Dirty Dean

Alexandria Petroff, a daring beauty and the daughter of a millionaire. Things seem to be going well for her as she suspiciously attends college in the qualms of San Francisco, that is, until she encounters an unsuspecting man who found her in a less than appropriate manner.

Noah Castell, owner of Castell Inc., a world re-known billionaire, and the most eligible bachelor in San Francisco. He should have known the day his old high school buddies showed up in his office and offered one night of drinks, that it wouldn't have turned out pleasantly for him, and was he ever more right. Now he owned a college that he had no time and lack of knowledge for what to do with. But his interest spikes when he strikes a deal with the flame-haired beauty that she can't refuse, literally.

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4. DD 4

- Noah P.O.V -

That meeting was tiresome, of all things. The old man shamelessly begged for his job and, when he didn't get it back, cried. The gall of that man to cry for his job. It was a show of weakness and not worth my sincerity. The school, as odd as it was, brought back some happy memories for me, from when I attended college for what little time I did. Only problem was, I didn't know my way around enough to say I knew where I was going at the moment.

I passed multiple doors, all with open blinds and an active class in session. I cut down an outdoor corridor and made my way passed more classrooms, all filled to the capacity. The last door to the left drew my attention. The blinds were drawn tightly shut. I stopped infront of the door and frowned at the lack of attentive speech giving. Perhaps this wasn't a class hour for this particular class. I looked at the grey plate with white letter to the side of the door on the wall. 'English', read the plate and I grimaced. Not my favorited subject of college, high school, or grade school, but a lesson wasn't what I was here for.

I opened the door and was instantly put at ease with the calm peacefulness that filled the room. The other rooms sported a preacher for a professor while this one-

"Oh, Brian. "

A feminine voice filled the room in a strangled voice. It certainly wasn't work she was discussing. It sounded more like a moan then a common way to address a person with genuine surprise or with the intent to tell them something. And to think that these kids would have gotten over this stage of their lives in high school. More shuffling commenced and I decided to make myself known.

"Yes, fuck me. "

I rounded the corner in disbelief. There, infront of me, stood a man in a brown suit with his pants adjusted in a manner that spoke for itself as to what he was currently doing. It was a professor, that much I'd figured, but it was the red haired vixen that sat perched on the desk with her legs tightly wrapped around the man's waist that held my attention. She was captivating with her auburn curls tumbling down her back and her head thrown back in the upmost amount of pleasure while her lips parted in the sheer joy of ecstasy. I could easily imagine those lips tightly wrapped around my hardened cock, tasting me, bring me to the brink of my desire. I shifted uncomfortably at the feel of my dick straining against the fabric of my suit. My sudden movement alerted the woman and I was finally noticed.

"What's wrong baby ?", the professor said.

"There's someone here. "

"So. People are always around, that makes it even more hot. ", He whispered heatedly in her ear.

The man was so caught up in being between her legs that he failed to realize my presence. Nothing I couldn't fix.

"No I-""

"I think she's referring to me. "

I watched as the man, with lightning quick actions, removed himself from the woman. I caught a quick glimpse of her sleek and glistening pussy before she closed her legs with a grimace.

"What the hell, careful !"

"What do you mean careful ? Get the hell up !"

"Calm down. I've never seen him around here before, he won't be a problem. "

The appalled manner of his voice amused me yet my attention remained solely on the woman who now looked me over with distain, though I didn't miss the hint of appraisal in her eyes. I watched as she placed on her underwear and whirled around to look at me.

"Why the hell are you still here ? Get lost, pretty boy. "

Little did she know, I was much more than just a pretty face. Lust driven vixen or not, having intercourse in school, according to my rule, was grounds for a dismissal letter. Yet I had something better in mind for her.

"Is there a problem ?", the woman said still looking at me.

"No. "

"Then beat it. "

I laughed at her absurdity but complied with her wish, she would be sorry come tomorrow. For now, I just needed to know who she was. After leaving the classroom I called my employee that I've placed to hold the title as Dean of the school.

"Hello, Mr. Castell, Sir. What can I do for you ?"

"I need you to search up all females from this school that take up English. "

"Umm, may I ask why Sir ?"

"Do I pay you to ask why ?"

"No Sir. I'm sorry, Sir. "

I waited impatiently as the constant clicking of fingers on a keyboard resounded in my ear.

"Okay Sir, I've done it. There's about 300. "

"Good, now look for red heads. "

"Okay, there are now 50, Sir.

"Fax the papers to my office. "

"Okay, Si-"

I hung up the phone and navigated, with assistance from a passerbyer, to the entrance of the school where my driver was waiting for me. I hoped in the car and finally realized just how interesting it could be to own a college.

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