Daughter of Aphrodite

Nellape Bellaire was a normal girl with a normal life. She was on the cheerleading squad, popular everywhere, and everyone loved her. Normal is about to change.

One day, the most beautiful girl she had ever seen came to her and told her who she really was.

*Nellape Bellaire was the daughter of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, desire, and beauty. Her father was Poseidon, God of the sea.*

"My dear, beautiful Nella. You're father doesn't know you are his daughter. All the other gods and goddesses have kept this secret from Poseidon, your father, and Zeus. Zeus cannot know because he, like many others, would take advantage of this. Nella, you have _The Markings._ You have extraordinary amounts of power inside of you. If you look deep inside of you you will discover that you can do anything, Nellape. You will have to try to keep this secret from everyone. And whatever you do, do not try to make contact with your father. Or me. And remember, you are a goddess of love, and sea. You are who everyone on Olympus will be bowing to one day..."

Things start going great for Nellape. Everything changes from average schoolgirl good to advanced princess good.

Unfortunately, her best friend Jojo begins to notice the changes and doesn't like them. She misses her old best friend. The one that was fun, happy, silly, and humble. Jojo misses the one that didn't fall in love with her brother.
As trouble arise, Nellape is in for a ride facing an evil that could be undefeatable.

This story is originally written on missliterati.com.

Cover credit to GwendalynNovember on missliterati.com


2. Two

A blue sky. White, puffy clouds in it that looked fluffy enough for angels to sleep on. Green grass the color of the spray paint that you hire people to spray on your yard because the grass is too slow to turn it's natural color.

Flowers sprouted along the pathway leading into Lakefeild High. Students were sprawled on the ground listening to their MP3 players they snuck in, studying on the picnic tables, sitting under trees reading, the track team running laps, football players practicing, some kids just standing under the bleachers kissing, and others trying to to hide from the teachers so they wouldn't have to go to class.

"Hey, Nella! Do you want to hang out later?" A girl shouted, holding Algebra books tightly to her chest, trying to top all the loud chattering.

"Sorry. Can't. I have cheerleading. Then dance... then swimming," Nellape Bellaire said, getting quieter as she spoke. A small smile spread across her light pink lips, usually coated with nothing but a light layer of sheer lip gloss.

The girl laughed at how busy Nellape was. "Okay, what about tomorrow?"

"Yeah, that's fine Jojo."

“Okay, bye," replied.

Skipping away merrily, Jojo's blonde hair danced in the wind, and bounced along with her body. Jojo had high cheekbones, light amber hair, radiant green eyes, full, naturally pink lips, and a little curve at the end of her nose, like a small hook.

Nella studied Jojo, envying her beauty. Nella knew she was beautiful too, but a different kind of beautiful. Jojo was that quiet girl in the back of the room that everybody wanted to hang out with, but was shy speaking to people.

That day, Jojo was wearing dark denim skinny jeans, and a floral blouse. Not one of those gross old lady patterns, but the youthful, pretty looking patterns. Near her waist was a string on the inside of the shirt that would pull and make the shirt tight where the string was, but loose and flowey at the bottom. It was a button up, and had a little collar at the top that folded down. She wore her hair curled, and half up half down, bright pink kicks, and had a long beaded, clear necklace.

Nella was the popular girl who people admired and looked up to, but the girl who liked being the center of attention. She'd stick up for even the lowest of popular people, and would support the most popular people. She wasn't one of those people who picked one clique and iced out everyone else, but had a variety of cliques, all of which she was popular in.

Nella's hair was brown with blonde highlights that fell in perfect ringlits beneath her shoulders. Her eyes were gray/blue, had a broad nose, and had curved lips. She usually left her nails un-manicured.

She had been wearing a loose and flowey shirt tied at the side side with a pink hair tie. It was slightly see through, so she had a white tank top on under it. She had a white skirt on that was about 3 inches above her knee. Her hair was pulled over her right shoulder, and had a small french braid in her hair. She had pink hair chalk in her hair, but it was hardly visible in the bright sunlight, wore plain white sketchers, and had on a beautiful golden heart locket.

Nella turned around with her backpack slung around her right shoulder and went through the doors leading to the inside of the (what seemed) never ending school, walking all the way down to her history class.


"B-U-L-L-D-O-G-S! BULLDOGS! BULLDOGS, LET'S GO!" The team of cheerleaders chanted in unison.

Their golden and turquoise skirts bounced up and down, but thanks to their modest length, nothing showed.

After they finished that cheer, they got into a dance routine, that ended in a clean pyramid.

Nellape was placed at the top of the pyramid, with her hands in fists in the air, making her look like a human X. Two people below her held both of her feet. One with fiery red hair, and the other, a boy, with bright blonde hair that looked like it had been dyed many times. He was Jojo's brother, Jackson.

Jackson held her left foot, the red haired girl her right. They practiced the routine repeatedly for 2 more hours, until it was practically perfect.

"Be back in 2 days! 3:00 stat! Don't be one minute late! Every minute you're late is 100 pushups! 3:00 to 5:30! Don't forget!" The coach yelled through her megaphone. Nella didn't understand why she even had one. The coach's voice was loud enough already, and the megaphone made her voice sound like thunder mixed with a hurricane and tornado.

By the end of the night, the cheerleader's hands were red, their voices hoarse, and their muscles tired and weak.

"God I'm tired!" the girl with fiery red hair said.

"How do you think I feel?! After this I have to go to dance class! Then swimming!" Nella complained, pulling out her hair tie.

She had pulled her hair into a neat french braid, but after all the flipping and jumping, it had loosened and become uneven and lopsided.

"You got it rough man," The red haired girl said.

"Your telling me. I have to go change into my new leo. Look how cute it is!" Nella said as she stopped fussing with her hair for that second. She pulled out a pink leotard with sequins near the collar out of her gym bag.

"It is so cute Nella!"

"I know," She said, giggling her sing-songy giggle. The one that would make any sane man melt to honey. "Well, I have to go Cassidy. Bye," Nella said, re-busying herself with her hair and successfully styling her hair into an easy and classic ponytail


"Bye." Cassidy said, stretching her legs by sitting with her legs in a V shape, reaching for her toes on her right foot.

Nella walked into the gym locker room and slipped off her golden and turquoise cheer uniform, grabbing her tights out of her gym bag.

She pulled her white tights over her slender legs, then pulled the end of the tights above her bellybutton. She grabbed her leotard and slipped her legs through the holes at the bottom, pulled the it over her chest, and slipped her left arm into the tank top-like sleeve, and her right arm through the long sleeved sleeve. Nella put her clothes into her gym bag and started heading out.

She grabbed her pink keychain with the blue accent and walked out to her red Mercedes benz convertible. She plugged her key into the ignition and the car came to life.

She put the car on drive, pulled out of the lot, and drove around the corner and down the block. She stopped at _Leena's Dance Studio_ and switched her gym bag with her dance bag. She got out of the car and headed into the studio, already as tired as a weak gazelle.


Sweating, Nella took a large gulp of water. Her two and a half hour ballet class had just come to an end. She sat in the studio, one leg straight on the floor, the other knee up near her face.

After a couple of seconds inhaling and exhaling deeply, Nella got up and walked into the bathroom and turned the blue handle on the left. She held her hands under the faucet and let the ice cold water soothe her aching hands. She cupped her hands and brought the water up to her face.

Right when the water hit her face, an unexpected chill ran down her spine. She looked into the mirror and could have sworn that her normally grey eyes had become pink.

Nella shook her head, hit her sweaty, but still breathtaking, face with another handful of cold water, and looked again.

Grey eyes.

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