I will probably be making a fan fic off of this so yeah. Um, not sure what to put as the category so bear with me. :) Well I hope you enjoy.


3. Chapter 2

The next morning I wake up and quickly take a shower, washing the dry blood from my nose. I wash my hair and body and get out and dry off, sliding on my boxers and clothes. I start brushing my teeth and I look in the mirror and I stare at my reflection. I have a black eye; this isn’t going to go well at school. “Honey?” I hear my mom’s sweet voice whisper through my door and I bite my lip. “Coming,” I say back, opening the door and she stares at me smiling and then she frowns. “Did he do this to you?” She asks and I nod my head slowly. Tears fill her dull green eyes, they were one light but my father has literally beaten the light out of them. I kiss her forehead and she hugs me tight. “Let me take you to school.” She says and I nod, picking up my bag and walking over and putting on cologne and then following her down the carpeted stairs to the door. We go outside and out to the car and we both get in. “It’s good to get away from him.” She says and I smile. “I would rather you be away from him anyways.” I say and she smiles but it doesn’t reach her eyes. She straps her seat belt safely across her chest and so do I and she pulls out of the driveway.

She arrives at my school and she smiles at me. “Have a good day at school.” She says and I smile back and kiss her cheek. “Bye mom, I love you.” I say, climbing out of the car and grabbing my bag. I step away from the door and close it and my mom waves and then drives off. I walk up to the front doors, hearing the bell ring just as I pull open the doors. “What’s up fag? I didn’t think you would actually show today!” I hear Ben say. I trudge to my first hour class, Geography and sit in the back. I get papers thrown at me, telling me to kill myself because I am worthless. “Hey, Chase.” I hear someone whisper and I look to my right and I see the most popular girl, the girl I am in love with, Shana. “H-h-i-i.,” I stutter and she smiles. “I need some help; do you think that maybe after school you can come over?” She asks smiling innocently and I hesitate. She could be lying; her and Ben have dated and might still be. But she seems to hate him now so, why not? “Okay.” I say and she smiles.

Authors Note

Shana, what do you think of her? -Over&&Out

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