The Alpha Mate

Meet Liveena, a girl who was taken in at age 12 by the Silver Sky Pack who doesn't know her parents and had been on her own since she was 6. She spent 12 years building up walls to protect herself from anyone who could try to harm her in any way and there is only one thing in the world that could ruin that, her mate.

Christian, Alpha of the Rocky Mountain Pack, and not to be messed with, has a dark past of his own. Though he would love to find comfort and tranquility in his longed for mate, but she rejects him.

Both have dark pasts, how will they help each other overcome their demons ? Will they be able to ? What will come crawling back from their pasts to haunt them ?

Read and find out.

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7. TAM 7

The smell of sterility awoke me. I cautiously looked around the room, my eyes scanning for any sign of . . . him. I see a glimpse of a shadow from the corner of my eye and instantly bolt upright. The sudden motion sends waves of pain coursing through my body in shock waves to where I could have fainted from the agony. I fell back onto the, now recognizable, hospital bed, which only made the pain worsen. The shadow moved infront of me and I realized it was David. He assessed me quickly then called to someone standing at an angle that I couldn't see them. A reasonably heighted man appeared at my side, checking my vitals and using his pen to scribble down notes on a clipboard with a thick stack of papers attached to it. As the man moved to my other side I saw that he sported a go-tee with dark hair and midnight blue eyes. He looked like some biker dude that should own 30 tats and a motorcycle with a hot babe attached to his hip, but he was evidently a pack doctor. David lingered in the background with a troubled expression as the doc trained his eyes on mine, readying to talk.

: I am Doctor Sanders, I wish my meeting my Luna were on better terms. Nonetheless, I am glad you are safe and I am pleased to take care of you, Luna.

I said nothing, not even a nod of the head, though I couldn't manage that. It all seemed to coincidental. As soon as I come to this pack, he finds me. Or was it as soon as I left my own ? Or as soon as I began to trust someone other than Alpha Brett and Derek ? I was so confused, I didn't know what believe. Did I sell myself short or did someone sell me out, and if so, who ? More importantly, this pack was now endangered because of me. They could all die and I wouldn't be able to bear it. Though they all disliked me, I was their Luna now, and I felt an extreme need to protect every last one of them. I wouldn't be able to take it if they died, or if- . No, I myself would die inside if Christian were to leave me. I couldn't let him hurt my mate, and would do every thing in my power to prevent it.

David: Luna, the questioning will now begin.

David dragged me from my thoughts and I stared up at him. Questioning ? How could I possibly explain how he found me, and swiftly eased past their boarder control without being detected in the slightest bit. Even if I could, I wouldn't.

David: What's the last thing you remember ?

Liveena: Christian.

David: Okay, can you tell me what happened just before Christian came ?

Liveena: Pain.

David: And before the pain ?

Liveena: Shock.

David: Could you be more specific ?

Liveena: No.

David: Listen, this will go a lot quicker if you'd fill me in on everything, Luna.

Liveena: No.

David sighs at my toneless voice and one word answers, but if it were not for my obligation I felt to the pack, I wouldn't say anything.

David: Who was it that hurt you ?

I said nothing.

David: Luna ?

Liveena : . . .

David: What was it that attacked you ?

Still nothing.

David: Did you know who attacked you ? Give me something.

Liveena: No.

David: Sooner or later you will have to so we can catch this bastard who would dare travel into our territory and hurt our Luna.

My eyes widened in fear, did they really think they stood a chance against him ? Going right into his arms was the last thing they wanted to do.

Liveena: You can't.

David: Can't what ?

Liveena: Kill him.

David: Why not ?

Liveena: He isn't killable.

David: Who is he ?

Liveena: . . .

More questions came my way for about an hour or two and I answered no more. The less they knew, the better.

The next day I was still extremely sore and my wounds weren't healing properly, I could tell. I was surprised to find that the pack doctor was indeed a shifter. Shifters and wolves didn't get along. As of now, Doctor Sanders was doing a bodily procedure where he would snap my bones back into place by placing his hands over the area of my body in which the bones were broken, to allow them to heal properly. It hurt like hell but I knew it had to be done. Sanders' powers were much like my own shifter inherited powers, but there was a slight difference. Yes I could heal but it was more of a remedy, a cure as you could say, or something to help with internal problems. Sanders' are the kind that ease your pain and fix things that are broken or out of place. Most shifter healers were like that, if not all. Which is why I'm confused as to what my power really entails about my parents. Thinking of them darkened my mood and I was fit for no more of David's hourly questioning. If he didn't get an answer he liked then he would pry and pry, for 30 minutes straight, and then let me rest for the next half an hour before repeating the process. It was very irritating and once in a while I would have terrible sharp pains just underneath my, still fragile, ribs where my organs were located. I knew they were trying to heal themselves after the amount of damage they suffered, but it was taking longer than usual, which wasn't a surprise. Throughout all of this though, I hadn't seen Christian once. I watched David walk in the room with determination clear on his features. If he wanted answers, I would give them.

David: Are you ready to answer some more questions ?

Liveena: Yes.

This seemed to surprise David and he quickly masked his shock with one of triumph.

David: Good, now where shall we-

Liveena: Where's Christian ?

David: Excuse me ?

Liveena: You heard me perfectly clear, where is your Alpha ?

David: Well since you were too badly injured, he wasn't allowed in the room when inspection was needed to view the state of your body's condition for fear of him killing the best pack doctor in LA.

Oh, how did they manage to restrain Christian of all people ?

David: Took our best fighters and our average ones, but we somehow managed after someone brought up the fact of finding the man who snuck into your room and harmed you. So he sent me here to investigate, but you've been giving me no such luck.

Liveena: Wait, so he hasn't come to see me because he's trying to find the person who did this -I motioned to myself- to me ?

David: Precisely.

Liveena: So why hasn't he come to check up on me now ?

David: He doesn't wish to, my Luna.

Liveena: Doesn't wish to ? I want to see him, now.

David: I'm afraid I can't my Luna, Alpha's orders were to only report to him if new information occurred to help catch the guy.

So he was just going to leave me in this hospital with no emotional support ? I know I sounded needy right now but damn, at the moment I did need him.

Liveena: Well new information has occurred, so go report it quick.

David: Uh, what new information ?

Liveena: That if he doesn't come and see me right now, I will not rest, I will not sleep, and I will not eat, until I have made my way from this hospital bed to his office.

David's eyes widened at my serious expression and his eyes glazed over while he mind-linked someone. He looked me over then walked outside of the room and seconds later Christian burst through the door and locked it behind himself, turning to scowl at me.

Christian: You WILL eat, sleep, AND rest, do you understand ?

Seeing Christian brought all the memories of what happened back to the surface. I hadn't realized I was so tense until I saw him and I instantly relaxed, sinking into the bed further. Tears started falling from my eyes and I was sobbing uncontrollably. This was so embarrassing, all I wanted was to see him and I ended up crying cause I got what I wanted. I used my one good hand to cover my face, hiding my tear streaked face. Christian walked over to me and moved my hand out of the way before cupping my face with his hands and wiping my tears with his thumbs. I looked up at him and cried harder, unable to turn away while I did so. Christian leaned down to kiss my forehead before whispering in my ear.

Christian: Shh, it's okay. Your safe now.

Liveena: No, you don't understand.

Christian: Then explain it to me.

Liveena: He will prey on this pack and until he has me. I don't want to be the cause of this pack splitting up again like before Christian, I can't live with that.

Christian: That won't happen Livy listen to me, we will catch the person who hurt you and kill them.

Liveena: No ! You won't, you won't kill him !

Christian: And why won't I ?

Liveena: Because you can't !

Christian: Why can't I ?

Liveena: You don't get it Christian, he isn't killable. He will kill you before you even make a move for him, I don't want to lose you.

Christian: I'm an Alpha, I'm sure-

Liveena: That doesn't matter ! He's merciless and will do anything to get what he wants.

Christian: Why does this guy scare you so much ?

Liveena: Because he snuck into my room, nearly crushed every bone in my torso, and escaped before you got there. Wouldn't anyone be terrified ?

Christian: No, not like this. Your not terrified Livy, your petrified of this man. Why ?

Liveena: I've heard of him when I was at my other pack, we suffered a few casualties because of him.

Christian: Really ? Because your former Alpha, Brett, was here earlier. He's heard nothing of a person like this one.

Liveena: . . .

Christian: Do not lie to me any more Liveena, who is he ? Who is Thanatos ?

I stared at Christian in disbelief as I heard him say the name I never wanted to hear again in my life.

Liveena: Ho- how-

Christian: You said it before you fainted. Tell me who he is, I need to know, please Livy.

Liveena: I've said to much already, I'm sorry.

Christian: If you won't tell me for me then tell me for the safety of my pack. If there's some unknown threat out there looming close then I need to know to protect the people I care about.

I thought for a second. It wasn't right to keep information like that away from him. Me being here has a target on the pack's back already but them not knowing could risk unneeded grief that can be prevented by taking precaution.

Liveena: Okay Christian, I will help you protect the pack, but that's it. No more information than what's needed.

Christian: For now, that's all I want.

I left the challenge lingering in the air and continued talking.

Liveena: He's a vampire.

Christian: A vampire ? We haven't seen those in years around here.

Liveena: He not just an ordinary vampire though, he dates way back to when the first vampire were created, making him almost like a vampire god or something. There's nothing that can kill him, at least nothing that would kill an ordinary vampire.

Christian: But there is a way to kill him ?

Liveena: Yes, but it's almost impossible to achieve and not likely to work.

Christian: What is it ?

Liveena: There's no need to go into that, I'm just filling you in on the basics. He faster than an average vampire, so if you think you can catch him, your wrong. He's also stronger than an average vampire, which in turn makes him nearly matching with our own strength as werewolf's. To avoid deaths, remove any extra security you may have placed at the borders and around specific areas. That only makes it more difficult for him to achieve his goal and get what he came for, which makes him upset, and you don't want him upset.

Christian: Your crazy if you think I'm just going to let him walk right into my territory just to avoid upsetting him.

Liveena: You want to protect the pack right ? This is the way to do it.

Christian: But-

Liveena: No buts, this is how you protect your people Christian.

Christian: Don't cut me off, Livy.

Liveena: In this state, I doubt you would hurt me for cutting you off.

Christian: In this state -he absentmindedly reached out and touched his mark on the side of my neck- I would never hurt you.

Liveena: I need to rest now.

Christian: I will be back when you awaken.

Liveena: Alright.


That Season Finale of Twisted THOUGH !!! Never saw that coming with the father, the daughter yes but the father ? Nooooo.

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