This is the End: Revolution

This is supposed to be an epilogue to a story I'm working on. It is a short letter written by a revolutionary leader.


1. This is the End: Revolution

“Be blind to history.”

                That’s what they say, isn’t it? At least that’s what we’ve believed. In history, you see, there has always been talk of revolution. People across the Earth want it. They want to smell it, see it, feel it. And they want it now. Sure, I want a revolution just as much as the next guy and you can even say I want it more, but how do we know if this is what our fate truly has in store for us? How do we know that we aren’t fucking up the universe with this overthrow of the government?

                It’s possible that what I’m doing here will affect those lunatics up there. After all, the butterfly effect does work in mysterious ways. Or maybe it’s straight forward. I can’t tell. In fact, I believe this is right, this butterfly effect. This revolution is going shake them up so profoundly, that they will have to notice. They can’t be blind to all these people.

                But if we’re following the blueprint of history this isn’t going to end well. Not for us and not for them. History tells us that when people get irritated, they do something about it. Now, I guess it depends on the group of people we’re talking about. But this time, we’re talking about people. Just people. So how can you predict the outcome of a whole world leading a revolution? You can’t. And there is no history of an entire planet leading a revolution.

                For so long now, we’ve just been sitting here. Nobody is doing anything. That’s going to change soon, I can feel it. This is the end. The revolution starts with me.




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