I care

If your famous does it mean your happy ? A teenage girl will no dad and sometime her mum and Sophie clash .. But will Sophie meet a person who will actually care ...


3. i don't need help

The radio fills the awkward silence. I stare out of the window as I cant look at my mother from all the hate i have against her.She slams the break. Look to my right and saw the place I'm meant to be. I open the door and my mum doesn't  even say good luck. 

I edge closer to the group of people watching me approach them. As i reach them i look down."So now we are all hear lets begin, follow me!" he says excitedly 

A circle of chairs are the only things in the big empty room. I take a seat and glance to the person next to me, his eyes and eyes made contact for a second. I recognize him, I swear! 

Phil the guy running this meting starts to ask, are name,how old we are and why we are hear.A young girl about 14 answers the questions next to me.Heart beats.Hands start to sweat."So whats your name?" he questions me.

He stares directly at me. I stand up push my seat away and make a exit out of the door. I sit on the curb and my hands cup my face. I start to sob. I hear a door bang behind me. A young man sits next to me. His dark hair covers one eye. Pale skin, perfect skin. Pink lips. With green eyes.    

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