The Alpha Mate

Meet Liveena, a girl who was taken in at age 12 by the Silver Sky Pack who doesn't know her parents and had been on her own since she was 6. She spent 12 years building up walls to protect herself from anyone who could try to harm her in any way and there is only one thing in the world that could ruin that, her mate.

Christian, Alpha of the Rocky Mountain Pack, and not to be messed with, has a dark past of his own. Though he would love to find comfort and tranquility in his longed for mate, but she rejects him.

Both have dark pasts, how will they help each other overcome their demons ? Will they be able to ? What will come crawling back from their pasts to haunt them ?

Read and find out.

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5. TAM 5

The next 3 days were spent sleeping, showering, and training. Christian hadn't been back to the house since he left and I didn't enjoy being in that huge place by myself. After he left I had time to think about what I had said to him and I felt awful. Why couldn't I just have believed in the mother goddesses mating bond and excepted Christian as my mate ? He never showed any signs of not wanting me, actually it was more of the complete opposite. I was sorry about what I said to him and how I plainly hurt him but I couldn't tell him that if he didn't come home. Every day he stayed away was one more day my sadness turned to anger. I'd go find Jack again and ask if he knew when Christian was suppose to return. Speaking of Jack, I actually landed some punches on him today, and made him fall again, but I haven't beat him. Soon I will, he even said so. He was teaching me a whole bunch of defense and attack techniques I didn't have the time to learn at my old pack. I left Christian's house after showering and went to find Jack again. I didn't know where he went after our training so it would be kind of difficult since no one but him would talk to me of their own free will. I tried going back to the pack infirmary so see if I would see David leaving it like last time, which I did. Last time he left here he looked a little happy, now he looked like he could do backflips with the cheesy grin he had plastered across his face. And when he saw me, you know, the mask appeared.

Liveena: Hey Beta David.

David: Hello.

Liveena: What were you grinning about just a second ago ? Something good happen ?

David: Yes, but that isn't why you sought me out.

Liveena: Oh yes, well I was wondering if you knew where Jack was ? But since your here I actually don't need him. Do you happen to know where Christian is ?

David raised a defensive eyebrow at me at my lack of use of the name Alpha instead of Christian. It was blatant disrespect to do so and since David didn't know I was Christian's mate then I had just disrespected his Alpha.

Liveena: Alpha Christian.

David: I'm not at liberty to tell you.

Liveena: Do you know when he would be back ?

David: No.

I knew Jack was lying because he thought me an outsider so instead I settled for Jack.

Liveena: Well, Beta David, may I ask where your brother is ?

Jack: Right behind you.

I turned to see Jack looking at me with obvious amusement. I rolled my eyes and approached him.

Jack: I'll take it from here brother. Walk with me.

I walked alongside Jack and when we were out of ear shot of David I spoke.

Liveena: Why such hostility towards me ?

Jack: He probably thinks your trying to hit on him or something.

I gave Jack a disbelieving look and we both laughed.

Liveena: Yea, I doubt that. But it's not just him, it's everyone. You did it to when you first saw me, though you tried to cover it with a fake smile.

Jack: Saw right through it huh ?

Liveena: Wasn't hard to miss.

Jack: Well let's just say, we have our reasons to act the way we do towards people we don't know.

Liveena: Hm. Well do you know when Chr- Alph Christian will be back from, wherever he is.

Jack: Actually I don't know, he should have been back the same day he left. You didn't hear it from me though.

Liveena: Haha, alright. Well that was it, I guess I'll go running or something now. Nothing else to do.

Jack: Alright.

I left Jack and walked until I came across the same kids from last time training in the same spot. Instead of approaching them like before I just watched silently. They were exceptionally good, probably better than the rest of the kids they normally trained with, which would explain why they trained together after training hours. Before I could be noticed I left the area and went back to Christian's for the night.

. . .

Christian had been gone for a week now and it was Sunday. I was pissed that he hadn't come home yet but instead, avoided me. Right now I was coming back from a run out in the woods. Christian's warning about running alone held no real weight when I was upset with him. I came to the rear of the house and put my clothes on before I heard rustling come from behind me. I turned expecting to see a possible pack member but was greeted by a man, tall with black hair, dark brown eyes, and a scruffy dark go-tee to cover the bottom of his nose and his lips. He definitely wasn't a pack member and from his musty scent I knew he belonged to no other pack, he was Rogue. I eyed him warily and stayed completely still on high alert, prepared for any sudden movement of attack. The man maid no move to approach me but instead eyed me lazily and sized me up. His face split into a smile when his eyes landed on my face, which was clearly glaring openly at him, daring him to make a move.

Man: Boss never mentioned a girl hanging around the Alpha's house.

Liveena: Boss ? Who's your boss ?

Man: Hahaha, yea right don't play stupid, girl.

Liveena: Guess your boss isn't as known as you think.

Man: My boss is Karlyll, one of the most feared Alpha's of Los Angeles.

Liveena: Your not pack, your a mutt. Your leader can't possibly be an Alpha.

Man: No, but he's just as powerful as one, if not more.

Liveena: Cute, why are you here ?

Man: On business, nothing to do with you little girl. Move aside and walk away.

Liveena: Why ? Scared the "little girl" might kick your big ass ?

The man growled at me and I knew that was all I needed to say to get him fueled. Rogue mutts tended to have shorter tempers than those who have the security and rule of a pack to make sure they didn't get out of hand. The man lunged at me and I easily sidestepped him, he stumbled and spun to face me again. He threw a right hook at me then a left and I dodged both until I was kneed in my stomach and I didn't have time to focus on the pain because I was soon punch in the face and sent sprawling to the ground. I regained my footing with a new attack stance, one that Jack taught me in our few days of training. I faked a left then a right punch and swirled into a round house kick that knocked the man sideways. Before he could fixate himself I quickly approached him and brought my knee to his gut, causing him to double over in pain. I took that as an opportunity to sweep my legs under his which had him on his back and I stood over him, pounding my fist into his face over and over and over again. His nose was bloody, eyes were black, cheeks were blue, and he had a couple of knots on his forehead before I felt someone roughly yank me off of the man. Disoriented, it took a second to realize what was going on. The person that had yanked me off was David and I was now watching him, along with 3 other guys, examining the body that lay limp on the grass where I had just been. David gave quick order and 2 of the guys were carrying off the man's body, probably to the cells. I watched him say something else to the man before turning to walk towards me. When he came to stand directly infront of me I could make out the scratches and deep gashes at his sides and across his abdomen. So it wasn't just me fighting then, this was an ambush, but for what ? The guys said he was here on business, but with whom ? He was at the back of Christian's house so could it have been him he was actually after ? Though he stood no chance against nor could he lay a finger on Christian, it still bothered me that the intent was there.

David: What happened ?

Liveena: I came back from a run and this guy just appeared out of no where.

David: You were running alone and he didn't attack you in the woods ?

Liveena: No, I'm not sure that he even saw me on my run or if he just followed me.

David: Did he say anything ?

Liveena: Nothing except that he was here on business and that I should move aside and stay out of the way.

David: That's what you should have done.

Liveena: What ?

David: This wasn't your concern, don't think the pack owes you something because of this, you shouldn't have gotten involved.

Liveena: Owes me something ? Excuse me if I don't want to just let some who's threatening my p-

Woah, I was about to let out a major slip up. Who would have thought I would be referring to these people as my own in such a short time, even when they all hated me, excluding Jack. But I wasn't their official Luna and they wouldn't believe it until I was mated properly to their Alpha.

Liveena: p- potential life span get away because he seemingly didn't want to fight me. If you had better border patrol then I wouldn't have had to be in it.

David: Watch what you say girl, now where have you been staying for this past week ?

Liveena: Alpha Christian's house.

David: What !

Liveena: Alpha Christian's hou-

David: You won't be anymore, move your things into the pack house, now.

What the hell ? He didn't even know the situation but I would comply. I was getting kind of lonely in that house all alone so I was looking for some company, even if they hated me. I moved around David to go into Christian's house and get what little stuff I did have then met David outside. He walked along a narrow path and made a few cuts and turns before we we're waking towards a big haunted mansion type house. It looked creepy with a whole bunch of windows spread out on the front and sides and huge wooden double doors placed on the front of the sky scraper of a building. Ok, maybe I was over exaggerating but it was huge and intimidating. I walked in behind David and was instantly met with a group of about 12 guys standing in the living room discussing something over a table with a large paper draped over it. In unison they all turned to look at me with dead expressions, what they were just talking about momentarily forgotten. I ignored their uninterested stares and followed behind David up three flights of stairs and five doors down at the very end of the hall. Over the rail I could see the men go back to what they were doing. I didn't smell any wolves on this level of the house so I assumed that no one stayed up here except for me. When I walked in the room I found that it was comfortably sized, not to big nor to small, and there was a bed a desk and chair placed there. There was no dresser but I could manage, and I'm guessing the bathroom was somewhere on this level. The room was definitely smaller than my last one but it worked for me, I couldn't feel to lonely in a smaller space right ?

David: This will be your room.

Liveena: Okay.

David left and I stayed in my room until about 12, when I knew everyone wouldn't be downstairs, and went to get me something to eat. When I opened the refrigerator I saw all red meat, no regular, more human foods, and I had a craving for some cereal right now. Settling for a box of crackers siting on the top of the fridge I grabbed a stool and stood on it to reach. I realized to late that I had placed the still to far away and when I tried to reach for the box I lost my balance and was about to fall face first when someone caught me.

Jack: What are you doing ?

Liveena: Trying to get that box of crackers, guess I was to far away.

Jack: You think ?

With ease Jack reached the box and handed it to me.

Liveena: Thankyou.

Jack: No problem, so I heard my training came in handy earlier today huh ?

Liveena: I would've beat that guy without your training.

Jack: Doubt it, he's been a problem to us before and every time he would get away or leave the person he was fighting within an inch of their life. Today, you walked away without a scratch on you, well almost.

Liveena: Oh, I didn't know it was like that.

Jack: Yea, but stay out of trouble. The guys nor the Beta liked the fact that you've been hanging out in the Alpha's house while he was gone. If it wasn't for that fight you had, you'd probably be in the cells by now.

Liveena: Oh god, those cells.

Jack: Yup, those cells. But you wouldn't have been their for long, I would have gotten you out.

Liveena: Why ? You don't owe me anything, actually I owe you more than you do me.

Jack: Please, don't flatter me.

Liveena: But I'm being serous.

Jack: I know.

Liveena: Know what ?

Jack: That you are my Luna.

My eyes widened in shock as what he just said sunk in and realization hit me. He knew !

Liveena: H- how do you know ? Christian hasn't even been here to tell anyone.

Jack: I may have seen you in the woods that day, I didn't see anything I swear it, Alpha's body shielded you, but I heard your words before you fainted.

Liveena: Oh god, that's embarrassing.

Jack: Don't be embarrassed Luna, I was happy for my Alpha.

Liveena: Don't call me that !

Jack: But you are my Lu-

Liveena: No, no, see-

I pulled down my turtle neck sweater I had donned due to the cold to show my unmarked neck.

Liveena: -I'm not your Luna.

Jack: Not yet, but soon you will be.

Liveena: No, I won't. Christian hasn't even come home to talk to me, just ran away from his problems.

Jack: Luna give him a break-

Liveena: I'll give him a break when he actually decides to face me, his problem.

With those words I turned and walked up to my room. There was no way I could face Jack now, he probably wasn't even training me right, he was probably still going easy on me. And Christian, he was just infuriating. Instead of staying to face me he just got up and left me, no, I definitely wouldn't just give in to him. I knew how I felt about him now, I wanted him, but he wouldn't know that until he was ready to talk to me properly. I went to sleep after reaching my bed and thought about back home, since he wasn't here I mind as well just go. No one would care to stop me, actually they'd be happy to see me go.

The Next Day . . .

It was 4:00 and I was freaking out. As soon as I got myself together to leave and be done with this pack, my mate's scent hit me in a wave of fury. I haven't smelt it in so long and it was intoxicating, but it only meant that Christian was back. This was around 1 and I had expected him to come see me by now but no, instead he avoided me still. So I took it upon myself to search him out. I was now following his scent to his home and I didn't even think to knock as I walked through the door, but the sight that I saw made me wish I hadn't. Christian was there, on the couch, but he wasn't the only one. There was a blonde haired and blue eyed girl straddling him with her arms around his neck, whispering in his ear. His body went rigid and she quickly turned her head to scowl at the intruder.

The Girl: Knock before you enter stupid girl, now go, can't you see we're in the middle of something.

Liveena: S- sorry.

I choked out my answer behind my quickly approaching sobs and I turned to leave, shutting the door behind me. It hurt, it hurt so much to see my mate with another woman yet it was my fault, I pushed him away and told him I didn't want him. But why did he keep me here if he accepted my rejection ? Did he just want to torture me ? If so he succeeded, and I hated myself and him for it. I hated being weak and open yet I've been nothing but that since I met him. Before I knew it I was running back towards the pack house but not before my arm was yanked and I was turned around to face Christian.

Liveena: What !?

Christian: It wasn't what you think.

Liveena: Doesn't matter, I saw what I saw. Now let me go Christian.

Christian: Liveena listen to me-

Liveena: No ! I get it, I should have gotten the message and left when you were absent but I thought you would come back and face your problem with me, instead you do this, and I get it.

Christian: It's not like tha-

Liveena: It is, and I don't want to have anything to do with it anymore. Goodbye Christian.

I yanked my arm away and he let me go. I flew upstairs to my room and buried my face in my pillows feeling helpless and worthless. That I had seen that only proved that I needed to get out of here but I couldn't find the will to move at the moment, or ever for that matter. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my chest that felt as if I had been shot. I screamed into my pillow and grabbed at my chest vigorously. Then I fainted.

When I woke up it was dark outside and someone was knocking on my door. I got up and opened the door to see a man of medium muscular build with scruffy auburn hair and hazel eyes. He held a tray of food in his hand and looked a little irritated as he waited. I stepped aside and let him enter and he set the tray on my desk. Why was a pack member bringing me food ? I opened my mouth to ask the question but he beat me to it.

: What game are you playing ?

Liveena: Who are you ?

: Daniel.

Liveena: Alright well, Daniel, what do you mean what game am I playing ?

Daniel: Don't play stupid, you've been locked up here for 2 days and wouldn't answer your door.

Liveena: 2 days !?

Daniel: Don't act surprised.

Liveena: I'm not acting, I was asleep until you came and knocked on the door just now.

Daniel: What ? You've been sleep for 2 days ?

Liveena: I guess so.

I sat on my bed and thought long and hard, just yesterday I- and it all came rushing back to me. Christian with that girl and me running to my room when- the pain in my chest ! And I fainted. What was that anyway ? And it put me to sleep for 2 whole days.

Suddenly a wave of heat came over my body and I fell back on the bed, confused and hot. I could barely move, except to squirm around and the clothes on my body were irritating my skin. My nipples were hard and sensitive under my lace bra and my underwear were rubbing me uncomfortably.

A look of realization struck Daniel and when I thought he was going to leave I found myself disappointed and needing, but to my surprise he shut the door and locked it. I wondered idly what he was planning when he began to walk towards me but somehow I already knew, and the thought wasn't unwelcome.

Daniel's eyes were black as sin as he lowered himself on the bed and captured my lips in a rough kiss. I opened my mouth to allow him entry before he asked and my body curved into his touch as his hands rode up my shirt to my breasts. He started palming my breasts outside of my bra and I cried out in protest, they were to sensitive to be doing that to them.

Liveena: T- t- take it off.

Daniel needed no further instruction, he ripped my bra open from the back and threw it to the side and he lifted my shirt above my breasts and took one nipple into his mouth and I moaned. It felt so good, I didn't want it but, I needed it. I pushed my hands into his hair and pushed his head into me more, forcing him to take more of my breast into his mouth than I knew was possible. His hand started traveling down my stomach into my pants and his fingers found my confound sex and he began rubbing me in slow pleasurable circles. God it felt so good yet it still felt like something was missing, but I wasn't going to complain. He sucked harder on my nipple and ran faster circles around my clit, making me cry out my pleasure.

Liveena: Oh god yes. C- Christian !

As if the devil heard me himself, a loud growl came out of no where and shook the brick walls of the house. In an instant Daniel was off of me and cowering in a corner as Christian stood over him with a deathly glare on his face. Damn he looked so sexy when he was pissed. His large bulging muscles that rippled across his chest as he walked and the strain in his biceps when he clenched his fists like he was doing right now. His chocolate brown hair and deep sea blue eyes that matched his perfectly handsome, chiseled face. His big hands and long legs and fingers, I could still remember vividly how those fingers felt inside of me, filling me, readying me, before he-

Oh god I was so turned on right now and I needed physical contact. Christian was about to approach Daniel when I called out his name.

Liveena: Christian, come. . . I need you.

My sexual invitation had him stopping in his tracks and turning abruptly to me. Christian quickly padded over to me and yanked my shirt down before picking me up bridal style and carrying me out of the room. He carried me down all 3 flights of stairs and walked out of the pack house before ending up at his front door. He dropped me on my feet but kept a hand protectively around my waist as he opened the door then picked me back up again and ascended 2 flights of steps. By now I was kissing Christian's neck, leaving kiss marks and whispering how much I wanted him in his ear while biting his earlobe. We ended up inside of a huge room and I was dumped on a king sized bed, dead in the center. I squirmed uncomfortably on the bed, my clothes still irritating my skin, as Christian walked to the side of the bed and began removing his clothes. I drooled watching his muscles slide out of the linen shirt that had selfishly covered them from my sight. He walked away from the bed and shut and locked the bedroom door before turning back to me an staring at me from the foot of the bed.

Christian: You may hate me tomorrow, but don't think that will stop me from fucking and marking you today.

I moaned, liking the dominance I heard in Christian's voice as he told me his plans for me. I watched as he climbed on the bed and removed my pants and underwear before stripping my shirt off of me, leaving me completely naked under his scrutiny. He lowered himself to my lips and took me in a demanding kiss. I immediately gave him entrance and felt his tongue dart out and taste my mouth as I twirled my tongue around his, reveling in the feel. His hand cupped my breast and squeezed tightly while I arched my back. His thumb and index finger kneaded my nipples and I cried out. They were even more sensitive than before, so much that it hurt.

Christian kissed along my jaw line and down my neck until he reached me breasts and kissed me all over every inch of them before taking my left nipple into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue why'll he sucked it. I moaned his name as he switched nipples and his fingers found my clit. Waisting no time in rubbing me his fingers slid into me and I convulsed on the spot, but I was still hot and needing. Christian rose from his position and brought his fingers to his mouth to taste me. To watch him do that was so sexy and pleasureful. I wanted him right now, but Christian had other plans. He bent down and placed my legs over his shoulders before capturing my clit in his mouth and sucking me softly. I cried out and my hands flew to his hair as he continued. He stuck his tongue through my folds and I could have died right there. If felt so good, him tasting me and sucking me, learning my body. But I needed him in me.

Liveena: Christian.

Christian rose his head to look at me and smiled at me before sitting up and licking his lips. My breath caught in my throat when I saw his smile, it was the fist time and it fit him so well for someone who never smiled. Christian brought himself to hover over me and placed himself at my entrance. Slowly, he slid into me and then suddenly jerked forward as he pushed past my virginity. I felt a sharp pain but it was instantly gone and replaced with my burning pleasure that was now even more present. I wrapped my legs around his waist, giving him more access, and he slid all the way into me and stilled, letting me adjust to his size that, somehow, didn't rip me apart. After a few seconds he slowly started moving inside of me and I loved it, but I needed more.

Liveena: Christian, m-more.

Without a seconds hesitation, Christian was pumping into me faster and faster and faster. I cried out loudly and brought my hands to his back, holding him close. Suddenly Christian was riding me hard and fast, his eyes were pitch black and I knew his wolf had taken over. I arched my back and threw my head back into the bed. I felt myself climbing higher and higher until I was ready to explode. Just as I clenched around Christian's throbbing member I felt a pain in the side of my neck and I knew that Christian had just marked me. We both released together and my claws had extended to scrape down Christian's back in complete ecstasy.

He lay on top of me in silence as he licked the blood from his mark on me and I felt the wanton tingles leave my body, making me normal again. When he was finished he rolled over so that I was laying on top of him. He turned his head to the right, exposing his neck to me as my canines grew from my teeth. I licked my marking spot and sunk my teeth into his neck, causing a pleasurable growl to rumble in his throat. After I finished cleaning the mark I layed my head against his chest and soon fell asleep.


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