The Alpha Mate

Meet Liveena, a girl who was taken in at age 12 by the Silver Sky Pack who doesn't know her parents and had been on her own since she was 6. She spent 12 years building up walls to protect herself from anyone who could try to harm her in any way and there is only one thing in the world that could ruin that, her mate.

Christian, Alpha of the Rocky Mountain Pack, and not to be messed with, has a dark past of his own. Though he would love to find comfort and tranquility in his longed for mate, but she rejects him.

Both have dark pasts, how will they help each other overcome their demons ? Will they be able to ? What will come crawling back from their pasts to haunt them ?

Read and find out.

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9. TAM 8

I won't stop producing my chapters for this story. That's my decision. And all of you who love my story, I love you guys !


I was out of the hospital now and it was boring as hell. I couldn't do any type of training because I still wasn't healed completely. Christian's been distant with me lately but I couldn't help that. The less he knew, the better. But one good thing was that the mating ceremony was going to be today. It's a full moon and it would be the best time to do it. I now stood at Christian's office door waiting for him to answer to my knock. Minutes later a group of tall muscular men exited the room and looked at me strangely before walking down the stairs to leave. I slowly entered the room and shut the door behind me.

Liveena: Hey Chri-

I was pushed against the door and my lips were instantly met with Christian's eager ones. I kissed back and wrapped my arms around his neck, only wincing a little at the ache in my ribs. Christian's hand roamed up my shirt until he came to the under swell of my breast. I felt his hands slip under my bra before cupping my breast and pressing his body further into mine.

Christian: I've missed you.

He whispered in my ear. And I knew it was true, I wasn't able to see him but once, the day we talked. The next 2 days were spent with Doc Sanders and trying to figure out why I wasn't healing like I should be. I knew why, he probably destroyed my bones in the process of crushing them to the point where if I didn't have a shifter's magic to fix me, I probably would still be badly hurting right now. But if he came to take me back, why would he do that and risk me dying, unless he knew there was a shifter here in the pack. That thought scared me and I didn't want to think of it anymore so I focused back on Christian. He was definitely different since I've accepted him as my own and mated with him. He didn't just give me the cold shoulder like he used to at the beginning, I liked that. Christian was now kissing down my neck and biting my ear lobe. I felt his hands curve around the bend of my ass before picking me up so my legs were on either side of him as he pressed his body against mine with my back still pressed against the door. I brought my hands to his shoulders before a sharp pain was sent through my ribs and I dug my nails into Christian's shoulders and cried out in pain. He instantly dropped me to hold me at arms length and over view me with his eyes, checking for signs of harm.

Christian: Did I hurt you ?

Liveena: No.

Christian: Then what's wrong ?

Liveena: N- nothing.

Christian: Your not completely healed, are you ?

Liveen: No.

Christian: How is that possible ? Why didn't you tell me ?

Liveena: He's a second generation vampire, he made sure his warning was clear. And I didn't tell you because I didn't need you worrying about me. You have a pack to think of and right now they may be in danger.

Christian: I have you to think of also. Don't keep things from me Livy.

Liveena: Bu-

Christian: No but's, what does he want with you ?

I knew this would come up again and he had to understand that my past was just that, my past. Well, not exactly since it resurfaced, but what I went through I never wanted anyone to know besides the people who know.

Liveena: Christian, drop it.

Christian: I won't, I need to know why an ancient old vampire is chasing my mate.

Liveena: Then tell me where your parents are, tell me what really happened all those years ago with the pack and the twins you accepted into the pack.

Christian looked as if I slapped him across the face and his eyes took a midnight blue color.

Christian: That's a completely different case and you know it. Stop acting stupid.

Liveena: Stupid ? It may be a different story but it's the same situation.

I silently thanked Derek for his earlier words of wisdom.

Christian: How so ?

Liveena: It's my past, just as yours is your own. Neither of us wish to talk about it because we don't want to relive it. If you don't want to talk about yours then why should I have to talk about mine ?

Christian sat in silence for a couple a seconds before speaking.

Christian: Your right, neither of us want to talk about it, so we won't.

Liveena: Thank you, now can we just drop it all together ?

Christian: I have some paper work that needs finishing so I'll call for you when it's time for the ceremony.

I looked up at Christian to see his face void of any emotion. He was hiding himself from me again because I didn't want to talk about my past and it hurt to see him do it. I was officially dismissed and expected to leave, I realized, once Christian turned away from me and began walking back to his desk. I let myself out of the room and went to my room. I would stay here until the mating ceremony was ready to begin, maybe then Christian would be in a better mood.

Why'll time passed I decided to reconnect with the only family I've ever truly cared for, Derek.

Liveena: Derek ?

Derek: Hey Liv, long time no talk. Where you been ?

Liveena: Haha, more importantly, what's been going on back at the pack ?

Derek: Nothing really, ( place friends names here ) have been asking about you.

Liveena: Oh, I haven't had a chance to mind link them recently. Tell them I said hey.

Derek: Alright, but there's something else . . .

Liveena: What is it ?

Derek: I've found my mate.

Liveena: OMG that's great Derek ! Congratulations !

Derek: Ha, thanks. So why can't you just mind-link ( the names ) now ?

Liveena: I'm kind of going through some things, don't want them to worry.

Derek: Like what ?

Liveena: Christian found out about . . . Thanatos.

The mind-link dropped for a minute, then picked back up.

Derek: How in the hell did he find out about him ?

Liveena: You won't believe this but-

A sudden memory stopped me dead in my tracks. Derek had found his mate and would now be focusing all of his attention to the lucky woman. He won't have time for me anymore and I don't want him to unnecessarily worry about me, so I wouldn't tell him.

Derek: Liv ?

Liveena: Uh yea, right. Sorry, I've been having the dreams again.

Derek: Damn, are they as bad as they used to be ?

Liveena: No.

Derek: That's good, so how did he take the news ?

Liveena: What news ?

Derek: Don't tell me you didn't tell him.

Liveena: Tell him what ?

Derek: About what happened to you involving that bastard.

Liveena: No I didn't, he asked but I didn't tell him.

Derek: Why not ?

Liveena: Why not ? He won't trust me with his past, why should I tell him mine ? Plus-

Derek: It takes trust to earn trust Livy, you know that better than anyone.

Liveena: I do but-

Derek: Tell him, your his mate. I would be crushed if Anna didn't tell me something like what happened to you.

Liveena: That's her name ?

Derek: Yes, lovely isn't it ?

I could hear the smile in Derek's voice, I knew that he was happy.

Liveena: Yes it is.

Derek: I have to go, but think about what I told you.

Liveena: Bye.

Derek: Bye.

And just like that he was gone. I guess I could tell Christian, but right now he was upset with me, I'd tell him after the ceremony.

4 hours later . . .

Kaitlyn had come in my room over an hour ago to help me get prepared for the ceremony and now I stood in a beautiful knee length red velvet dress with red flats. My hair was curled to the side in ringlets and I sported a ruby red necklace, dazzled with actual rubies, around my neck. My make-up was neutral and I only wore a little gloss to save from looking like a slut. My earrings were also ruby filled and dangled just below my earlobe. I looked in the mirror to see a new and improved, and very expensive looking, me. My dress fitted to all my curves and hugged my thighs, so I know that Christian didn't go shopping for this. But how could he have afforded all of this, especially the ruby set. It had to of costed him thousands for that alone. I looked to Kaitlyn after I was done looking myself over and realized that she also fashioned red. Was that the theme for tonight ? I followed Kaitlyn out of the room and down the steps. I reached to pull the hem of my dress down, it had ridden up while descending the stairs, and I was thankful for the slip that was attached to the inside of the dress. If it weren't for that, I'd be really itchy right about now. Kaitlyn reached the door along with a group of other women I didn't know who complimented my dress, and proceeded to walk out. I realized I had left my purse upstairs on my bed and told her I'd meet her at the place of the ceremony, which was only behind the pack house and within it. Refreshments were inside and the ceremony would be outside. As I reached the room and opened the door a spine tingling breeze greeted me before I saw a shadow sitting on my bed, waiting for me.

: Hello Darling.

Liveena: . . . Delilah ?

Delilah: The one and only.

Delilah greeted me with her English accent and stood to hug me as I walked over to her.

Liveena: What the hell are you doing here ? You would have been killed if it had been anyone else to enter this room.

Delilah: They could have tried, and I would have ended them. As for you, you look splendid. Come here, let me see you better.

I spun as Delilah twirled me with her hand holding mine in the air.

Delilah: What's this get up for anyway ?

Liveena: My mating ceremony.

Delilah: You've found your mate ? That's amazing, I thought you'd never find him.

Liveena: Why ?

Delilah: Don't be foolish, I've been keeping an eye on you when I can.

Liveena: I thought I told you not to.

Delilah: When have I ever listened to you Liveena ?

Liveena: Good point. So-

Delilah: And your hair ! It's so long now. This style really fits you.

Liveena: Lily. . .

Delilah: Yes ?

Liveena: Stop stalling, why are you here ?

She huffed before falling back on my bed.

Delilah: You look so lovely, yet you can't go anywhere.

Liveena: What do you mean ?

Delilah: What I mean is that your going to have to skip your little mating ceremony.

Liveena: Why ?

Delilah: My brother. He plans to ruin it.

Liveena: How ?

Delilah: Now you know I can't tell you that. I betray a lot of people, but my brother won't be one of them.

Liveena: Then why are you here ?

Delilah: Because I've always had a soft spot for you Darling, so I came to fore-warn you. That's all.

Liveena: How did he even find me ?

Delilah: Let's just say, this pack doesn't welcome strangers with open arms.

Liveena: I know this.

Delilah: Maybe, but you don't know the extinct of it.

I looked at her confused and she sighed then continued.

Delilah: I'll put it like this, my brother had absolutely no problem getting to you. I've heard that this is the best pack in LA, with the finest of everything, land, doctors, fighters, and your telling me that they couldn't smell a vampire no matter how faint the scent might be ?

Liveena: . . .

Delilah: Exactly, they let him waltz in here with every intention of taking you, thinking that they would be rid of the stranger that was suspiciously lurking on their lands with seemingly no plans on leaving. This pack is hardcore my dear, not pretty to watch.

I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that the men on boarder patrol would just allow that to happen. I was almost killed because of this pack's problems with strangers. It was sick and disgusting.

Liveena: Why would they do something like that ?

Delilah: I'm guessing your little Alpha hasn't filled you in yet huh ?

Liveena: On what ?

Delilah: The pack's history with strangers ?

Liveena: No, I don't think he ever will.

Delilah: That's fine, I'd be delighted to tell you my dear. So, it all started 10 years back, when the pack was on better terms and weren't as scary looking as they try to be now. But they had good leadership back then. I believe his name was Alpha Kurt and his Luna was a woman named Caren. They were your little Alpha's parents. Anyway, a set of twins crossed the border line one day, both age 11 and the Luna decided to take the kids in. She raised them to the age of 12 before it seemed as if the twins were splitting the parents apart. Usually it wasn't possible to drive mates away from each other but they weren't any ordinary twins. They were twins with a purpose. With this came stricter laws and rules within the pack and against your alpha, their actual son. But none of it seemed to matter as they only showed concern for the twin in their care. So one day, Caren packed up her things and left, only sparing time for the twin she had, which resulted in a search party to go looking for her. Caren somehow convinced more than half of the population that Alpha Kurt's rule was to strict for the little children and wives, which was why she was leaving, and that they should do the same. She got her wish, and in that wish she died, along with the other hundreds of families she convinced to sneak away with her. Afterward, the entire pack territory was set aflame by passing rogues who saw an opportunity to over take some land. Alpha Kurt packed up his things upon hearing that his territory was aflame and left, calling off the search party and fleeing for the flames were to great to stop. He grabbed the twin, of course, and left his own son. Somehow, your little alpha made it and caught up with his father, only to be ridiculed and singled out as the omega of the pack and his own father would beat him senseless for no good reason until one day, the little guy had had enough and in a fit a rage, killed the lingering twin. The Alpha Kurt became depressed and up and left when your mate was all but 14. In the end it turned out that a witch had been helping them and used a spell which would effect both of the parents and drive them away from each other over time.

I felt tears prick my eyes, how could just a pair of twins with a little bit of magic come between two mates and their child ? And to think Christian had to endure that, then be left alone at such a young age. He was right to not want to talk about his past, I now felt bad for knowing without his permission but it was too late.

Delilah: Don't tell me your going to cry over that.

Liveena: It's so sad Lily, and most of the little kids were killed, so that would mean that almost everyone occupying the pack today would have gone through it as well, being the older kids that were probably left behind in the pack. No wonder they are so wary of me.

Delilah rolled her eyes and stared at me with an exasperated expression.

Delilah: I've heard- no seen, far worse than that.

Liveena: Your old, of course you have.

Delilah: Old and now insulted, thanks. Welp, thanks to story time, the ceremony should have begun by now.

Liveena: The ceremony doesn't begin without the main attractions, the mated pair.

Delilah: Oh, not your ceremony, my dear.

Delilah walked over to the window and started to climb out of it.

Liveena: Lily, what do you mean ?

Delilah: Livy, your know as good as any, my brother loves to celebrate.

Delilah jumped the rest of the way out of the window. I ran over to it and she was gone, just like that. I stood immobilized for a minute as realization dawned on me. Whether I was there or not, Thanatos would still ruin the ceremony, and begin one of his own, just to send a sick message. I stripped to nothing and ran outside to shift. Once I shifted I bolted through the town and approached the pack house cautiously, I rounded the side of the house and saw Christian on a podium with an insanely large group of people standing infront of him, waiting for him to speak. I kept my distance and looked for any sign of vampires, even the slightest scent of them and I would pounce. I looked to Christian as the rest of the crowd listened and the music in the background quieted.

Christian: I'm sure all of you know why your here today, but I'm going to say it anyway. I've found my mate !

The crowd yelped and cheered like mad. They all looked genuinely happy for their Alpha and I couldn't have felt any more pride at hearing Christian call me his mate.

Christian: I have no idea where she is-

He looked squarely at Kaitlyn and she shrugged with wide eyes and looked around before looking back at him and letting her eyes glaze over quickly before returning their attention.

Christian: -but I'm sure she'll be here any second. I ask that all of you-

There is was, the scent. I sniffed the air and angled my head perfectly to catch the very faint scent of the vampire. It was unfamiliar to me but I knew he worked for Thanatos, yet he lingered no where near. I looked around frantically, trying to decipher where the attack would come from. Christian was still talking but I was too engulfed in my searching to listen. I saw a flash of a man before it disappeared, heading towards Christian. I shot out from the bushes at the side of the house I had been occupying and whizzed through the crowd at a exceptionally fast paste, keeping my head low and ready to attack. I couldn't see the vamp, but I could try to track his motions. People barely seemed to notice me and that was working in my favor, if they didn't notice me then the vamp wouldn't see me coming. I continued running through the crowd until I was suddenly at the podium where Christian stood and I saw the swoosh of air right above my head.


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