I will probably be making a fan fic off of this so yeah. Um, not sure what to put as the category so bear with me. :) Well I hope you enjoy.


4. Chapter 3

I walk outside and there is a tap on my shoulder. I turn and Shana is standing there. Her vanilla scent wafting into my nose, she moves past me, making her way to her car. I follow her to her car and she unlocks it and I slowly climb into the passenger side. I close the door and pull on my seatbelt. She turns on the radio and turns it low and pulls on her seatbelt. She pulls out of the parking lot and drives forward.

We arrive to a huge house with trees and bushes in the front yard. “It’s Shana.” She says into the intercom. “Hello Ms. Blythe.” A deep voice says and she smiles. “Hello Patrick, please let us in.” She says and there is a buzzing noise and her front gates open. She pulls in and drives around the round driveway and parks. The front doors open and a tall, skinny guy walks out. He opens my door and then Shana’s door. I get out, holding my bag close to me. I follow her inside, watching her hips swing as she struts inside.

She shows me to her room and then leaves quickly. I sit at her desk, in her spinning chair, slowly spinning around in a circle. She walks in, in only a sports bra and shorts. “Sorry, that other shirt was tight on me.” She says, smiling sheepishly. She plops down next to me and pulls out her books. “So what don’t you understand?” I ask shyly, flipping through the book. “Um, all of it,” she says, twirling her hair. I feel her finger run down my arm. I blush and she giggles. “You are really cute Chase.” She says and I look at her. “Thanks.” I say shyly, blushing harder. She grabs my hand and kisses it. I stare at her and she kisses my cheek. “How about this,” she says, pushing all of the books off of the bed and then climbing on my lap, straddling me. I am flustered when she starts kissing me. She puts my arms around her waist, my hands rest on her butt. She presses her lips to mine slowly. “I forgot to ask, did you get in a fight?” She asks, slowly lifting my shirt. “No, why?” I ask and she shrugs. “You have a black eye.” She says, pulling my shirt off and laying me back. The door bursts open and she jumps off of me and Ben is standing there. “What the fuck?!” He shouts and she stares at him. He walks over to me and I stumble up, moving away from him, grabbing my bag with the books and my shirt. I throw my books in my bag, struggling to get my shirt on while running away from Ben. I start running down the driveway, climbing the gate but my leg is caught and I am thrown to the ground. I am punched in the face and the stomach and kicked. “Don’t touch my girlfriend!” Ben shouts and I groan and am punched again. “That’s right baby, mm, you are making me hot.” I hear Shana say and I open one eye and she is smiling down at me. I look around and see Ben has his group of friends with him and they are all crowded around me. They all start kicking me; I curl into a ball, groaning as every kick connects with my body.

After the brutal beating I try to get up but my gives out and I fall back down. “Help!” I whimper out, my eyes halfway shut. I lie there in excruciating pain. My eyes are about to close when I see a figure appear above me and then I black out.  

Authors Note


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