Dirty Dean

Alexandria Petroff, a daring beauty and the daughter of a millionaire. Things seem to be going well for her as she suspiciously attends college in the qualms of San Francisco, that is, until she encounters an unsuspecting man who found her in a less than appropriate manner.

Noah Castell, owner of Castell Inc., a world re-known billionaire, and the most eligible bachelor in San Francisco. He should have known the day his old high school buddies showed up in his office and offered one night of drinks, that it wouldn't have turned out pleasantly for him, and was he ever more right. Now he owned a college that he had no time and lack of knowledge for what to do with. But his interest spikes when he strikes a deal with the flame-haired beauty that she can't refuse, literally.

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11. DD 10

God was that man infuriating !

Today I tried to go to school, as usual, with Hanna, but was stopped at the entrance by two men I've never seen before in my life. They let Hanna attend her classes but forced me, and I literally mean they picked me up and hauled me away, into a sleek black limo. They didn't say a word, not where I was going or what was happening, but I had a pretty good idea of who was behind it.


I swear if I had a penny for how many times I wished I hadn't met that man, I'd be fucking rich. Last night he barged into my apartment, screwed me, then left. Not that I minded the screwing part, he was actually good in bed, much to my displeasure. But, the rest were means for him to receive a good earful of what I've got to say, when I see him. Right now though, I was riding in the damned limo, with thing 1 and thing 2 flanking me, in silence. I felt uncomfortable as they just stared straight ahead at nothing during the whole, what now seemed, 30 minute ride.

Finally, after about 10 more minutes of the uneasy drive, which made it a 40 minute trip, the limo stopped in front of a huge building. I would say that it resembled that of a castle but the castle had nothing on its height and stature. It was like a fortress, built in the middle of a busy street, surrounded by luxury. I broke my haze to realize that the door was open and the two men were outside, waiting for me to come out. I took the hint and climbed out of the limo, peaking up at the large building while doing so.

There, right on the front where I had to crane my neck up to see, was a largely oversized C. Next to it in normal sized characters, at least as normal sized as it could get next to the C, was astell. Recognition set in as I laid my eyes on the entire sign plastered into the buildings heading.

Castell Corporation.

My expression went grim and my body rigid. So I was dragged to him? Perfect, I thought as I followed behind thing 1 and we walked through the front doors of the building. I stopped in my tracks as I saw the crystal marbled floors and cream white interior. There were fancy paintings and antiques that just added the elegance to the place.

Thing 2 bumped into me, which snapped me out of my haze, once again, and made me remember my vendetta. I continued walking after thing 1 until we stopped short at an elevator. The button was pushed and in no time the doors were opening with a ding. We walked inside and thing 1 pressed a button before the doors shut and the elevator began going up.

I waited as a minute passed yet we still kept going up. At one point, the doors dinged open to a busy office floor and, since I thought it was our stop, I began making my way out, only to be bombarded with a bunch of suits and ties trying to get on. Thing 1 and 2 didn't budge, they just stayed where they were, except for them both pulling me backwards to ensure I didn't get off. And that was on the 57th floor. The suits and ties got off at the 74th, yet we were still on the elevator. I was simmering by now, and none to prettily.

96th floor. . .

97th floor. . .

98th floor. . .

99th floor. . .

100th floor. . . DING !

Thank god ! I was standing directly in front of the elevator doors now, ready to run off of it when the doors opened. Slowly, they started opening but my arm was grabbed once more and I was held back from exiting.


Three people got on and the elevator started up again.

101st floor. . . DING !

I noticed all of the people in the elevator gasp and grow pale once the elevator stopped. What was there problem? It's just a floor, sheesh. The doors opened, and there was the man of my dreams, the man of my bloody, twisted dreams.

"Mr.Castell, sir- I mean boss- I mean-", one of the men stuttered as he stared wide eyed at Noah and recieved a cold look in return.

"Why are you here?", Noah questioned emotionless.

"I-I-", the man was cut off.

"Why are any of you here?", Noah questioned again, only this time he addressed all of them who got on the elevator just a floor ago. I watched them all squirm and my anger came flooding back through me.

"YOU!", I yelled, making everyone's eyes snap to me as I pointed towards Noah. "How DARE you question someone else when you have MANY to answer yourself. For starters, why in the HELL am I here right now !?"

It was deathly silent and the tension was palpable, but I didn't care. He pissed me off and I'm not going to hide it. Noah, on the other hand was just staring at me wide eyed.


I visibly watched Noah mask his anger and turn on his 'business' side.

"Craig, Don, your job here is finished, be on your way. And you three, unless you want to be fired before your time, I'd advise you not to show your face here until summoned to do so, understand ?"

"Yes, sir. ", they all spoke in unison.

"Do not ignore me-", I started, but was grabbed by the wrist and yanked off the elevator, before Noah pressed the down panel next to the elevator, making the doors close. I turned to him to bite his head off again, but was forcefully pushed back into the closed elevator doors.

Noah's mouth roughly met mine as I felt the feeling in my lower stomach begin to start up. What can I say? I liked it a little rough. The kiss was harsh and punishing but I still found myself just more turned on by it. I felt my bottom lip being bitten and I opened my mouth to allow the kiss to deepen. Noah's tongue delved into my mouth and tasted me thoroughly. I felt my ass being grabbed and squeezed, which caused me to moan. This seemed to snap Noah out of it and he pulled away. We were breathing heavily, forehead to forehead.

"Not here, my office. ", Noah said huskily against my lips. I nodded mutely and wondered why I wasn't fighting him on this, like I should be.

Following him through the office wasn't the problem, it was all the stares that were the issue. This floor, like the ones I saw before, was like a regular working office floor, and I'm guessing Noah's office was at the back of it. We turned down a corridor and right at the end was a large door, dark blue in color, with a gold plated tag on it. 'Castell', is what it said, but I had no time to dwell on that for Noah wasted no time in opening the door and dragging me in, shutting it behind himself.

My hand was let go and I took that time to look about the room and inspect it. He had the walls color the same as his door and there wasn't much else really outstanding. There were two book shelves lining the walls, a black leather couch on the wall opposite to it, and the usual desk set up with the 2 chairs in front and 1 behind.

"Strip. ", Noah spoke from across the room, behind his desk where he had taken his seat. I looked at him shocked, a wave of Deja vu coming over me. Was he serious right now? I looked at his face and saw that he was dead serious.

I didn't argue, just simply began picking off my clothes. First was my shirt, and then were my pants. I wasn't going to lie to myself, I easily became sexually frustrated. Which explained why I was sleeping with a professor, so this would just be a means of release. Plus, Noah was 'smoking hot' as many of the female tabloid producers had the articles published saying.

I was down to my bra and underwear, having just removed my socks. Noah was looking, and I wanted him to. I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra before leaving it hanging and I hooked my thumbs into the side of my underwear, sliding them down my legs and stepping out of them. In the process, my bra straps fell off my shoulders and slid down my arms, landing right on top of my pile of clothing. I stood up straight, and stared at Noah as I began walking towards him.

"Hmm, never took you for one of seduction.", Noah said huskily, but with a slight arrogant lift to his lips. I rolled my eyes and continued to walk to him until I reached the side of his chair. He pulled me onto his lap and another sense of Deja vu seized me.

"Well I never took you as one to repeat positions.", I said with a satisfied smirk on my lips from his shocked look. My legs were on either side of him and I placed my hands on his shoulders while his were around my waist. Completely naked and definitely alluring, I thought I had the upper hand until I felt throbbing against the crack of my ass and realized that Noah's member was out, and definitely ready to play.I gasped in shock and Noah just smirked down at me.

"I only repeat the positions, that makes em scream.", Noah said seductively which made me squirm as I felt myself getting wetter between my thighs. I moved to adjust myself, and only then did I realize how turned on I was when I felt Noah's fly brush up against my clit and I closed my eyes at the feeling. Unintentionally, I began rubbing myself back and fourth on his piece of clothing, loving the massaging and spike of pleasure it was giving my sensitive area.

Lips found my nipple and I moaned loudly at the combined pleasure, also feeling Noah's throbbing hard on at my ass. I was so turned on, if only we could get this over with then I could rip his ears off about kidnapping me from college. But Noah wasn't having it. When I tried to push myself up to get things started, I was held down by his strong grip and he continued to tease and bite my nipple, making me moan again. He switched nipples and I was three seconds away from begging before the click sound of the door being opened stopped me. I was quickly able to jump off of Noah, due to him hearing the sound to, and ended up landing not to softly on the thinly carpeted floor.

I quickly made my way underneath the desk, wondering who would just barge into Noah's office with the way he treated his employees. From the view, I saw Noah sit up and adjust himself properly before inwardly cursing and pulling his chair up so that his legs were completely under the desk and I was nicely hidden. Thank god his desk touched the ground or I would be giving whoever a perfect show of my backside right now.

"Mr.Castell, it's Margery.", I heard a feminine voice say, trying to sound seductive. I frowned and wished I could see who it was.

"Ahem, yes. Margery, what is it?", Noah said a little hoarsely.

"Oh nothing, just came for a little. . .appointment.", the Margery person said, and I knew exactly what she was talking about.


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