Daughter of Aphrodite

Nellape Bellaire was a normal girl with a normal life. She was on the cheerleading squad, popular everywhere, and everyone loved her. Normal is about to change.

One day, the most beautiful girl she had ever seen came to her and told her who she really was.

*Nellape Bellaire was the daughter of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, desire, and beauty. Her father was Poseidon, God of the sea.*

"My dear, beautiful Nella. You're father doesn't know you are his daughter. All the other gods and goddesses have kept this secret from Poseidon, your father, and Zeus. Zeus cannot know because he, like many others, would take advantage of this. Nella, you have _The Markings._ You have extraordinary amounts of power inside of you. If you look deep inside of you you will discover that you can do anything, Nellape. You will have to try to keep this secret from everyone. And whatever you do, do not try to make contact with your father. Or me. And remember, you are a goddess of love, and sea. You are who everyone on Olympus will be bowing to one day..."

Things start going great for Nellape. Everything changes from average schoolgirl good to advanced princess good.

Unfortunately, her best friend Jojo begins to notice the changes and doesn't like them. She misses her old best friend. The one that was fun, happy, silly, and humble. Jojo misses the one that didn't fall in love with her brother.
As trouble arise, Nellape is in for a ride facing an evil that could be undefeatable.

This story is originally written on missliterati.com.

Cover credit to GwendalynNovember on missliterati.com


1. Prologue

"Prépei na écho̱ athena? Must I Athena?" Aphrodite asked, clutching her baby wrapped in a pink blanket to her heart, desperately.

"Yes. I know it’s hard. But this child has The Markings. You know what that means. Legends say that the first born child that has an Olympus birthmark on their right arm holds extraordinary amounts of power deep, deep down. If Zeus found out, he would take advantage and tell Poseidon. Rumors would spread quite easily. Hermes would deliver all the news. Hades would take advantage of this. Ares would take advantage of this. They will hunt her down. Use her, force her to access her powers and throw her away after she's been used. You must not tell them. You must send Nellape away," Athena insisted.

"gi 'af̱tó eísai i̱ theá ti̱s sofías. boreíte pánta na voi̱thí̱sei. That's why you're the Goddess of wisdom.You can always help," Aphrodite replied. She looked down at the beautiful baby girl in her arms. Even though the baby had just been born seven days ago, she was still a beautiful girl.

"Yes. And remember, you cannot make physical contact with Nellape until she is 16,” Athena reminded Aphrodite.

Aphrodite sighed. "egó̱ tha sas vroun nella. tha to káno̱. I will find you Nella. I will." She kissed her on the forehead and closed her eyes. She mumbled some words under her breath.

“Anoiktí̱ Pýli̱. Open Portal." A pink portal opened high in the air and lowered itself near Aphrodite’s head. Aphrodite dipped her head to look at her new baby. She held her arms out towards Athena, motioning Nellape towards her.

Athena took the baby in her arms, un-wrapped the blanket from around Nellape so Aphrodite would be able to keep something of hers, and threw it over her shoulder. She then lipped to Aphrodite, “pistév̱o̱. Believe.”

Aphrodite nodded her head as the tears rushed down her cheeks like a river flowing down a precipitous hill. She took off a necklace that had a golden heart on it and put it on Nellape.

She took Nellape back in her arms, along with the blanket, and the locket raised as it got closer to the portal.

Aphrodite hesitantly let go of Nellape and she stayed floating in mid-air. With a flash of light, Nellape was sucked into the portal and disappeared, and the only thing left behind that was hers was the light pink baby blanket with blue outlining, and the words “Nellape Bellaire” on it that Aphrodite held in her fragile hands.

Nellape Bellaire had The Markings.


Hey, so everyone, in case you may get confused, in this story, I made Aphrodite speak Ancient Greek but I put the English translation next to it in italics. I hope you guys liked it!

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