Expect the Unexpected

Shelby Swan is Bella Swans cousin. She goes to live with Bella and Charlie after her mom dies, and they haven't had contact with her dad since she was born. What happens when she goes to visit her old childhood friends, and one of them imprint on her? Read to find out...


24. Playing the Enemy

"Shelby, can I talk to you?" Jake asks when he sees me in my wolf form in the Cullen's backyard. I nod, and phase back and put my clothes on.

"What's wrong Jake?" I ask him.

"They don't have anymore blood. They said that Bella can deliver tomorrow, but they need to feed," he says.

"They'll be slaughtered!" I say.

"I know, that's why we're going help them," he says. I give him a questioning look, and he explains the plan.

Later that night, Seth, Leah, Jake and I head out toward Quileute territory.

"Jake! they're coming!" Seth yells up the mountain.

"I know," Jake says.

"We should phase. We can't protect ourselves like this," Leah says.

"They'll see it as a threat. I know how Paul thinks," I say.

"I wanna talk!" Jake yells, "Be easier if I could hear you too!"

All of the sudden, Paul, Jared, Embry and Quil appear.

Paul spits, and says, "This isn't your territory anymore. How's the new family working out?"

"You done?" I ask.

"You coming home, Jake?" Quil asks.

He certainly came out of his shell since we left!

"Not until I finish this," Jake says.

"What do you mean?" Paul asks.

"I want Sam to take back Leah and Seth," he says.

"What?!" Leah asks.

"No way!!" Seth says.

"Quiet!" I order.

"I want them safe, and I want this over," Jake says.

I am subtly straining to see if I can hear Esme, Carlisle and Emmett, and if any wolves are after them.

"I need Sam to wait until Bella's been separated from the problem," Jake says.

"You mean till she's dead," Paul says.

"Ease up Paul," Embry says.

"Then what?" Paul asks.

"Tell Sam that when the moment comes, I'll be the one to destroy it," Jake says.

"Jake," Seth says. I give him a warning look.

"Either Shelby or I can. They trust us," Jake says. I hear growling.

"Jake," I mumble.

"Go," he whispers.

I take off down the mountain. I stop at a tree, and phase. Then I follow the Cullen's scent, and when I find them, Collin and Brady are snapping at them. Emmett takes out Collin, and I jump at Brady, and ram him into Collin. I growl as loud as I can at both of them. I know I intimidate them. They howl quickly, and I grab Collin by his neck, and throw him into a tree. I snap at Brady, and he backs away. The Cullen's ran off by now. They knew I could handle two brand new wolves. Collin jumps up, and they run away. I laugh.

"Good job," Jake says when he finds me, "They make it out alright?"

I walk out of view, and phase back, and put my clothes back on.

"Yeah, it wasn't hard to take care of Collin and Brady," I say. He loops an arm around my shoulders, and I loop an arm around his waist, and we walk to the Cullen's.

"Seth and Leah are doing a perimeter run," Jake says when we reach the door. I nod, and go inside.

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