I care

If your famous does it mean your happy ? A teenage girl will no dad and sometime her mum and Sophie clash .. But will Sophie meet a person who will actually care ...


1. don't cry

Knock, knock a bang comes from the door. I leap from my bed and leave my laptop open on my desk. In a matter of seconds I'm standing at the door. I knell on one knee and try to look through the letter box to see who it is. I see a a pair of legs, I try to focus my eyes but i still hardly can't see anything! "Who is it!" i shout.

"Its your dad!" the man reply's.

Dad dad dad, the words surround my ears, echoing becoming louder i fall to the ground. Dad, i haven't had one since i was two! He abandon me  and my mother. Tears start to form, i raise my arm and wipe them away before the fall down my cheek.

My eyes  are wide open and is still dark, i look to my right and look at my alarm clock, its only 2:15. My mother rushes in and the door slams open,she sits on my bed. " Was it your dad?" she asks worriedly.

"Yes it was, those words and memories haunt me, i cant stop having dreams, or should i say nightmares!"     

She stares at me deep into my eyes, then she wraps her arms around me .Its been a year since I found him in the bathroom with a rope around his neck, but the images wont leave my head. She lays down next to me untill we both fall asleep.   

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