Expect the Unexpected

Shelby Swan is Bella Swans cousin. She goes to live with Bella and Charlie after her mom dies, and they haven't had contact with her dad since she was born. What happens when she goes to visit her old childhood friends, and one of them imprint on her? Read to find out...


2. Dinner With the Blacks

"I'm gonna go call Jake, you okay?" Bella asks.

"I'll be fine, go make sure Charlie doesn't burn down the house! I'll start unpacking," I say. I push her out the door, and shut it.

I open the boxes and suitcases all over my room. I make my bed with the sheets and duvet that I brought with me. I hang all my clothes in the closet, and put my socks, underwear and bras in the dresser drawers. I set my laptop on the desk, and plug it in. I put all of my things away, and plug my phone in.

I hear the doorbell ring, and I yell, "I'll get it!!"

I slide down the banister like I used to. I open the front door, and see an extremely tall, buff teenager, and an older man in a wheelchair.

"Shelby?" the teenager asks.

"Yes, why?" I ask, right before he scoops me up in a big bear hug.

"You don't remember me do you?" he asks. I shake my head slowly before I remember Jake and Billy.

"Jake?" I ask. His smile grows. "Billy?" He nods. I give him a quick hug. "Charlie's in the living room."

"Thank you, nice to see you again Shelby," Billy says before wheeling himself away.

"You too Billy!" I say.

"When did you get here?" Jake asks as he walks in the door, and closes it behind him.

"About an hour and a half ago. What happened to the short lanky kid I used to make mud pies with?" I ask.

"He grew up," he says. He puts an arm around my shoulders, and I loop am arm around his waist.

"I guess so! You like what? Six foot now?" I say.

"Probably," he says.

"Let's eat, it smells good!" I say before dashing into the kitchen to grab a plate.

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