I care

If your famous does it mean your happy ? A teenage girl will no dad and sometime her mum and Sophie clash .. But will Sophie meet a person who will actually care ...


4. Kellin?

"Hey I'm Kellin, whats your name?"

His smooth soft voice. Dark hair.Pale skin. Green eyes .The name kellin! I have a mini heart attack, I cant help but stare at him, he looks back at me, "Your name ?" kellin asks.

I have to give my self a shake. " Sophie..Yh..Sophie ermm.. Thats my name," I blur out 

I can't get my head around it! Its Kellin Quinn, so many times I've dreamed and thought about meeting him, I never thought it would turn out like this. "Pretty name you have,"

My cheeks blush so i look down at my old warn shoes, and start rolling stones over with my feet. "KELLIN QUINN! Is that you !" i burst out 

"Yes it is," he giggles 

20 minutes later after talking about life and stuff, it becomes quiet. He stares into my eyes deeply, a frown mark appears"Wrists are for bracelets, not for cutting." he softly says 

The silence guides my mind to all the times I've read this quote, but i never thought he would be in front of me saying it ! " I thought you would of know better," i whisper 

I look down at his arms, cuts, bruises, scars and burns covered his forearms. Kellin stares at the ground. The hero that saved me so  many times cant save his self, i cry inside. "I'm sorry." he says quietly and hugs me tight. I hear his heartbeat and he hugs me a little tighter, kisses me on the cheek. He passes me his phone number. "I'm always hear for you." he tells me.

"I'm here for you at all times." i whisper 


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