Dirty Dean

Alexandria Petroff, a daring beauty and the daughter of a millionaire. Things seem to be going well for her as she suspiciously attends college in the qualms of San Francisco, that is, until she encounters an unsuspecting man who found her in a less than appropriate manner.

Noah Castell, owner of Castell Inc., a world re-known billionaire, and the most eligible bachelor in San Francisco. He should have known the day his old high school buddies showed up in his office and offered one night of drinks, that it wouldn't have turned out pleasantly for him, and was he ever more right. Now he owned a college that he had no time and lack of knowledge for what to do with. But his interest spikes when he strikes a deal with the flame-haired beauty that she can't refuse, literally.

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5. DD 5

- ALEX P.O.V -

I couldn't believe that man. I give him great companionship for 3 months and then he just dumps me like I'm nothing. Don't get me wrong, it was his job that was in jeopardy, I get that, but it was the coldness that threw me off. But now I was rid of him, thanks to that insufferable cad that interrupted us in the first place. Modesty definitely wasn't in his vocabulary, he actually stood there and just watched as my situation got increasingly embarrassing with Brian's abruptness.

I could still remember those sparkling blue eyes eating my body up. He was more than attractive; he was unreal, god-like. And the way his body filled out that tailored black suit he wore could make a girl's knees buckle. But no matter how attractive I found his body, he still ruined something that was going good for me.

Hanna was skipping being the chauffeur for the day. Instead she was going to be with her boyfriend, probably doing things that’s been keeping her happy lately. I arrived just on time, 5 minutes early. I could actually walk to class today. The only downside would be dealing with Brian, or Mr. Willis. When I got there however, it wasn't Brian that I saw. I curiously eyed the woman that sat uncaringly behind the desk that I was, just yesterday, being thoroughly handled on. She glanced up at me as I entered the room and held up her hand to stop me from proceeding any further. I looked expectantly at her as she took her time placing the newspaper she had been viewing down to push her glasses up off the tip of her nose and look at me.

"Hello, I am Ms. Wellming. I do presume you have your essay ready to turn into me ?", the woman said.

She had a snobby way about her that I didn't like but giving bad first impressions weren’t really my style, minus yesterday.

"No. I wasn't able to make it to class yes-".

"I'm not interested in your excuses, it's just an F."

I gripped my fingers tightly around the book I was holding in my hands. Instead of useless retaliation I turned to leave and walk to my seat.

"Wait a minute, your name ?", she halted me just as I began walking.


"Ms. Petroff ?"


The woman eyed me and suspiciously eyed a piece of paper that she pulled from a drawer to her desk.

"You have a meeting with the Dean."

"No I don't."

"Well now you do, best be on your way."

I inwardly groaned at what I could have done in the little span of time that I've been here. As I made my way to the Administrative Building I couldn't think of anything I had done besides setting Dr. Gene straight yesterday, but she wouldn't report it would she ? No, she was scared of my families power, she wouldn't. The only other thing I can think of is. . .

I stopped dead in my tracks, directly infront of the door to the building. That man, he wouldn't have snitched, couldn't have snitched. I eased at the rebuttal thought and opened the door to the building. I had never seen that man before a day in my life so there could be no way that that would happen. At the most he was probably visiting an old acquaintance of the sort or something. It was the only solution, he definitely wasn't a student, he just screamed to much of a perfectionist with no lack of confidence.

I came to the receptionist desk and was directed up a flight of stairs and around a narrow-halled corner before I came to a simple red door. It matched the other doors in the building so nothing special stood out to me besides the name tag plastered across the front of it labeled, 'Dean, Castell'. I could only guess that the new Dean's last name was Castell considering I've never been anywhere past the front desk.

The woman lightly tapped on the door with a flushed face and twiddling thumbs. Maybe her and this new Dean have a work fling going on, erotic. A few moments of silence passed before a deep rich voice echoed from behind the closed door.

"Come in. "

The heated receptionist opened the door, all too eager to step inside. I follow behind her, still unsure as to what I've done to warrant a meeting with the newly appointed Dean.

"Ms. Petroff, Sir. "

"Ah, thankyou Sylvia. You may leave now. "


"Is there something else you need ?"

"Umm, no Sir. "

"Then out. "

I was appalled at the manner in which he spoke to his lover, it was rude. Only when the woman made leave for the door did the man who spoke finally come into view and I froze in my spot. It couldn't be.

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