Expect the Unexpected

Shelby Swan is Bella Swans cousin. She goes to live with Bella and Charlie after her mom dies, and they haven't had contact with her dad since she was born. What happens when she goes to visit her old childhood friends, and one of them imprint on her? Read to find out...


14. The Voltouri

The pack carries Jake back to Billy's, but I stay with the Cullens and Bella, to make sure, and to keep in contact with the pack.

"They're coming!" Alice says. All the sudden four vampires all dressed in black coaks show up.

"Impressive, I've never seen a coven escape an assault of this magnatude intact," the only girl says.

"We were lucky," Carlisle says.

"I doubt that," the girl says.

"It appears we missed an entertaining fight," one of the men say.

"Yes, it's not often that we're rendered unessisary," the girl says.

"If you arrived a half hour ago, you would have fulfilled your purpose," Edward says.

"Pity," she says, "You missed one." She looks at Bree. Jasper walks over to her to calm her down.

"We offered her asylum in exchange for her surrender," Carlisle says.

"That wasn't yours to offer," she says, "Why did you come?" Bree drops to the ground in pain, much like Jake did. "Who created you?"

"You don't need to do that, she'll tell you anything you want to know," Esme says.

"I know," the blonde woman says.

Bree coughs, then says, "I don't know! Riley wouldn't tell us. He said our thoughts weren't safe."

"Her name was Victoria. Perhaps you knew her," Edward says.

"Edward, if the Voltouri had knowlege of Victoria, they would have stopped her. Isn't that right Jane?"

So that's the blonde girl's name!

"Of course," Jane says, "Felix."

"She didn't know what she was doing," Esme says, "We'll take responsibility for her."

"Give her a chance," Carlisle says.

"The Voltouri don't give second chances," Jane says, "Keep that in mind. Caius would be interested to know that she's still human."

"The date is set," Bella says.

"Take care of that, Felix," Jane says, "I'd like to go home." Felix marches over, and rips Bree's head off. I look away.

"It seems like we have a werewolf in our presence," Jane says. I give her a nasty look.

"We don't honor truces with werewolves," Felix says.

"She's my cousin," Bella says.

"She's still a wolf," Jane says.

"I can leave now, and totally forget any of this ever happened," I say.

"That could work, but," Jane trails off.

"But what?" Bella asks.

"She's still a wolf," Felix says.

"Can I just go see my brother now?" I ask getting antsy.

"Wait what?" Bella asks.

"I'll tell you later," I say.

"Go, I know I would want to see my brother if he was hurt," Jane says.

"Thank you," I say before running off and phasing. I run all the way to Billy's house.

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