I will probably be making a fan fic off of this so yeah. Um, not sure what to put as the category so bear with me. :) Well I hope you enjoy.


5. Chapter 4

I open my eyes, my stomach in pain. “Don’t move.” I hear a soft voice coo and my vision is blurred by something. My hair is pushed from my eyes and I stare into my mom’s eyes. “What happened?” I ask and she strokes my hair. “Someone found you outside Shana Todd’s house, brutally beaten, your leg is broken and a few of your ribs and you have cuts and bruises all over you. Who would do such a thing?!” She asks and I close my eyes for a minute. “Mom, I can handle it.” I say and she kisses my forehead lightly. The warm contact calms me down a little. “Chase, I didn’t bring you to this Earth to be hurt, now tell me who did this to you.” She says and I sigh. “Mom! I am fine, alright, I can take care of things on my own.” I say and she sighs slightly. “How long will I be in here?” I ask and she shrugs. “Um, a few weeks and then you will be on crutches.” She says and I nod. “I need to go honey.” She says and I close my eyes but a thought springs to my mind and I grab her arm. “What?” She asks, turning to me and I bite my lip. “Who saved me?” I ask and she turns back to me. “I don’t know but I could go ask if you want me to.” She asks and I nod my head. “Please.” I say and she nods. Who would save me? It can’t be anyone from my school. She leaves the room, closing the door quietly behind her. I sit there, staring at the ceiling, thoughts running through my mind. The door closes, snapping me back to reality and my eyes dart to the door. “The nurses at the front desk said it was a girl but they barely got a good look at her since she disappeared from the ambulance as soon as it arrived.” She explains and my mind starts racing. A girl? A girl would never rescue me. Most of them don’t even want to be near me. “Oh.” I say simply, so quietly that I barely heard it come out of my mouth. “Do you want me to go?” She asks and I look at her. “It’s your choice.” I say and she smiles. “I will be right back, let me run home and get some clothes.” She says and I nod and grab her hand. “Be careful, I am not there, I can’t save you.” I say and she nods, she kisses my head and leaves. I close my eyes, laying my head against the pillow, drifting off into sleep.


I wake up to the sound of banging, like on a door or something. I open my eyes and look to the hospital door where my mom is sitting against. “CHASE!” She shouts and I jump up, feeling the needles and tubes stuck to me and I start pulling them off. I need to get to my mom. The door is broke by something going through it. “Daddy’s home!” Stan, my dad shouts through the door. He grabs the door handle as my mom tries smacking his hand away. I run forward, grabbing my mom and pulling her behind me. My dad opens the door and steps in. “Chase, move.” He says and I glare at him, pushing him. He doesn’t move an inch. He starts walking toward me and grabs me by my hair, punching me in the stomach and sharp pain shoots through my whole body and he throws me aside like a rag doll. I look up and he is walking over to my mom as she cowers in fear. “Leave her alone!” I try to shout but my voice wavers. He grabs her by her hair and pulls something from his pocket. In a second my dad has slit my mother’s throat, throwing her to the ground in front of me. Her green eyes stare into mine as she bleeds out. I can’t shed tears because I stare up at my father, pure hatred filling my body. I try to get up but I wince and plop back down, wincing more. I stare up at him and he stares at my mom and then at the knife and brings it to his throat. In one swift movement, the knife is across his throat and he is falling to his knees. I don’t make a sound because I am in shock.


I jerk awake, gasping and warm hands on my burning hot skin. My eyes pop open and my mom is stroking my hair, staring into my eyes. I stare back into her eyes, full of life but dull at the same time. “You’re okay.” She coos and I grab her arms tightly. “You’re alive.” I whisper and she stares at me with confusion on her face. “What are you talking about? Of course I am still alive.” She says and I hug her to my chest. Hot tears roll down my cheeks as I stroke her hair.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies, dramatic!! -Over&&Out

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