The Alpha Mate

Meet Liveena, a girl who was taken in at age 12 by the Silver Sky Pack who doesn't know her parents and had been on her own since she was 6. She spent 12 years building up walls to protect herself from anyone who could try to harm her in any way and there is only one thing in the world that could ruin that, her mate.

Christian, Alpha of the Rocky Mountain Pack, and not to be messed with, has a dark past of his own. Though he would love to find comfort and tranquility in his longed for mate, but she rejects him.

Both have dark pasts, how will they help each other overcome their demons ? Will they be able to ? What will come crawling back from their pasts to haunt them ?

Read and find out.

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10. TAM 9

I leaped into the air and clamped my jaws around, what seemed like air, but was really the vamp's neck and brought us tumbling to the ground. I heard growls surrounding me but I paid them no mind as the vamp quickly got to his feet and lunged at me. I barely dodged, but when I did I caught the side of his neck in my mouth and ripped it open, exposing ripped flesh and white meat. The vamp seemed stunned and I took that chance to pounce on him and sink my canines into his neck, biting down hard so that when I jerked my head to the side, his head came swiftly off his neck. I stood breathing heavily over the decapitated body and looked up at all of the pack members who now crowded me with defensive stance, and the plenty that had shifted were standing in the front. They looked like they were going to attack me and when one lunged at me, a great 7-foot black wolf came hurdling into it, sending it flying backwards and whimpering. I looked to see that it was Christian and that he had shifted. He stood defensively infront of me and the wolfs bowed their heads in respect or fear, I didn't really know which. Pride over-filled me as I watched my mate protect me, but it soon died down after I saw pure anger blazing in Christian's obsidian black eyes as he turned to stare at me.

Christian: To the pack house, now.

Woah, Christian had mind-linked me. I knew that he could but I didn't expect it. I felt myself get hot at hearing his deep baritone voice in my head but I quickly pushed it aside. I followed him into the Pack House and waited for him to speak. Many others had followed us in, some to go to their rooms and others to wait in the living room for Christian's instruction.

Christian: Samantha will take you upstairs. Put on the cloths she gives you and return, immediately.

Who in the hell was Samantha ?

. . .

After I dawned the clothes that Sam gave me I reprimanded myself for being jealous of her. She was 16 and around my body type, though her clothes did fit a little more snug on me than need be. She was fairly talkative and in the 10 minutes I took to shift back and dress she had dropped endless compliments on me of how amazing I was when killing that Vampire and how she was proud to have me as her Luna. I thanked her, of course, but couldn't help the feeling that Christian wasn't happy with me, at all. I dragged my feet walking back down the stairs to find Kaylub, Jack, David, Christian, and 10 other men standing in the living room talking amongst each other. There also stood Kaitlyn, in the kitchen, with 2 other women of which I didn't know but suspected were mates of some of the men here. Christian turned his head to look at me and all conversation ceased. I'm glad I took Sam's advice and wiped the vamp's blood off of my face before coming down or I would have been completely embarrassed. I sat in a nearby chair, close but still far enough away so that I wasn't suffocated by the big group of curious werewolfs.

Christian: Well ?

I looked around to see who Christian was talking to but realized it was me.

Liveena: Well what ?

Christian: Don't play stupid Liveena, we both know your not. What in the hell was that ?

Liveena: A Vampire attack.

Christian: My patience runs thin with you. I know it was a vampire attack, why were you the one to stop it ?

Liveena: I can't protect my mate now ?

Christian: It was unnecessary, we already knew of the lingering vampire.

I stayed quiet for a second and realized that I probably ruined there chances of catching the vampire to question him, if they already knew about him.

Liveena: Bu-

Christian: That's not important though. What's important is how you knew of the vampire.

Liveena: I- I didn't. I just sensed it, shifted, and went after it.

Christian: Then why didn't I sense you ? When the vampire attacked, you were already changed and in hot pursuit of it. From your timed reaction, I'd say you were posted somewhere waiting for it. You knew it would happen before you showed up to attend your own ceremony, how ?

I can't believe Christian was assessing me infront of his men. I felt like I was under full interrogation, like when I accidentally crossed into this territory. Only now, I was the Alpha's mate, and wasn't locked in a cell.

Liveena: I-

Christian: I can smell the lie your about to tell, don't. You'll regret it.

I looked to Christian to see his serious expression, he wasn't messing around. And the other guys wore the same facial expressions and formidable stances with their arms crossed over their chest and their feet shoulder width apart. Kaitlyn looked as if she was giving no help what so ever and Sam shot me an apologetic look before turning to help one of the other women that were preparing food in the kitchen.

Liveena: Fine. I won't lie to you Christian, but I will say that I was on edge ever since Thanatos' arrival and I thought he would try something against you so I waited and stayed low after scenting the nearby vamp.

Christian: Still doesn't explain why you knew of the attack and I am tired of your games, state the truth or-

Liveena: Or what ? Your going to throw me back in the cells for interrogation ? I'd rather be there than sleep in your bed tonight.

Christian visibly tried to control himself as he clinched his jaw and balled his fists at his sides. His eyes turned pitch black and his voice screamed restraint as he spoke.

Christian: I would never put you there myself.

I gathered myself from my sitting position and prepared to walk out the front door. I couldn't stand being near him when he was acting so damn demanding.

Christian: Sit !

I froze where I stood and looked up sharply at Christian. Did he really just use his Alpha tone on me ? And infront of his men ? How dare he, and I had a little surprise for him. Instead of obeying him like I SHOULD have, I walked past him went upstairs to my room. I locked the door and fell onto my bed with an exhale. Everyone was probably wondering why I didn't fall victim to his Alpha tone, but it was simple. I never have. Not once had I listened to Alpha Brett against my will. I didn't know why but I'm a really fucked up person. I have no wolf, I'm not prone to Alpha tone, a crazy vampire from my fucked up past is coming to taunt and take me, and now my mate is upset with me. Or more like I was upset with him, but same difference. He intentionally pressured me about things he knew I didn't want to talk about infront of his pack or period. I heard a knock at the door and from the arousing scent, I knew it was Christian. I ignored it and changed into a pair of shorts and one of Derek's big shirts he had lent me once before. I lay in my bed and caught my sleep. Christian had knocked, but only once, no more. He must have known that I didn't want to speak to him for a while, and it was good that he did.

. . .

It was evening and I was just returning from a shower. Everyone was up, I had slept in late without realizing. I dried myself and dawned my under garments before putting on a long top that flailed around my waist like a dress and some leggings with some black flats. I had a feeling that I wouldn't be staying around the house at all today, not if I could help it. My stomach growled and I left my room to seek out food. When I stepped outside of the room I didn't know where I was and I finally noticed that I wasn't at Christian's house in my room, I had slept in some other room inside of the pack house. Now I remembered the fact that I didn't get my clothes from a drawr, they were sitting out for me. Either way, I was in a shitty mood today. If they still wanted answers then I would give them, I was done beating around the bush. Whether they knew about the vamp attack or not I still felt obligated to protect my mate and the fact that he couldn't see that, that he actually seemed angry that I did that, hurt. I descended the stairs and was met with people staring at me. I didn't care, oddly enough though, they would drop their eyes when I looked back at them or bow their head respectfully. It was a breath of fresh air after so many of the hateful glares I received when I first came, but it was still weird. I grabbed an apple from the fridge and left out of the door. I circled around the back of the house and looked around. All of the decorations had been removed and the equipment was back in a pile next to a display of battered grass and dirt. I looked to where the vamp had came from and decided to do something I hadn't in a long while, track. As soon as I reached the woods the wind blew and I caught the faintest scent of the dead vamp. I quickly followed it, breaking off into a sprint. Before I could get any further than the middle of the forest Lily appeared infront of me and stopped me.

Delilah: No no, don't you dare.

Liveena: Huh ?

Delilah: I can see the wheels turning in your head, don't follow that scent.

Delilah: And why not ?

Delilah: You won't like what you'll find, and I won't be able to give you any further advice for the matter would be out of my hands. Just turn back, now.

Liveena: Listen-

Delilah: Have I ever given you a reason not to trust me ?

Liveena: Yes, plenty of times.

Delilah: Oh please, just listen to me.

And she disappeared. I decided to heed her warning and turn back. If Christian couldn't deal with it, then I definitely couldn't. My wounds were practically healed so I didn't feel much pain when I moved. Good thing or else that run would have killed me. I emerged from the woods to see Sam talking to a boy. She glanced over at me while in the middle of curling her hair around her finger and signaled for me to hold on. I waited for her to finish talking and the boy to leave before approaching her.

Liveena: What's up ?

Samantha: Nice seeing you today, Luna.

Liveena: Please don't be formal, makes me feel old.

Samantha: Haha, I can't help it. Your so respectable and how did you ignore Alpha Christian like that ? I've never seen that before.

Liveena: Umm, let's just say it was gene of immunity passed down to me.

Samantha: Cool, could others have it to ?

Liveena: Probably.

Samantha: So where are you headed ?

Liveena: I don't know actually, I just came from a run.

Samantha: Aww, I was just gonna go on one.

Liveena: I can run again with you if you want.

Samantha: You would do that ? Yay ! Okay, let's go.

We undressed and placed our clothes behind a big oak tree before shifting. I changed to my wolf form with ease while Sam breathed heavily and a cold sweat broke out over her body before shifting. It was easier for me since I was used to it. We ran, and ran until we were in unknown territory. I knew we had left the pack territory and were now in just the woods. The fact that we weren't stopped showed Christian took my advice with the boarder patrol.

Samantha: Luna ?

Liveena: Yes ?

Samantha: Do you smell that ?

I lifted my nose to the air and caught the scent of dirt and ass. A rogue.

Liveena: Yes, we should go back to pack territory, quickly.

Samantha: Okay.

We had skidded to a stop and were now running back into the direction we had came when I saw a scruffy brown wolf with similar eyes knock Sam off her paws. I turned to the tree they had crashed into and saw them growling at each other. I approached the wolf from behind so that it was in between us. Sam scrapped her front paw backwards, preparing to charge at the wolf while I remained still. Just as the brown wolf jumped up I sunk my canines into his hind legs and he fell forward while Sam pounced on him and finished the job.

Samantha: That was amazing ! Fighting alongside my Luna is like, the best thing ever. I can't wait to tell-

A figure appeared and I was frozen in my spot as it jerked Sam up by her fur at the back of her neck and held her at eye level. She was growling furiously at him but could do nothing. I snapped myself out of my paralysis and took a defensive stance. That couldn't be Cain.

Cain: Long time no see, Liveena.

I said nothing and just stared at the man who stood before me.

Cain: No need to act like that to your long lost lover. Forgotten me already ?

Samantha was freaking out a her anger was slowly turning to fear and she was all in my head, I could barely hear myself think.

Samantha: Luna, run ! I don't know how this Vampire knows you but he's dangerous. Run !

Liveena: I'm not leaving my pack member here to run.

Samantha: Luna, please !

Liveena: No ! Now calm down, panicking won't help us in this situation. Keep your head.

Cain: Pay attention too me !

Samantha whimpered loudly and I saw Cain's grip tighten on her fur while his other hand came to grasp her around the neck.

Cain: Now I have your attention. I wish I could stay longer but I have things to prepare for, for your homecoming.

I looked curiously at Cain as he spoke.

Cain: Ha, meaning, I'm not here to take you, yet. It was just my lucky day to see you running out in the unguarded woods. Either way, I'm leaving now. See you later baby.

I noticeably shuddered and Cain just laughed.

Cain: My brother was right, you have grown quite a . . . resistance to our charm haven't you ?

I looked away from Cain and looked to Samantha, ashamed of what he was saying to me.

Cain: Hahaha, all in good time. You will again learn.

Within a blink of an eye Cain was gone and Sam was on the ground but she wasn't regaining her footing. I quickly walked over to her and cringed at the sight. Cain had bitten her in the side of her neck, leaving his venom in her. Sam was completely immobile and began shifting back to human form, but she wasn't conscious. Shit, this will force me to shift back as well to carry her. No way am I leaving her out here to possibly be taken or killed. I shifted back and carried her the only way I really could with the both of us being naked, bridal style. I crossed into pack territory and quickened my paste to where our clothes lye. I only had enough time to place my own clothes on before a group of 5 pack men came bursting through the trees surrounding us. They bowed their head in respect for me before looking down at Sam's unclothed body.

Liveena: Hey, eyes off !

: Sorry Luna, what has happened ?

Liveena: We were out running when we were attacked.

: Are you alright Luna ?

Liveena: Yes, I'm fine. She needs a pack doctor, she was bitten.

: Yes ma'am.

Liveena: Make it quick, the poison is spreading through her body quickly.

: Poison ?

Liveena: Yes, it was a vampire bite.

This seemed to catch everyone's attention and they all moved into action, moving Sam and mind-linking people I would assume. I left the formalities to them, they would deal with it. I glanced at the sky and saw it was dark, probably around 8. I walked to Christian's house and sniffed the air. No recent trace of him, which meant he hadn't been here since about morning. I closed the front door behind me and walked upstairs to shower. I was sweaty and that encounter with Cain didn't help my scattered brain. He said he was making preparations for my homecoming, which would mean that Thanatos' words held true. Now I was truly terrified. Not only had 1 vampire come back to haunt me, but 2. And neither of them were nice. I walked into the bathroom across from my room and turned the shower faucet on the hottest it would go before stripping my clothes off. I only had my bra and underwear left on when I heard the front door burst open loudly and then slam shut.

Christian: LIVEENA !

Oh god, it was Christian. And he wasn't happy in the least. He sounded like he was ready to skin me alive and I'll admit I was a little afraid. I heard multiple doors burst open until I heard my bedroom door burst open. It was eerily quiet and seconds later the bathroom door knob was turned slowly, only to be stopped mid-way by the lock. I'm not sure if it was pure instinct or a gut feeling but I moved to stand next to the stand-in shower and in that moment Christian kicked the door in and almost sent it off its hinges.

Christian: You !

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