The Alpha Mate

Meet Liveena, a girl who was taken in at age 12 by the Silver Sky Pack who doesn't know her parents and had been on her own since she was 6. She spent 12 years building up walls to protect herself from anyone who could try to harm her in any way and there is only one thing in the world that could ruin that, her mate.

Christian, Alpha of the Rocky Mountain Pack, and not to be messed with, has a dark past of his own. Though he would love to find comfort and tranquility in his longed for mate, but she rejects him.

Both have dark pasts, how will they help each other overcome their demons ? Will they be able to ? What will come crawling back from their pasts to haunt them ?

Read and find out.

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3. TAM 3

The strong smell of fruit, and outdoors, with a hint of lavender awoke me from my sleep. I felt so comfortable, but I knew I had to get up for some reason. My body was aching and I wondered briefly why. I slowly cracked my eyes open and stretched my limbs with a big yawn while rolling over in the process. My face was in my pillows and I inhaled again. There was that enticing smell again, and it reeked of dominance and man. Hold on a minute . . . sweet smell . . . man. . . My eyes popped open and I turned back over onto my back and realization struck me. I was in his room. How could I have possibly forgotten, he must have carried me after what happened at the lake. I felt a blush creep up onto my face. Thinking about what he did to me, how he used my body against me, made me sick to my stomach. He truly was ruthless, no matter what it was, even towards his own mate. I began looking around and noticed I was alone, so I got up and started searching around the room. At the foot of the bed I saw a silk bath robe and guessed it was for me. I tried the first door all the way to the left of the room and came upon a walk in closet, it was freaking huge. Bigger than my room alone. I stepped out and tried the door all the way to the right of the room and found the bathroom. Every normal sized things you think you can find in a tub, triple that, and you have this bathroom. It was way to big for me, but then, it wasn't mine now was it ? Thinking of something belonging to me I instinctively reached up to touch my neck, where my mark would have been if he marked me, which he didn't and I was thankful for. I climbed into the spacious porcelain tub and cleaned myself after a nice long bath. When I was finished I dried myself with the only towel I saw, laying across the sink, and slipped on the silk robe. Damn him for not getting me clothes. I walked outside of the bathroom and the faint scent of my mate hit me. I looked around, expecting to see him somewhere in the big room, but only saw a plate of food laying on a coffee table accompanied by a one-man couch and a love sofa. I made my way to the table and ate like a hungry man. I knew I shouldn't consume the food that quickly but I was starving, after 3 maybe 4 now, days without eating, and then all that damned running I did, I was exhausted and felt lazy. Just then Christian walked through the bedroom door and my heart skipped a beat. He was naked from the waist up, giving me a perfect view of his abs and rippling arm muscles as he strode through the room without a care in the world. He began to undress and I should have looked away, I really should've, but I just couldn't. His body was to mesmerizing, to inviting. First his shoes and socks, then his pants and boxers and I could have died a happy woman right then and there. His size still startled me but the way his thigh muscles flexed as he walked towards me sent pleasure spiking through my body and to my lower belly. He paused briefly next to me, bent down and kissed my forehead then walked into the bathroom. What did he think this was ? Did he think I was okay about being duped into accepting him ? And he didn't even say anything, just walked in, kissed me, and walked to the bathroom. Well if he wanted to play the silent treatment I would to. I finished my food and layed down, turning the lamp off in the process and moving to one side of the bed. I knew he would sleep here with me, and I wanted to make it clear that I didn't accept this situation, even if my body did. 30 minutes later I heard the shower turn off and cursed myself for not being asleep yet. I heard the bathroom door open and I faked my sleeping image, not wanting to talk or lay eyes upon him. I heard momentary shuffling and then the opposite side of the overly large bed dip and Christian climbed in with me. With my mate so close to me now, it calmed my nerves and my eyelids started to droop heavily. Suddenly I felt big arms wrap me in their grasp and pull me back into a rock hard chest. Tingles went through my body and I forgot my feigned sleep, I needed to get away. I struggled to move away but his arms only pulled me closer. I felt his member again my ass now and I panicked.

Liveena: Get off of me.

Christian: I see your not sleep.

Liveena: No, now get off !

Christian: No, now go to sleep.

Liveena: I can't sleep when I'm uncomfortable.

Christian tensed behind me and loosened his hold around me, but didn't let me go. I felt his warm breath tickle the back of my neck as he whispered in my ear.

Christian: Why do you fight me ?

And before I could respond he was kissing and sucking my neck, purposely showing attention to the spot where I would be marked. I moaned and pressed my back into him. He started placing open-mouthed kisses from my collar bone to my jaw and I couldn't help but to place my hand on the back of his head, urging him on. He took this as a sign to open my bath robe and fondle my left breast, toying with my hardened nipple and rolling it between his fingers. Damn this felt so good, and I never wanted it to stop. Christian raised his head from my neck and whispered in my ear again.

Christian: On your back.

I quickly complied, rolling on my back, causing my, now opened, bath robe to completely slide off my body, revealing myself to him. He climbed atop of me and began kissing my neck again, then my collar bone, then just above my breasts before he took one of my nipples into his mouth and began sucking it. I cried out and arched my body towards his mouth, if only he knew how good his lips felt on my skin. My heart was thumping out of my chest and I could feel his tongue on me, encouraging my arousing body. His lips released my nipple and moved lower, across my stomach, going south until . . . he STOPED !? I whimpered in protest but he ignored me and resumed his position at my side, turning me back on mine so that he could hold me to him again. No, I didn't want to sleep now, I was wide awake. I turned in his arms to face him and looked up at him. He was staring at me, his expression still mute as to what he was thinking. I knew he desired me, that he wanted me, but he didn't show it on his face or in his eyes, only in his actions, and I didn't like that. But I didn't really care at the moment. He needed to finish what he started. I knew he was probably wondering what I was doing but right now I wanted him, bad. I brought my hand to the back of his neck and pushed his head to mine as I smashed my lips against his. He seemed surprised and didn't respond but a beat later he was responding and we were both fighting for dominance. He let me win, to see where I was going with this and I sunk my nails into his side, forcing him to open his mouth slightly in surprise and then forced my tongue in. Mmm, he tasted so good, I could kiss him all day. I lowered my head to kiss his neck and run my teeth just along the spot where my mark would be. This turned him on, I could feel it, and he hadn't pushed me away yet so I took it as a invitation. I pushed at his chest, forcing him onto his back as I steadily made my way to climb atop of him. I noticed that his body tensed but I still continued, running my tongue along his jawline and nipping at his ear. Suddenly I was on my back again and he was off of the bed across the room. He growled at me but I knew it wasn't one of anger, it was of frustration.

Christian: No.

Liveena: What ? Why ?

Christian: Your not ready.

Liveena: I'm no- , of COURSE I'm ready. Did you not feel my readiness ? I need you Christian !

Christian: I felt it, now go to sleep.

I couldn't believe he was doing this to me. First he forces me to accept him as my mate then, when he gets what he wants, toys around with me, leaving me on edge and wanting. I turned over and scooted to the far edge of the bed to the point that I would fall if I wasn't careful. Right then I made a decision. I would do everything in my power to keep my mental walls up around this man. They so easily crumbled in his presence and the ironic part is, I don't even think he truly wants me. He probably just brought me to his home as his property, not his mate, to bear his children, and screw around with me whenever he was bored. I can't believe he said that I wasn't ready. He treated me as if I was some ignorant child who didn't know left from right, as if I didn't know what I was asking for. Mates were suppose to desire each other in every way, yet he didn't even look as if he gave a damn that I just tried to have him inside of me. Aside from the lightning quick Alpha speed he used to remove himself from the bed, he still maintained a cold and expressionless facade. Even though I didn't want this, I accepted him, and it hurt knowing your mate just plain old pretended not to care about you, or they just didn't at all. I glanced over to Christian to see him sliding on some pants over his boxers and tugging on a shirt. He saw me looking and turned his back on me then walked out the bedroom. I heard another door shut in the distance and knew that he had left the house. He was probably off to go find some pack whore to 'fulfill his needs'. It made me sick to stomach and the urge to cry swiped over me but I wouldn't let myself cry, not over him.

. . .

The sun shined in through the curtain, momentarily blinding me as I tried to open my eyes. Yesterday's events made me realize that around Christian, my walls crumbled to nothing, and I didn't like that. I had to stay exceptionally aloof when I was near him or else I would lose myself like yesterday. After showering I walked out into the bedroom to see a pile of cloths sitting on the bed, neatly folded for me. I put the clothes on and found that they fit perfectly, they probably belonged to another one of the pack girls. I stepped outside of the bedroom door, surprised it wasn't locked. At least I knew I wasn't a prisoner. I wanted to talk to Christian about me leaving but this house was impossible. I lifted my nose to the air and inhaled. There it was, the sweet smell of one's mate. I followed the scent and arrived at two large double doors. It had to be his office, where he did 'pack business' but I didn't care. I banged on the doors and waited for a response, not caring if I was interrupting a meeting of some sort. You could imagine my surprise when a girl unlocked and opened the door to stand infront of me. I stared at her wondering what she could be doing in my mates office but soon guessed that I didn't really want to know. Christian appeared at the door behind the woman and looked me over once before looking down at her and, in turn, she looked up at him and they stood staring at each other for a while, conversing through the mind link. I felt extremely disrespected but I'd hold my tongue, I definitely wasn't Luna of this pack so there was truly no disrespect to feel. In union they both looked back at me and the girl left out of the office. Christian moved to the side, inviting me in, and I walked in. After Christian closed the door he sat at his desk and began scanning the paperwork on his desk. So rude.

Liveena: Ehem, excuse me.

Christian sighed and looked up at me expectantly.

Liveena: No greetings or anything ?

Christian: Hi.

Liveena: Really ?

Christian: What is it that you want Liveena ?

If I could guess his mood I would say he was bored with the conversation and maybe even a bit irritated, too bad the man's a freaking expressionless toad !

Liveena: I want to know when I'm going home ?

Christian: You are home.

Liveena: I mean my home, not yours.

Christian: There is no separate living arrangements Liveena, this is now your home to. As for your old pack, your never going back there to live.

Liveena: What !? You can't just force me to-

Christian: Never, does that make it more clear ?

Liveena: Well your stupid if you thought I was staying here.

Christian's eyes darkened and he slowly stood from his desk.

Christian: Watch you tongue child, and respect your Alpha.

Liveena: Child !? And exactly how old are you ?

Christian: 26

Liveena: Oh, so you have 8 years on me and think your the shit ? What ever, look. I don't want to be here , and I especially don't want to be apart of your savage pack. So if you would please be so kind as to-

A deathly growl came from Christian's mouth and in the blink of an eye I was pressed against the window with his hand tightly around my throat, stopping my breathing. I tried struggling against it but it was useless. His eyes were pitch black and his grip was tightening by the seconds that passed by.

Christian: Don't ever disrespect me OR my pack again and expect to live.

Christian released me and walked back over to his chair to sit, resuming his examining of the paperwork. I turned slightly to see that there had been a group of teens crowding around to watch the little scene and Kaylub was trying to get their attention back to the training. I ran from Christian's office and wandered the halls aimlessly. I needed to talk to Derek and find a way to leave this place without being hunted down, so I mind linked him

Liveena: Derek, you there ?

Derek: Yea, hey Liv. What's up ?

Liveena: What's up !? What do you mean "What's up" !? Why the hell did you leave me here ?

Derek: Liv, he's your mate. I can't go against that.

Liveena: But I don't WANT to be here Derek, he forced me to accept him as my mate and then, afterwards, pays me no more attention, except when he's bored.

Derek: Liv listen, I know this is new for you and you don't know how mates work but-

Liveena: I know enough to know I shouldn't be treated like this, nor should I have been forced to accept him !

Derek: He's the most powerful Alpha in LA, did you think he would just accept rejection and be done with it ? You probably hurt him Liv.

Liveena: HA ! Very funny, this is a man who has no emotions, nothing can hurt him. He always has an expressionless face and his eyes are cold and dull. I don't even know why he won't let me leave, he doesn't want me.

Derek: Remind you of anyone we know ? Cutting themselves off emotionally from any and every one, always distant and seemingly uncaring.

I sighed, knowing that he was talking about me during my first 4 years at the Silver Sky Pack, but that was different.

Liveena: It's not the same Derek, and you know it.

Derek: Maybe not the same story, but still the same situation.

Liveena: You may be right but that doesn't explain the rest of the pack. Every time any one of them looks at me it's like their a mute. That's just to coincidental and creepy.

Derek: Well you ever heard the saying, "Hidden emotions protect wounded souls" ?

Liveena: No.

Derek: Well anyway, maybe it's a pack thing. To protect themselves against strangers and, or, other things they may have went through together. Ever thought about it like that ?

Actually, I haven't. Was there some big unknown tragedy in the pack that made everyone decide to develop the art of hiding their emotions to come across as heartless ? If so, I could definitely relate.

Liveena: No, I guess I haven't. So basically your telling me that there's nothing you can do to possibly save me and that I shouldn't run away and mysteriously find my way back to the pack.

Derek: No Liv, you can't do that. He's an Alpha, you yourself know they're overly protective and 10x more possessive than an average wolf. If he suspects that anyone tried to steal you from him or aid your running away from him, even your own pack, he wouldn't hesitate to kill.

Liveena: I understand, I won't put the pack in any unnecessary danger. I'll stay.

Derek: Good, now listen. Though he may seem like he doesn't care, I'm almost positive he does. He's your mate, and you are his, nothing can break that bond nor the feelings that comes with it enlese one dies or someone rejects the other. You rejected him Liv, that could possibly be the worst thing next to death. I have to go but remember what we've discussed.

Liveena: Okay.

And I really would remember it, later. Right now I wanted to do some hunting and afterwards I would search out someone that I could spar with. I needed to burn off some steam and I knew just the person to have train with me, Beta David. He has a great amount of strength and I could finally get a chance to enhance my fighting ability. Even though I was stronger than the people at my pack and was forced to go through intense training, I wasn't getting the right push that I needed. I somehow found my way out the the maze Christian called a house and ran straight into the woods around the back of the house. I left my cloths close to the house by the tree I shifted behind. I shot off into the forest and looked for an effective hunting spot. 15 minutes later I was crouching in on an unsuspecting rabbit. It was hopping around and then momentarily stopped, I chose then to pounce onto the animal and sink my teeth into its neck. Nice kill. It was a nice plump rabbit too. Don't have many of these around my pack's territory. I was dragging the rabbit towards a nearby tree that I planned on sitting under to enjoy my meal when I heard a whimpering noise in the distance. I paused and listened, using my enhanced hearing to listen to the forest sounds. Nothing. It was probably just in my head. I dipped my head and was about to take a nice bit of my rabbit when I heard the sound again. This time it was louder and I knew it was a wolf somewhere nearby. I wanted to ignore it but I just couldn't, just great. I picked up my rabbit and trotted through the trees for a while before catching on to an unfamiliar scent. I didn't hear the whispering anymore, were they dead ? Guess I wouldn't know until I found them. I sniffed around for a few minutes more before arriving at a clearing and seeing a woman laying in the grass. I walked over to her and didn't like what I saw. She was deathly pale and damn near dead. No, I was exaggerating, she wasn't near dead but she looked it. Her breathing was ragged and she looked as if she was in serious pain. Sweat beaded her body even though it was windy outside and her hair was matted to her face. I shifted back into my human form and approached the girl again. She looked up at me confused and dazed.

Liveena: What's your name ?

She struggled to answer but soon replied.

: Kaitlyn

Liveena: Okay Kaitlyn, what's wrong with you ?

Kaitlyn: I have full body cancer, as a wolf I don't know how but I do. It's acting up again.

Woah, full body cancer as a werewolf ? That was rare since wolfs had greatly enhanced healing abilities to where it was near impossible for us to catch colds, deseases, or develop a condition. She looked to be in so much pain and I wanted to help her, but at what cost ? I could try to heal her but I doubt it would work to cure her, yet who knows if I would pass out or not. Still, it didn't hurt to try right ? I placed my hands on Kaitlyn's chest (above the breasts) and stomach and closed my eyes to focus my energy on the healing process I was about to do.

Kaitlyn: W- What are you doing ?

Liveena: Trying something, just stay still and relax. Okay ?

Kaitlyn: Alri- right.

I refocused on what I was doing and felt the energy leaving my body quicker than it normally did. Then again I never tried to cure cancer. Slowly I started to slip away and I knew I was going to pass out. I didn't want to quit on Kaitlyn just yet so I tried to force myself to stay upright a little longer before darkness consumed me and I fainted.


Okay, so I'm pretty sure SOME of you watch Teen Wolf and let me just say . . . RIP ALLISON ARGENT !!! -cries- And when Scott was holding her and she said the stuff about dying in her first love's arms and how she will always love him ! #FanGIRLING ! My heart hurts !

- In Memory of Allison Argent of the series Teen Wolf, she was a bad ass Hunter and she kicked ass with that crossbow.

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