Expect the Unexpected

Shelby Swan is Bella Swans cousin. She goes to live with Bella and Charlie after her mom dies, and they haven't had contact with her dad since she was born. What happens when she goes to visit her old childhood friends, and one of them imprint on her? Read to find out...


12. Storm

"Why does it have to be so damn cold?" I ask as Bella and I spread some of our blood around the forest to lure the newborns to the clearing.

"I just want him to have a clear head, that's all," Bella says to Edward.

"Who's head is unclear?" Jake asks when him and Embry show up. Neither of them have a shirt on.

"Nobody's. I hope," Bella says.

"Alice said there's a storm coming," Edward says.

"Yeah, I can feel it. We should get going," Jake says. I walk over to Embry.

"I'll see you in a couple of hours," Edward says to Bella before he kisses her forhead and walks off.

"Is there something up?" Jake asks.

"A bunch of vampires to kill me. The usual," she says as Jake picks her up. Embry picks me up.

"Same old, same old," Jake says with a smirk. We head up the mountain. None of us talk as Embry and Jake run up the mountain.

When we make it to the top of the mountain, Edward is there waiting for Bella. Jake sets her down, and she rushes over and gives him a hug. Embry sets me down and I stay near him.

"Thank you," Edward says to Jake.

"You should get back before the storm hits," Bella says to Embry and Jake.

"No, I'm staying. You'll need my connection to the pack to keep tabs on what's going on,"Jake says.

"Are you staying too?" I ask Embry.

"Of course I am, I'd be too worried about you up here," he says.

"You're not gunna fight?" Bella asks.

"Seth will meet me in the morning. He's not happy about missing the action, but it'll keep him out of touble," Jake says.

"Let's get you inside," Edward says,"You should probably head in too."

"I'll be there in a minute," I say. He nods and turns away. I give Embry a long, lingering hug. And I give Jake a hug too, because I know they'll have to stay outside.

**Middle of the night**

"I should've chosen the sight lower down," Edward says to Bella and me. Our teeth are chattering so loud, even I can hear it.

"No, it's fine, I'm okay," Bella says.

"Like I said earlier, why does it have to be so damn cold?" I say.

"What can I do?"Edward asks, obviously getting worried about Bella.

"I can't sleep with all that teeth chattering going on," Jake says when him and Embry come inside the tent. Embry climbs inside my sleeping bag, and I curl up into his bare chest.

"Forget it," Edward says reading Jakes thoughts.

"She may need her toes some day," Jake says. Edward looks down at a freezing Bella. "And let's face it, I am hotter than you." I smirk. Jake, being his smartass self...

Jake makes a move to climb into Bellas sleeping bag, and Edward grabs his shoulder. Jake growls at him, "Get your hand off me."

"Keep your hands off her," Edward says.

"Dont' fight," Bella musters.

"If she gets sick, it's on you," Jake says. Edward nods after thinking about it. Jake climbs in Bellas sleeping bag, and she does the same thing I did, curls into his chest. "Wow, your freezing Bella. Relax, you'll warm up soon. Faster if you took your clothes off."

"Jake!" Bella and I both say. I laugh a bit, my old best fried is back.

"Survival 101," he says. I ignore him, and try to get closer to Embry. I soon let sleep consume me.

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