Skyward: Gabriel's Return

After Hailee and Zander find themselves in Gabriel's grasp. They know he is much stronger than they imagined. Forgetting themselves, who they are and what they ever knew, how will Trevor and the others get them back? And how can they fight Gabriel? Find out in the second book of Skyward. Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.


19. Training Day

She woke up to the steady stream of sunlight pouring into the room and she felt a familiar arm around her waist. Gabriel was sleeping next to her but he hadn't woken up yet. She looked around the room and it looked like Gabriel was living a pretty good life here. The floor was made of a dark cherry wood and the walls were decorated in paintings of nature and civilizations unfamiliar to Hailee. As she took in the area she slid quietly and carefully away from Gabriel and out of the bed, trying not to wake him up. She changed out fro her robe to clothes that she had put into her bag when she arrived here. 

She changed into a loose white and gray shirt and dark jeans. She made sure to loop a belt around her waist because her pants never seemed to fit just right. She laced up her regular hunting boots and slid out of the room quietly, only to shriek at the figure standing before her. 

"What are you doing here?" Hailee said in a sigh to Victoria.

Victoria smiled and laughed, obviously pleased she scared her. "You have training today remember?" Victoria told Hailee. Hailee took a moment to think about it and then nodded.

"Who am I training today?" Hailee asked. 

"The younger member of the fire clan," Victoria responded as they were walking down the stairs to the main floor. 

As they reached the bottom there were a good amount of people. Ranging in age from around eight to what seemed to be sixteen. The younger kids were running around, playing a game of tag and the teenagers sat around and talked or complained about how early it was. 

"Attention," Victoria called out. Everyone turned their heads. "Move out the the field where we will begin our training, quickly please," 

Everyone followed her orders and the little ones laughed and ran out to the field at the bottom of the hill and the teens walked out, their conversations still going. As they got down to the field eyes were turned on Hailee. 

"Alright lets start with the older people first," Hailee told them. Pointing to a blonde, tall, and skinny guy and a tall slim girl, also with blonde hair. 

"I want you two to disarm each other," Hailee told them, pulling two knives out from her belt. Handing one to the boy and one to the girl. "Rules are that you can use your powers, fist fighting is also legal, but if the other player says to stop or taps out you will stop," Hailee said in a stern tone. They nodded backing up and giving each other space. The rest of the members formed a large circle around them. 

"Alright, go," Hailee shouted as the tall boy ran at the girl. He was too late though as the spot where the girl had been standing was now a puff of smoke. She reappeared on the boys back and reached for the knife. As he swung it away from her she tried to drive her knife down hard on his shoulder. He grabbed her wrist and threw her off of him

Before she had time to react the boy had summoned a large tornado filled with flames around her. She tried to jump out but he jumped in, punched her back down, and took her knife from her. He jumped out and the girl gasped for air as the fire in the tornado was taking it from her.

"Okay, that's enough," Hailee told the boy. He seemed to not hear her.

"I said enough," Hailee raised her voice, the boy continued to ignore her. 

"It's over!" Hailee shouted sending a shot of black flame into the boys back, causing him to let out a yell and fall on his face. The tornado disappeared and the girl choked in fresh air, coughing hard. Hailee, on the other hand, stormed towards the boy.

"What was that!?" Hailee shrieked.

"You said powers are legal," The boy spat, "Did you lie?"

"I said when they are done fighting and I say stop, you stop," Hailee hissed. 

"No one said shit," The boy growled back. Hailee lifted the boy up by his shirt. Her hands burning with rage.

"I told you three times to to stop. I won't have this sort of disobedience you hear me boy? I was asked to train you not babysit you," Hailee spat. The boy winced in pain.

"You will listen to your trainer when told, do you understand?" Hailee seethed.

The boy paused.

"Do you understand me?" Hailee repeated.

"Yes, ma'm," the boy said to her.

That ended the training for the day. The members went back to their homes on the base and Hailee stormed off to the woods to cool off.  

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