The Alpha Mate

Meet Liveena, a girl who was taken in at age 12 by the Silver Sky Pack who doesn't know her parents and had been on her own since she was 6. She spent 12 years building up walls to protect herself from anyone who could try to harm her in any way and there is only one thing in the world that could ruin that, her mate.

Christian, Alpha of the Rocky Mountain Pack, and not to be messed with, has a dark past of his own. Though he would love to find comfort and tranquility in his longed for mate, but she rejects him.

Both have dark pasts, how will they help each other overcome their demons ? Will they be able to ? What will come crawling back from their pasts to haunt them ?

Read and find out.

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6. TAM 6

I woke up comfortable with a tantalizing scent filling my lungs. I lazily cracked my eyes open to Christian in my bed, naked. Oh no, please tell me we didn't. I raised my head to look down at his neck and there it was, my mark on his flesh, embedded in his neck forever. No, no, no. It wasn't suppose to happen, why did I let myself do it ! I felt a slight ache in my core, from last night's activities, as I quickly rushed to the bathroom. I stood stark naked in the bathroom mirror, staring in horror at what I saw. I was covered in kiss marks and I had Christian's mark on my neck, plain as day. My hair was a mess and my lips were swollen. I wanted to punch the mirror, I was so frustrated. How could I have allowed us to mate ? Hadn't I already decided that I wouldn't ? Hadn't he shown me that he accepted my rejection by being with that blonde ? Now that I was mated to him I'd feel everything that he does and I don't want to feel him with other women. I sagged my head in defeat at my body's betrayal of me. Now that I was emotionally attached to him it would hurt way worse, to the point of it possibly becoming unbearable. I'm so stupid, I gave him exactly what he wanted and he didn't even have to break a sweat.

Christian: What's wrong ?

Christian startled me out of my thoughts by suddenly appearing at the cracked doorway of the bathroom. I didn't want to face him yet, I wasn't ready. I kept my back turned to him as I answered.

Liveena: Nothing, go away Christian.

Christian: I can feel your worry and hurt, what is it Livy ?

Liveena: Don't give me nicknames Christian. I'm fine, just leave me alone.

Tears threatened to escape from my eyes so I turned and tried to shut the door, but only ended up in Christian's embrace. When had he come in ? I struggled against him but found that it was useless so I let my arms fall limp at my sides. He hugged me tightly and I felt panic rise in my throat, but it wasn't my own, it was Christian's.

Christian: I knew you would hate me for taking advantage of you, but don't leave me.

I didn't know what to say. In the past 12 hours he had shown me more emotion than I've seen my whole time being in his pack. What was I suppose to do when he was panicking about me leaving him ? Didn't he except my rejection already ?

Liveena: I- I thought you accepted my rejection. You were with that girl.

Christian: She threw herself at me, you walked in before I had a chance to react. I chased you but you were dead set in your thoughts. I thought I was giving you time by not seeing you for a couple of days, only to come to the pack house and smell your arousal, then see you with one of my pack members-

A threatening growl escaped Christian's lips, remembering that scene, before he continued.

Christian: I would have killed him, pack member or not, had you not of called out to me. To see you with another man- , you are MINE Liveena. I never accepted your rejection, I just needed time.

Liveena: But I thought you didn't want me after I rejected you.

Christian: You never officially rejected me, and-

Christian turned me around to face the mirror with him still standing behind me and an arm over my stomach.

Christian: -do you think my mark would be here on your neck if I didn't want you ? I could never not want you.

I stared at me and Christian's matching pair of marks and finally understood. We were meant to be together, so we would be. Obviously the goddess thought I needed someone in my life that I could lower my mental barriers for so, just this once, in a long long time, I would follow my instincts and trust them with this. I wiped my expired tears from my face and smiled shyly at Christian.

Liveena: I won't leave you, Christian. I'll stay by your side.

A huge weight lifted from my chest and I realized Christian had been holding his breath in anticipation. He hugged me tighter and pulled my chin to him so he could kiss me on the lips. After we showered, we dressed in robes. Christian said we wouldn't be going anywhere for the day so there was no need for clothes. He also told me that he would be having someone go clothes shopping for me. I refused and said I would go myself but he insisted I didn't need to go anywhere he couldn't keep an eye on me. We were now in his kitchen and I was eating grapes as he fixed himself a couple of steaks to eat. Everything was so comfortable now, it almost seemed surreal.

Liveena: Hey Christian ?

Christian: Yes ?

Liveena: How come you never expressed yourself to me before today ?

Christian: I don't take rejection well.

Liveena: Why ?

Christian: Problems of my past.

Liveena: And what about the pack ?

Christian went still at the stove momentarily before continuing to cook, only now he was stiff and cautious.

Christian: What do you mean ?

Liveena: Don't think I don't notice Christian, every last member of your pack hates me, except Jack. It's like they don't like me cause I'm a stranger, not because of my personality or something I've done to them personally.

Christian: All that will change after the mating ceremony.

Liveena: But I want to know why.

Christian: Look,-

Christian turned to face me with a grave expression on his face.

Christian: -our pack was split into 2 and nearly destroyed because we accepted a pair of twins in our pack 10 years ago. That's all you need to know.

I felt a little hurt that he wouldn't want me to know about his pack, it seemed a lot worse than what he briefly made it out to be. I went back to eating my grapes and Christian turned around to finish cooking his steaks. After I finished my grapes I glanced over to the cable box underneath the TV in the living room and saw that is was 9:18. I had completely forgotten about my training sessions with Jack and I think it was time that I started them again. I hoped off the stool and went up the stairs to get dressed. When I came down it was 9:25 and Christian, who had been sitting eating his food, was now standing and looking at me as if I had lost my mind.

Christian: Where are you going ?

Liveena: Training.

Christian: I thought I said we weren't going anywhere today ?

Liveena: Yea but I've put off my training for 3 days now.

Christian: 1 day more won't hurt.

Liveena: Yes, it will. My punishment is going to be 4x worse if I wait another day.

Christian: Punishment ? The only one fit to punish you is me.

Liveena: And my trainer.

Christian: And that is . . . ?

Liveena: Jack.

Christian: No, your staying home.

Liveena: What ?

Christian: Your not going training today and your definitely not training with Jack any longer.

Liveena: You can't just tell me what I'm going to do Christian.

Christian: Can't I ? I am Alpha of this pack, if I don't want my mate training with a member of my pack then I won't have it.

Anger was building in me fast but surprisingly I swallowed it down and sighed. There was no point matching fire with fire so I'd be the water.

Liveena: I am my own woman, Christian. You can try to keep me tucked under your control for as long as you'd like but you will find it impossible to do so.

With that I walked out of the front door and towards the pack house to meet Jack. When I got their he was no where in sight and I knew I was on time. I could probably guess what happened, Christian mind linked him and told him to stay away from me, but that wouldn't stop me. I would just have to complete my hours by myself then. Instead of going to the stretch of grass that me and Jack normally sparred on I went to the equipment and activated the automated attack dummy. I've only seen them in action before at my pack when the Alpha and Beta were training the adults, but I still knew how it worked. Instantly it came at me. I don't know who came up with these things but they were precise, didn't miss a single beat. It was truly non-stop combat and if you wanted it to stop you had to find a way to get close enough to hit the off switch, which is why people who are usually getting trained use it, so the other person can turn it off. That wasn't so much the case right now so I had to duck, dodge, and attack repeatedly. The dummy moved with such grace, for a robot. I never understood why packs didn't use these to protect themselves but I also had to think that these were made by human companions, and they didn't really trust us as far as they could throw us. So it wouldn't make since for them to create something with the capabilities of completely taking down another werewolf or it would mean that it could be used against them at any point in time. As I finished with the dummy and finally turned it off for second time, I looked up to realize it was dark already. I guess the time had flew by with the second round of fighting, it takes a while to turn it off. But day lights saving time happened not long ago so it was probably only 5 or 6. I carried the dummy back to where the rest of the equipment still lay and got the feeling that I was being watched. I whipped around to see the 4 teens I had seen the other 2 times, standing there watching me. For how long, I didn't know.

Liveena: Umm, hello.

: Where did you learn to fight like that ?

It was one of the twins who asked the question and he looked genuinely interested so I complied.

Liveena: I taught myself when I was young. For a year I was trained but afterwards my trainer died and I was trained by Jack for a week or less.

: You fight well.

It was the other twin that had spoken this time.

Liveena: Thank you, but you guys do to. I'm guessing your the more advanced fighters of your age group ?

: We're the best of our age group.

The female had spoken.

Liveena: Oh.

Suddenly the guy next to her stepped up to size me up before speaking.

: Would you teach us some of those moves ?

Liveena: Wait, I don't even know you guy's names.

: Matt and Brady are the twins, I'm Justin, and this is my sister Hailey.

Liveena: Well it was nice meeting you all but I'm not a trainer, never have been.

Justin: But you could be.

Liveena: How when I'm trying to train myself as well ?

Hailey: Your good, but your not everything. We could teach you some stuff in turn for your training.

Matt: And we could have different hours than you so that your not exhausted from your personal training.

I thought about it and saw no harm, so I agreed.

Liveena: Fine, Mondays and Thursdays at 6:00, sharp. Lateness will mean penalties.

Everyone: Understood.

Liveena: Alright, well bye now.

I walked off and made my way back to Christian's house. I was sweaty and my clothes were sticking to me, but that would also have to do from the water I pored down my face every time I caught a break. I walked in the house as was immediately met with 5 shirtless guys, including Christian, standing in the living room around a paper on the table, much like when I first entered the pack house, and they all were now staring at me. I noticed Jack, Kaylub, and David. The other guy I didn't know. I shot Jack and Christian death glares before continuing on my way towards the steps.

Christian: Livy, wait.

I didn't want to yell at him infront of his pack members so I tried really hard contain my boiling anger as I turned around.

Liveena: Yes, Christian ?

Christian: You were suppose to be home hours ago. Jack said your hours were from 10-12, where were you ?

Liveena: Since I lacked an incompetent trainer, I decided to train with myself and I lost time. Now, may I go ?

Jack: I was told-

Liveena: I don't care what you were told Jack, you were my trainer and now your not. But Christian you were wrong, how dare you interfere in a matter that I had settled for myself before you felt the need to tell me what to do !

David: You will watch your mouth and show my Alpha some respect or so help me moon goddess I will-

Christian growled and turned to eye his Beta with blazing anger.

Christian: You will do nothing and watch your mouth when speaking to your Luna.

The whole room went silent and you could here the distant howling of a wolf in the forest. Well it had to come out some time, guess now is as good as any. It seemed only then that the mark on my neck was, ever so present as everyone, besides Jack, stared at it with understanding.

David: My Luna, I am so sorry. I- I didn't realize-

Liveena: How could you have ? I do not blame you, it's fine. Now if you'd excuse me, I'm going to my room.

Before I could walk any further, Christian grabbed my arm and held me in my place.

Christian: We aren't finished talking.

Liveena: If you wish for me to respect you infront of your pack, then I believe we are.

Christian: I-

Something clattered on the kitchen floor and everyone turned to look. Surprise grabbed at me as, there she stood in perfect health, the woman Kaitlyn from the woods. What happened to her full body cancer ? Tears sprung to her eyes and her hand covered her mouth. David quickly ran to her and hugged her in his arms.

David: What's wrong honey ? Are you okay ? Is it coming back ?

Kaitlyn wiped her eyes and stepped back from David before turning and running into me, engulfing me in a big, bone crushing hug.

Kaitlyn: It's you. I thought you were dead but your here. I am so grateful.

I half heartedly hugged Kaitlyn back, still shocked that she was here and that she was with David. After a minute she let me go and smiled up at me, radiating good health.

Christian: What is going on Kaitlyn ?

Kaitlyn: This is the girl that saved my life Chris, the one from the woods that I thought had died. Remember me telling you about her David ?

She turned to David and he looked just as surprised as everyone else in the room. Oh no, I knew where this was leading to. My shifter powers. David walked over to me and pulled me into a quick hug before pulling away.

David: Thank you, Luna. With out you my mate would have died that same day. Her health was increasingly getting worse and all of a sudden things just turned up. She told me of you, but she said you were dead. I'm happy that I have the chance to meet and thank you for saving our lives.

I looked in confusion for a minute but soon understood his meaning. If she had died then he would be nothing without her and just as good as dead himself.

Liveena: Your welcome, both of you. I didn't think it had worked but now I'm sure it did.

Kaitlyn: How are you alive ? I felt no pulse when I checked for yours.

Liveena: My heart rate slows tremendously when I heal so you wouldn't have known I was alive anyway.

Kaitlyn: Oh, well I'm happy your alive. Now we can be good friends.

Christian: What the hell is going on ? Isn't healing a shifter's magic ?

Kaitlyn: I've never thought about that.

Liveena: Yes, one of my parents was a shifter.

Kaitlyn: So one was a werewolf and the other a shifter ?

Liveena: Yes.

Kaitlyn: That's awesome, which parent was the shifter ?

My jaw clenched at the thought of my parents.

Liveena: I don't know.

Kaitlyn: So you didn't know them ?

I'm not sure if a growl came from me or not but I knew I was shooting daggers at her and David moved protectively infront of her, as if I would lunge at her at any second.

Liveena: No.

I turned and walked quickly up the stairs and found myself locked inside Christian's room. I layed in his bed and let his scent calm me. I didn't mean to be mean to Kaitlyn but she was to curious for my liking, and I didn't like my past nor did I want to talk about it. I heard the knob on the door turn, but it was locked.

Christian: If you don't open this damned door right now I will kick it in.

I got up and unlocked the door, leaving it for him to open, then layed back down on the bed face first.

Christian: What the hell was that downstairs ?

I ignored him, I didn't want to argue with him. I didn't have any arguing left in me.

Christian: Well ?

He sounded closer as he spoke this time and I turned my face the opposite way of which his voice came and spoke.

Liveena: I don't want to talk about it Christian.

Christian: Well your going to. You threatened the mate of my Beta for no good reason, even after she thanked you for saving her life. Why ?

Liveena: I don't like talking about my past Christian, okay ? You of all people should understand that.

I heard Christian sigh and felt the bed dip next to me, but I couldn't see him. He removed my shoes and socks, then turned me over on my back so he could remove the rest of my clothing. I was naked under him but I didn't feel embarrassed, he was mine and I was his. He lifted me off of the bed to sit upright on his lap and rubbed my back with the palm of his hand.

Christian: I do understand, but you can't lose yourself infront of other people like that, understood ?

Liveena: Yes.

Christian: Now go shower why'll I finish this meeting downstairs.

Liveena: Alright.

I gave Christian a quick kiss on the lips before turning to go to the bathroom and shower.

. . .

I was fast asleep in Christian's bed when I felt someone smooth a hand over my side. It was Christian, and I snuggled back against him, burying my face further into the pillow as he wrapped an arm around me and buried his face in my hair. I lazily opened my eyes and saw it was still dark outside. I stifled a yawn wondering when Christian got to bed.

Liveena: When did you finish your meeting ?

No answer. I suspected he was fast asleep but his hand, which was now splayed out over my stomach, was now rubbing me. I guess he was just sleep touching, something I would definitely have to get used to if he did it often, but I laughed at the thought.

Liveena: Christian, are you even awake ?

I giggled my question, expecting no response, but I got one.

: Ah, my dear philia. Whom might be the Christian you speak of ?

My whole body froze and my blood went still. This was a bad dream that I needed to wake up from. It couldn't be him, he couldn't have found me, not here. It's just not possible. I considered the possibilities and there were none, he just couldn't be here, not now, not ever.

: Why do you not speak to me philia ?

Liveena: H-h-how are you here ? W-

: Do not worry of such trivial things, my sweet. The only thing that matters is that I have found you, and we can now be together again.

Liveena: No, no ! Your not here ! This is just my imagination.

: Do not upset me dear, you know how I get. Come, let us be gone from here now.

Liveena: No ! Your in my head, I'm not going anywhere !

: Maybe I should remind you of my . . . tendencies.

Suddenly his arms were both wrapped around me and squeezing me tightly. I opened my mouth to scream but at that exact moment the arms grew intensely stronger around me, forcing all of the air out of my lungs, crushing my ribs. Tears pricked through my eyes as the pain worsened, this was real, he was here. I tried to struggle but my arm was caught in the hold and, when I tried to jerk my arm free, I only succeeded in popping my bones out of place where my elbow connected the upper and lower parts of my arm. I would scream but I couldn't, and the pain was so bad. I heard distant shuffling and suddenly the bedroom door burst open. Christian rushed to my side with a worried expression on his face. He was asking me questions but I couldn't comprehend them as my vision started to fade. No, I had to warn Christian of him, of the man that I never thought I'd see again, of the person who would end anyone who stood in his way to get what he wanted.

Christian: Livy, stay with me. Keep your eyes open for me, okay ? The doctors are coming.

Liveena: Than- a

Christian: Don't talk, save your energy for later.

Liveena: Thana-tos.

. . .


Soooooooo ! Who's seen the season finale of The Walking Dead ? I have !!! And here we thought Terminus was going to be a place of sanctuary ! Damn them !

I can't help but LOVE the final words of the season though.

Rick: There messing with the wrong people.

Kick ass Rick is back !!!

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