I care

If your famous does it mean your happy ? A teenage girl will no dad and sometime her mum and Sophie clash .. But will Sophie meet a person who will actually care ...


2. Hate you

I wake up with the sweet sound of my mums voice singing from downstairs.I shake my head and stretch my arms as far as i can. I swing my legs over my bed."Morning, want any breakfast?" she asks  

"No, not really... but thanks." i answer

To be honest  i'm trying to lose a few stone , it doesn't help with my mother always asking me if i want food.  I jump on the sofa and my cat (spider) greets me with a lick across my cheek. I give a slight giggle .But today is the day that I'm going to stuck in a room with other people sharing our problems.I'm dreading just the thought of it! Flicking through the tv guide i come across two and a half men, so i watch that.

"Come on Sophie get change we are going out soon!" she shouts at me

"What if i don't want to go, what if i don't!" i scream across 

" Well you have to! you have serious problems, you found your father dead and you have no friends and you look like that!" she reply's.

I tear rolls down my cheek and I run to my bedroom and hide. The image of my dad crosses my mind, coming closer, his death note becoming clearer,the voices getting louder! "Argh i hate everybody and everything" i scream from the top of my lungs.

I hide my head under my bed sheets. 20 minutes later i manage to face the world again and i climbed out of my bed.I slam my wardrobe doors open, they make a echo in the house. My slipknot t shirt hangs of one of the plastic hangers. I go grab the t shirt and yank it of the hanger. I kneel down and find some black ripped jeans.As i put my close on I'm ashamed of all the scars memories have left on my body, so i look to the ceiling to avoid looking . Slowly i apply winged eyeliner, as well as lip gloss, the same color of blood. I'm ready to go.       


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