Daughter of Aphrodite

Nellape Bellaire was a normal girl with a normal life. She was on the cheerleading squad, popular everywhere, and everyone loved her. Normal is about to change.

One day, the most beautiful girl she had ever seen came to her and told her who she really was.

*Nellape Bellaire was the daughter of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, desire, and beauty. Her father was Poseidon, God of the sea.*

"My dear, beautiful Nella. You're father doesn't know you are his daughter. All the other gods and goddesses have kept this secret from Poseidon, your father, and Zeus. Zeus cannot know because he, like many others, would take advantage of this. Nella, you have _The Markings._ You have extraordinary amounts of power inside of you. If you look deep inside of you you will discover that you can do anything, Nellape. You will have to try to keep this secret from everyone. And whatever you do, do not try to make contact with your father. Or me. And remember, you are a goddess of love, and sea. You are who everyone on Olympus will be bowing to one day..."

Things start going great for Nellape. Everything changes from average schoolgirl good to advanced princess good.

Unfortunately, her best friend Jojo begins to notice the changes and doesn't like them. She misses her old best friend. The one that was fun, happy, silly, and humble. Jojo misses the one that didn't fall in love with her brother.
As trouble arise, Nellape is in for a ride facing an evil that could be undefeatable.

This story is originally written on missliterati.com.

Cover credit to GwendalynNovember on missliterati.com


3. Three

Nella jogged to her car, her head reeling, and her dance bag swung over her right shoulder.

As she unlocked the door, she got the strangest feeling that her sudden eye color change was something..... supernatural.

It' s just your mind. You are too tired and your mind is being wonky. She tried to convince herself.

She put the car on drive and started the engine quickly, trying to go fast. She pulled out, and as she drove, missed bright yellow sign that said 50 MPH while her speedometer had read 65.

Her mind debated furiously at what had happened.

I'm hallucinating! One side of her head said.

No you're not! The other side replied.

"Oh, I have a migraine!" she said as she put one hand of her forehead, only one hand on the steering wheel.

She snapped out of her daze as a siren blared not far behind. Nella looked at her mirror and realized that the police car was after her.

She groaned and pulled over.

Not now, not now, not now! She pleaded.

The cop got out of his car walked over toward's Nella's car.

"Miss, I am going to have to give you a ticket. You were driving 15 over limit."

'No, no, no, no, no, no! Not now!' She continued to plead.

When the officer stood there, Nellape got out of her car.

"Officer," she looked at his name tag, "Denis, I'm so sorry," she said as she put on hand on his shoulder. "I've been having such a bad day," Nella closed her eyes and forced a tear to slip out of her eye. "And I'll just never be able to," Nella broke down into tears and fell over the edge of her car.

Officer Denis grabbed her arm and pulled her back up. "It's okay miss," he said as he crumbled up the ticket he was about to give Nella. "Shh," he said as he put it into his pocket.

"Oh, thank you officer! Bless you!" she said.

"Just don't let it happen again," the officer said.

"I won't," Nella promised.

She put both her hands on the cops shoulders and kissed him on the cheek and got into her car.

After she started her car and started driving a little bit, (at the right speed), she looked in her mirror. The officer was still standing in the road as if he was lost. Nella always has that effect on people.

After she got down the road she smirked.

"That's how it's done."

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