The Alpha Mate

Meet Liveena, a girl who was taken in at age 12 by the Silver Sky Pack who doesn't know her parents and had been on her own since she was 6. She spent 12 years building up walls to protect herself from anyone who could try to harm her in any way and there is only one thing in the world that could ruin that, her mate.

Christian, Alpha of the Rocky Mountain Pack, and not to be messed with, has a dark past of his own. Though he would love to find comfort and tranquility in his longed for mate, but she rejects him.

Both have dark pasts, how will they help each other overcome their demons ? Will they be able to ? What will come crawling back from their pasts to haunt them ?

Read and find out.

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4. TAM 4

It was dark when I awoke. I looked around and I was still in the clearing, only this time alone. To my left were the remains of my delectable rabbit, and to my right was the empty space of a sickly person with full body cancer. Where the hell did she go ? I bet she took my rabbit to. I rose from the space I lay and began walking back in which the way I came. I was walking for about half an hour when I finally arrived back at the rear of the house and I retrieved my clothes before putting them on. I looked up at the sky and guessed it was only around 7 and I still didn't want to go back to the god forsaken house I was standing next to. I rounded about the house and looked for the training area I saw through the window from Christian's office earlier. When I found it I was surprised to still see a small group of kids still training intensely, but with each other, Kaylub no where in sight. I walked over to the kids and was intrigued in which the way they moved. It was so swift and efficient, yet deadly. When I approached the kids they all stopped and turned to look at me. There were 4 of them, 3 guys and 1 girl. They all held the expressionless faces I expected to see and I ignored the bit of hostility I felt in the air from them. I knew they didn't take strangers well but they would just have to deal with me, seems I was going to be around longer than I intended. I looked day of them over, 2 of the boys were twins, tall dark and handsome with brown eyes, the other guy was tall handsome and brooding with dirty blonde hair and sky blue eyes, and the girl was silky bright blonde with a beautiful heart shaped face and emerald green eyes, the same as mine. A lot of werewolf's tended to look good so the faces did nothing for me, I mean none of then could look better than there Alpha either way but that didn't matter. These people were around 16-17, right there with me. Guess I was still a kid huh. I moved to a space of grass a considerable amount of distance away from them.

Liveena: I just want to watch, you guys can go ahead.

I waited for them to resume their practice but they just stared at me. They all stole glances at each other before turning around and walking off. Well that was rude, guess they really don't take to strangers well. Oh well. I still wanted to find Beta David and ask him to train me so I went off to do that. I didn't know where to start looking and it didn't look like anyone was going to be giving me information if I asked. It was like before I entered an area everything would be normal and hen as soon as I made myself known then everyone would just turn it into a brooding atmosphere and tried not to walk near me. This pack was really something else, is anyone ever happy ? I continued looking around every building and store without actually entering, not wanting to get lashed out on or attacked, and finally I found him. Beta David was walking out of, what looked like the pack infirmary, and seemed to have a little pep in his step. Actually he looked happy and maybe even a little smirk played across his features, that's until he saw me, that is. The stupid mute mask was back but again, I ignored it and continued to approach him, even if I was killing his good mood.

Liveena: Hello, Beta David.

David: Liveena.

Liveena: Can I ask a favor ?

David: No, why are you still here ?

Liveena: You'll find out soon enough, but please, this is something I need the Beta of Rocky Mountain Pack for.

I purposefully stroked his pride and received the response I was hoping for.

David: Depends on what it is.

Liveena: Could you train me ?

David: No.

Liveena: Please ?

David: No.

Liveena: Why ?

David: Because I don't have the time to train children, I spar with the adults on the self enhancement training grounds.

Liveena: Alright fine then I'll go there, what are the hours.

David: 10-12 everyday, but it doesn't matter cause it's for adults and you aren't that. Now if you'll excuse me.

Liveena: Oh come on, I'm 18. I am an adult.

David: The last 18 year old to say that transferred back to teen hours before the first hour was up.

Liveena: Do I look like that last teen ?

David: Nope, but you got the same attitude. The answer is no, deal with it.

Liveena: Fine, I'll find someone else to do it.

: I'll do it.

I turn to see a man just as tall and muscular, if not more so, than David with similar facial features, only that the man had curly brown hair whereas David had curly blonde hair. I knew they were brothers but I couldn't tell who was the oldest.

: Jack, it's nice to meet you.

The man smiled at me and extended his hand to shake mine. Damn he had a killer smile, they actually have normal people in this pack ? I was shocked to say the least. I noted that the smile didn't reach his eyes but it wasn't forced and for that I was grateful. I shook his hand and spoke.

Liveena: Nice meeting you Jack, I'm Liv.

Jack: Welp Liv, since my brother wants to be an utter ass to you, I'll train you.

Liveena: Hmm, are you sure ? I mean I'm looking for powerful and I don't think your as powerful as a Beta.

Jack: Trust me, your not ready for our Beta's power or skill level, nor our TIC (third in command). You can't even handle me.

Liveena: I accept your challenge, but may I ask, who trained you ?

Jack: My father, the last Beta before David here.

Liveena: Training from a Beta's son is better than nothing I guess. When do we start ?

Jack: Well since you think you can handle adult times then it's 10-12am everyday. Meet me behind the pack house at 9:30 sharp, don't be late.

Liveena: Cool, thanks.

And with that I was gone but not before I could here what David said to Jack.

David: What the hell are you thinking ? We don't know who the hell that is, just that she was trespassing and is from another pack half a days away. What did we say about strangers ?

Jack: I'm thinking that I've got this bro, I want to see what she's made of since she thinks she can handle our pack's Beta. And I know about what we said about strangers, I won't get to close. Okay ?

David: Fine, but Alpha Christian will hear of this.

Jack: Fine.

What the hell ? I can understand not wanting anything to do with strangers because you don't know them well but they were talking as if there was a protocol that they went through before they even conversed with me. This pack was weird as hell. I retraced my steps and found my way back to Christian's house. I didn't know whether I should knock or just come in so I settled for the second choice and was met by Christian, sitting on the couch, seemingly waiting for me.

Christian: Where were you ?

Liveena: Out.

Christian: Don't be funny Liveena, where did you go ?

Liveena: Hunting.

Christian: With no one to watch you ?

Liveena: I can protect myself.

Christian: Doesn't matter what you think you can do, don't go into the woods without someone with you.

Liveena: Yea, whatever. So how come your pack members doesn't know why I'm here ?

Christian: I haven't told them.

Liveena: Not even your own Beta ?

Christian: I've been busy and so has he.

Liveena: Oh really ? Cause I saw David today and he looked pretty damn happy to me.

Christian remained silent and pondered those words for a moment, almost like he didn't believe me.

Christian: Tomorrow.

Liveena: Huh ?

Christian: I will tell my Beta and TIC tomorrow.

Liveena: Oh, okay. At least they won't think I'm sticking around here of my own free will.

Christian: Watch it Liv-

Liveena: Mhm, so are you going to-

Christian: Don't cut me off.

I rolled my eyes and the obvious Alpha need to have respect and not be interrupted or talked over during a conversation. But if it's a regular wolf, then they can do that.

Liveena: I'm going to bed.

Christian: Alright.

I stood there staring expectantly at Christian, I hope he didn't think I knew where the room was. He suddenly stood, noting my intentions and led the way to the bedroom. It wasn't that difficult once someone showed you the way, I would just have to remember the way. I entered the room and undressed, not caring if Christian was standing there or not, though I did blush. Damn this blushing, a habit I've picked up in the presence of my mate only. I strode over to the bathroom and turned the shower knobs, putting the water on as hot as it would go. I climbed in and stood under the scalding water, letting it beat down on my back why'll I thought about today. At least I survived it, but where was that woman that had full body cancer ? She was no where in sight when I woke up and she stole my rabbit. My stomach growled at that remembrance and I made note to get something to eat when I got out of here. All of a sudden the water wasn't beating down on my back anymore and there was a huge towering shadow hovering over me, he wouldn't would he ? I turned around to see that Christian WOULD in fact, climb into the shower with me unwarranted. I looked up at him, shocked and speechless. He was standing there in all his glory and I couldn't help but let my eyes rome down his wide shoulders to his muscled chest then his tight abs and his large sized- . Where the hell were my thoughts going ? The wall remember Liv, the wall ! And I bet he found this all pretty amusing to. I made move to get out of the shower but was only pulled into a tight embrace. He was . . . hugging me ? This was different, and I didn't like it.

Liveena: W- what are you doing ?

Christian didn't say anything, just continued to hug me as if I would run away as soon as he released me.

I looked up at the hard planes of his handsome face, no laugh lines noticeable in his features. What was he thinking at the moment ? Was he just bored again and tired of his 'pack duties' or something ? I just couldn't read him. I tried remembering what Derek and I talked about earlier but it was much harder to do when the problem was standing right infront of you, hugging you butter ball naked after choking you just hours before. Though I would admit I was extremely out of line, degrading him and his pack. Actually now that I think about it, such disrespect towards an Alpha of such rank could have warranted my death then and there. Christian's deep, baritone voice startled me from my wayward thoughts.

Christian: Today wasn't suppose to get out of hand like that.

Liveena: Huh ?

Christian: Today, in my office.

Liveena: Oh, it's okay. It didn't hurt, much.

Christian pulled back and held me at arms length staring down at me intensely.

Christian: No it wasn't okay, it was never my intention to hurt you Liveena.

Liveena: And maybe I shouldn't have talked about your pack like that.

With that apology still lingering on my lips I turned my back to face him.

Liveena: But I do need to shower.

I heard Christian leave the shower but a minute later he stepped back in and I had no clue why. I guess he didn't understand the need to shower meant the need to shower in peace. There was movement behind me where he stood and I saw him reach for something to my right and, to my surprise, he began washing my back. The sparks from the earlier skin on skin hug he gave me came resurfacing with a purpose as the only thing that separated direct contact was the washcloth he held. He washed my shoulder blades, down my back to the curve of my ass, and around my hip across my appendix until he was slowly sliding up my stomach. He continued his hand on the journey along my stomach until he came to the space between my breasts and then all movement stopped and the wash cloth was removed. Dammit Liv, I could never seem to keep to my head. I always lost myself when he touched me- . Suddenly his hands were cupping both of my breasts and playing with my nipples. I noted his hands were bathed in soap and they glided across my chest, squeezing and pinching me. Without warning, one of Christian's hands were on my sex, teasing my folds with his middle and index finger while massaging my clit with his palm. I felt my knees about to buckle under me when Christian turned me around to face him and pick me up so that my legs were on either side of his waist and my back was against shower wall. He was pressed impossibly close against me and kissing my neck as a moan escaped my lips. I was completely drowning into Christian's touch and I couldn't help but to love it. I brought my hand up to curl into Christian's hair and push his lips closer against my throat, enjoying the feel of his lips against me. I felt Christian's canines scrape against the space at my neck in which he would leave his mark and reality came crashing down on me. I dropped my legs from around his waist and pushed at his chest.

Liveena: Christian stop.

Christian didn't seem to hear me and he continued to let his canines scrape against my neck while his hands still roamed my body. I knew then that his wolf had taken over and he could mark me at any moment. I started pushing harder against his chest with desperation.

Liveena: Christian stop ! Please !

He wasn't listening and I really needed him to. I couldn't stand to be emotionally tied to someone who didn't even care for me. I grew up that way and I didn't want to go into that type of situation again, no, not again, not for anyone. Not even someone I was suppose to love unconditionally just because the moon goddess said so, I wouldn't.

Liveena: Please Christian, please.

I was in tears now and only then did Christian snap back to himself, regaining control of his wolf. He pulled away from me and looked at me curiously and a bit disappointed. So it took a time like this to get him to show emotion.

Christian: Why are you crying, your my mate Liveena.

Liveena: Because I can't Christian, I can't mate, not with you.

Christian: And why not ? It's not as if you don't want me, I could smell your arousal.

Liveena: You don't truly care about me Christian, that's why. I'm just a little toy to you to play with when your bored, and I can't go through that again. I can't live the rest of my life with someone like that.

Christian: Is that really what you think ?

Christian asked me this question with his eyes betraying his shock and possible hurt at my accusation, but everything was soon covered by anger. His face wasn't even emotionless anymore, instead it showed his clear discontent with what I had said and I instantly wanted to take it back. Maybe I was wrong about him, maybe what Derek said was true.

Liveena: I- Christian, I-

Christian moved away from me and got out of the shower and left the bathroom. I finished showering and when I entered the bedroom I found that Christian was gone. I wanted to talk to him but I guess it would have to wait until morning, who knows where he went. I crawled in bed and took an hour to fall asleep, noticing that I had slept better with Christian at my side, even though it wasn't wanted at the time. After an hour I fell asleep and thought about what I would say to Christian the next morning.

. . .

My morning wasn't pleasant at all. I woke up to find Christian long gone on 'pack business' and a girl in my room staring at me and ready to wake me up at 8 in the morning for my stupid training that I so desperately wanted just yesterday and now, I was over it. Speaking of, I was on my way to training now. It was 9:25 when I left Christian's house and the creepy pack girl led me to the rear of the pack house which seemed to be a huge training area anyway. At least I could channel some of that pent of frustration I've been feeling lately and let it out here. I spotted Jack standing in the middle of a stretch of grass, away from the training equipment.

Jack: Hmm, your right on time huh.

Liveena: Yup, right on time.

Jack: Okay then let's get started.

Liveena: Alright, what are we doing ?

Jack: First rule, you don't speak unless asked a question by me only, understood ?

I nodded and let him continue, this was going to be difficult I could already tell.

Jack: Second, do not, under any circumstances, be distracted why'll training with me or you'll end up flat on your back with extra training time. And lastly . . .

He paused for dramatic effect and I rolled my eyes.

Jack: Don't go easy on me, I'm sure not.

When Jack finished speaking me lunged at me with such quickness that I didn't have time to dodge and punched me in the face, sending me sprawling backwards int the hard ground. Damn, he really wasn't going easy. Good.

Jack: Always be on alert, never let your guard down.

I stood and immediately assumed ready position, ready for him to come at me.

Jack: Good posture, but bend your knees a little more so that-

He came at me and sweeped his feet under my legs, making me fall backwards in surprise. Didn't see that coming.

Jack: That won't happen. Remember, you can't afford to be on your back in the middle of a fight, you give them the upper hand, even if it is momentarily.

I rose again and resumed ready position. The lessons went like this for another 30 minutes or so, me getting knocked on my ass and it was really frustrating.

Jack: You seem like your getting a little upset hmm ? Well if you think your bad enough, come at me.

Jack took a defensive position for the first time and waited for me to attack him. I came at him fast, but not fast enough. I was easily sidestepped and went flying to the ground. Shit, I'm letting my anger get the best of me and I'm not thinking clearly. It's evident he's stronger than me and more skilled. I attacked with strategy this time and faked a left punch then threw a right one with perfect time and he still side stepped me then counterattack with a punch, grabbed my arm and twisted till his knee was in my gut and I doubled over in pain. this shit was ridiculous. I couldn't win OR get the upper hand for anything ! But soon. I would catch on, then he would have a fair challenge. Till then, I just have to take it.

Jack: Trainings over. You did good.

Liveena: What ? I did terrible, I couldn't even hit you.

Jack: Yes, to think you would even want the Beta to train you is ludicrous after the lack of skill you displayed today.

Liveena: Thanks, thanks so much.

Jack: But, you listen well, you hold good posture, and you learn quick. Quicker than most anyway.

Liveena: Yes well, soon I'll be kicking your ass and then you'll have to force the Beta to train me, since you'd be to weak to stand a chance against me.

Jack: Haha, very funny. Note the sarcasm. First you have to touch me to beat me, and you can't even do that.

Liveena: Bu-

I had my back faced towards Jack and I felt the hairs on the back of y neck stand up. I knew he was moving to attack me and that I needed to think fast. I completely stilled my body and let my instincts take over. I moved my arm back, as if I would elbow him in the side of the head and then turned to swipe my leg under his feet as he quickly approached me and I heard a loud thud before I turned around and found him on the ground before he regained his footing.

Liveena: You were right, I do learn pretty quick.

I gave him a dazzling smile, the first one since I've been here and the shock on his face was evident as he stared at me.

Jack: Well I'll be damned.

And with that I walked away back to Christian's house to shower, feeling good about myself.

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