Skyward: Gabriel's Return

After Hailee and Zander find themselves in Gabriel's grasp. They know he is much stronger than they imagined. Forgetting themselves, who they are and what they ever knew, how will Trevor and the others get them back? And how can they fight Gabriel? Find out in the second book of Skyward. Copyright © 2013 Hailee Reynolds.


13. *Clan List* Darkness


Not much is known about this clan. It's in this list because of its own diverse part in the guild and in the fact that it's not tied to a certain element. From what is known, Tyler is the leader of this group but is taking Hailee under his wing. It is not known how many people are actually in the clan since not all of them are ever seen at once. They have no rivalries with the clan's. They are the most strictly lead clan.

Main Base:

The Darkness clan's base has never actually been entered by anyone that doesn't posses some sort of dark power. The land surrounding them is an unnaturally quiet forest with mangled tree's. Some say that they move to confuse those that enter and make them lost in the woods and easy prey. At night it's almost impossible to navigate the woods without being a member of the clan.


*Darkness Hybrids: These hybrids are like the rest of the hybrids but one thing that sets them apart is their behavior. They seem to be more specialized in killing. They are known to be more ruthless and sadistic about life. Some before the collapse of society were once prisoners or serial killers making them a feared group.

*Dark Fairies: These fairies are the worst of any kind because they are hard to spot. They come and go in wisps of darkness and are commonly found at night in the woods. They have a thing for killing so they should be handled with caution.

*Witches: Witches don't posses the power of darkness. More so help the darkness hybrids with their powers and practice. They can either study black magic, voodoo, dark arts, or any sort of magic. 

Nothing else is known about this clan.

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