Skyward: Gabriel's Return

After Hailee and Zander find themselves in Gabriel's grasp. They know he is much stronger than they imagined. Forgetting themselves, who they are and what they ever knew, how will Trevor and the others get them back? And how can they fight Gabriel? Find out in the second book of Skyward. Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.


7. Departing

As Hailee opened her eyes and let out a loud yawn she noticed someone was in her room. She almost fell out of her bed in surprise. 

"I'm sorry to wake you, goddess,The girl stammered, just as frightened as I was. Hailee saw that it was the girl from dinner the night before. 

"I-It's fine, I never got your name I don't think," Hailee told her. The girl took another bow.

"Sarah, Sarah Kadri. Part of the Dark Skies guild, I am sworn to Gabriel, the founder and leader of the dark skies," She recited but then looked up and gasped, "And of course you too, goddess," 

"You don't need to swear your alliance in me Sarah," Hailee smiled. "Why are you in my room though,?"

"Gabriel sent me to pick out something for you to wear for when we leave to meet with the rest of the guild today," She responded, holding up a dress. 

It was a long, smokey gray and white dress that flowed down the ground like a waterfall. Red also decorated the dress in swirls and a red ribbon went around the dress just below the breasts. It was a gorgeous dress for someone else. Hailee never liked wearing flashy dresses that hugged her body. She didn't protest though as she slipped out of her warm bed and let Sarah help her into the dress. 

"Are you excited to meet the guild that you will help Gabriel lead?" Sarah asked as she got out makeup and started to pick out colors for her.

"I guess I am a little nervous. Especially since it is so sudden," Hailee admitted. "In all honesty I don't know if I am even cut out to be a leader," She said as Sarah finished her makeup and took her hand to lead her to the bathroom.

"I think once you get used to it then it will be much easier for you. I know you have never lead a group this big before," She said mindlessly, doing Hailee's hair.

"What do you mean?" Hailee asked her. She seemed to realize what she had said but smiled and laughed lightly.

"Nothing, goddess. The guild has just grown in numbers since you were gone," Sarah smiled sweetly, her wolf like teeth poking out a small bit, "Sit still or this will take longer."

Hailee decided to not question Sarah, she couldn't remember anything so of course she was on edge all the time and not trusting. They sat in silence for a little and a few muttered curses came from Sarah when she burned her finger. When Hailee stood up to face herself in the mirror she gasped.

She looked almost like a princess would. Her dress went well with her fair skin and her dirty blonde hair that naturally was wavy, was now in slight curls. She wore a gold necklace around her neck and gold bands around her wrists.

"You look gorgeous," A voice said behind her. She spun to see Gabriel there studying her almost. He walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Thank you, Sarah. You are dismissed," He told her. She bowed and turned to leave. As the door to her room shut with a small thud Gabriel rested his head on the top of her head. 

He looked similar to Hailee, he wore a suit that was white with silver detailing. He wore an orange undershirt under the suit which brought out his eyes. He hadn't done anything with his hair like Hailee had but he still showered and his hair was slightly damp from the water. His pants followed the same trend of white with silver and he wore a silver necklace that held a weird symbol at the end of it. 

"Gabriel," Hailee finally spoke up.


"Has Zander come back from last night?" She asked and she swore he tensed up a little.

"No, he couldn't handle all of this and he ran off. Don't worry though, I'm sure he will be back at some point," He said kissing her temple. "We need to leave now though, we wouldn't want to be late to your welcoming party," He smiled and took her hand. They walked out the doors of her room and out the temple where everyone was already waiting. Cole was there, mounted on a jet black horse and Sarah was on the front of a carriage, next to another man Hailee didn't know.

Gabriel helped Hailee into the carriage and then entered himself before they all departed. Hailee watched as the temple got smaller and smaller away from them. She sent a silent goodbye to the beautiful temple as she figured this would be the last time she ever saw it.  

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