The Alpha Mate

Meet Liveena, a girl who was taken in at age 12 by the Silver Sky Pack who doesn't know her parents and had been on her own since she was 6. She spent 12 years building up walls to protect herself from anyone who could try to harm her in any way and there is only one thing in the world that could ruin that, her mate.

Christian, Alpha of the Rocky Mountain Pack, and not to be messed with, has a dark past of his own. Though he would love to find comfort and tranquility in his longed for mate, but she rejects him.

Both have dark pasts, how will they help each other overcome their demons ? Will they be able to ? What will come crawling back from their pasts to haunt them ?

Read and find out.

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2. TAM 2

I woke up disoriented and confused. I tried to sit up and fell instantly back down. My head felt like someone had just hit it with a fucking hammer, then it all hit me. I was running, I got attacked, the- oh shit. I was trespassing !? What the hell is wrong with me !? Derek always told me that I didn't know the area well and that I should go with him to other packs for peace treaties and compromises and such but I always turned him down saying I wasn't interested in other packs and their territory. Now I regretted it. I was trespassing on- wait, did that guy say Rocky Mountain Pack territory ? Double shit ! I'm so stupid, I should have gone with Derek on all those outings and then I wouldn't be here right now, awaiting my death penalty. Rocky Mountain Pack territory is just an area you DON'T trespass on, no matter what the reason is. They are the most feared and largest pack in Los Angeles, nothing to be played with. And look at me, prancing around in their territory like everything was just fine and dandy. Shit, shit, shit. I immediately opened my mind link with Derek and called to him frantically.

Liveena: Derek ! Derek you there !?

Derek: Liv ? Where the hell did you go !? I told you to apologize an-

Liveena: I don't have time for that right now Derek. I'm being held in a cell, I'm going to die.

Derek: Wha-

Liveena: I accidentally trespassed on another pack's territory.

Derek: Which pack ? We'll come and get you right away.

Liveena: Rocky Mountain Pack.

Derek: WHAT !?

Liveena: I know, I didn't know that I was trespassing but then I was attacked and it all happened so quick. They're going to kill me aren't they ?

Derek: Not if we can help it. Just stay calm, okay ?

Liveena: I am calm, I just need to know. So will they ?

Derek: They might, if they believe you rogue then they just might. Tell them what pack your from and it might buy us some time to get to you. Dammit Liv, next time I tell you to do something, DO IT !

And the link was cut. Surprisingly I was calm for my situation, except for my ribs and head hurting like hell, I was okay. Usually I would have begun healing by now but I wasn't, which probably meant that the Beta was the one who attacked me, and I would probably take another day or so to completely recover from my injuries. In the distance I heard rattling and then a door scrape the ground as it opened. Footsteps approached the cell I was being held in and the Beta from earlier stood there looking at me with the same solitary expression he held before. He opened the cell door and stepped inside, obviously not finding me a threat because he left the door wide open and leaned against the side of it, almost daring me to try and escape, which, of course, I couldn't.

Beta: What were you trespassing ?

Liveena: I didn't know I was.

Beta: How didn't you know ?

Liveena: Didn't take the time to learn the different pack territories.

Beta: Why were you running in the woods ?

Liveena: Thinking.

Beta: Are there more of you ?

Liveena: Yes.

Beta: Where ?

Liveena: In our territory.

Beta: Where is that ?

Liveena: Silver Sky Pack.

This seemed to surprise himbecause he got quiet, creating a gap between the questions he was throwing at me. His facial expression never changed though, as expected. His eyes glazed over and he mind linked someone the new information he had gained from me. A couple of minutes later his eyes refocused and he resumed his interrogation with no less hostility than when he thought I was Rogue.

Beta: You do realize trespassing is punishable by death, right ?

Liveena: Yes.

Beta: Are you prepared to die ?

This question seemed more personal than the others but none the less, a question.

Livyna: If I had to, yes.

For the first time his eyes displayed his shock that his face wouldn't. Glad to know he thought my honesty was shocking, but true.

Beta: What's your name ?

Liveena: What's yours ?

He pondered on whether to answer my question or not, but decided to comply.

Beta: David.

Liveena: Beta right ?

David: Yes.

Liveena: Liv, and your Alpha ?

David: Alpha Christian, what about him ?

Liveena: Where is he in all of this.

I motioned with my eyes, looking around the room then back at David.

David: Your a trivial matter, I am who you answer to.

Liveena: Figures.

David: Pardon ?

Liveena: Your Alphas to busy doing something else that he lays his work on you. Figures.

David growled at me but I simply ignored it.

David: You sure have a mouth for someone who's looking at death for trespassing.

Livyna: Death doesn't scare me. I've seen it, lived it, escaped it. Got something better ?

David seemed to be speechless, but on the outside it looked like intense scrutiny. The door scraped loudly and in ran Kaylub.

Kaylub: Emergency.

David: Why didn't you mind link me ?

Kaylub: Because I'm replacing you in the interrogation.

David: It's finished, what happened ?

The two men stared at each other intensely before a nasty growl escaped David's throat and he shot out of the cell and through the door. Probably something serious. Kaylub looked me over in disgust before locking the cell and leaving out the same way David went. Now that they were gone I had some time to work my magic. It may seem weird and I thought so too at first, until it saved one of my good old friend's lives. Now I was thankful for it, but showed it to no one. Derek knew of it but never saw it in effect. I had healing capabilities, not like werewolf ones but like shifters, a special power. I could heal faster than normal wolf anyway, for some reason, and I was stronger than most at my age, then came this shifter magic. My family must have been really screwed to leave me with all this jumbled up shit. I placed my hands on my ribs and shut my eyes, focusing solely on my injured abdomen. Minutes later I started to feel my ribs snap back into place slowly, the pain was tolerable, but not something I enjoyed. When my ribs were completely in place, I placed my hands behind my head and layed on them. My ribs were back in place but they needed the time it would take a normal wolf,for me anyway, to recover so that they wouldn't break again with ease. Healing the ache in my head, however, would be an ordeal. When doing so, it's guaranteed that I will fall asleep to let the healing powers do their magic, but for how long is what I don't know. It depends on the extent of the injury and since I don't know mine, I could be asleep for who knows how long. But with formalities in the way, Alpha Brett and Derek wouldn't be here for another day or so, and who's to say the Alpha will let me live ? With that thought, I closed my eyes and began focusing on the dull ache in my head, slowly I drifted off into a deep sleep.

. . .

I awoke with a start. I was completely healed and my head was fine. Guess my magic was getting stronger or something cause I've never healed that fast. I inwardly fist pumped and looked up to see Kaylub standing guard at my cell, looking at me with the same impassive expression. Careful not to give anything away. I glanced down for the first time and notice that I was still completely naked, and that I still had my hands behind my head in the relaxed position I fell asleep in. No wonder Kaylub looked at me with disgust yesterday, the feelings mutual though. I don't like him or his presence. I scanned the room with my eyes and noticed a pile of clothes laying on the floor next to the cell door. I try unfolding my arms and wince in pain from my muscles having locked up on me and straining against the pull I was trying to do to make them go straight. After a minute of working my joints, I walked over to the cloths, picked them up and stood. I wasn't embarrassed that my body had been on display, not for 1, but now 2, no actually 4 (including the un-shifted wolfs from yesterday) male members of this pack. It was natural to be naked infront of your own pack anyway, so guys staring at my body held no real effect on me, and considering these were mated men, their eyes went no lower than my face. I dressed in the black and white converse, baggy sweats, and a huge pullover within a time record. Them giving me clothes must mean that I was allowed to go somewhere, or to be transported, but either way I was getting some air.

Kaylub: Your people are here. Follow me.

Kaylub had spoken so suddenly and quickly I almost didn't catch what he had said, but I did, and as soon as the cell door was open I was following in Kaylub's footsteps, hot on his heels. Too bad I didn't have a band to tie my waist length, jet black hair into a ponytail or something. Hopefully it wasn't windy. When Kaylub opened the door that took us out of the "pit" as David called it, I knew I wasn't getting my wish. It was a windy day and it looked like it was going to storm, badly. The wind was whistling through the trees and smacking me in the face, causing my hair to fly all different directions as I hastily followed Kaylub. When he stopped short, I bumped into his back and he growled slightly at me before stepping aside and allowing me to see Alpha Brett, Derek, and 3 other guys from the pack, Andrew, Marcus, and Dustin. Derek approached me and swiftly dragged me into a bear hug, choking the life out of me.

Liveena: I can't breath.

Derek: You wouldn't be breathing, had we not come for you.

Liveena: Don't exaggerate.

: He isn't, had they not of come, you would be dead.

Liveena: Who are you ?

: Third in Command, Mac.

Liveena: Well, Mac, where's David ? He said I had him to answer to, not you.

Mac: That's none of your concern, you answer to me now, and I'd advise you to watch your mouth or I will kill you here on the spot.

I scoffed at him.

Liveena: You can tr-

Derek: Liv ! Your 2 days pass 18 and you can't even act your age. Do you know how wor-

Here we go with the lecture again, he really was like an older brother or something, and he never shut up. Wait he said 2 days pass 18, that must mean . . . what the hell, I was out for 3 days ? And here I thought my abilities had. . . im. . . proved. . . What was that smell ? It smelt so sweet, like kiwi and banana, with a hint of leaf and forest. It smelt so good in an odd way, I just couldn't focus on Derek or my thoughts. My head was lost in that smell, and the wind was blowing it right up my nostrils. I lifted my head to the air to inhale it deeper and reveled in the completion it gave me. I never smelled something so tantalizingly wonderful, I could never get tired of this smell. Wait a minute, this smell ? Oh no, my mate ! But I thought for sure I left him in another STATE somewhere, what the hell is he doing here ? I traveled a long way to make sure I WOULDN'T find my mate and now I'm right in his territory. I needed to leave, and quick.

Liveena: Okay, Okay, I get it. Let's go.

Derek: Don't brush me off.

Liveena: I'm not, I swear. I just want to go home. Please Derek.

Derek complied and everyone crossed the small gap from where we were to the woods to shift. After everyone was shifted I was forced to wait while Alpha Brett and Derek had a discussion. Just then the scent hit me, as if it were right under my nose. I turned to look back, pass Alpha Brett and Derek to see a rather large, no, huge man standing there. At least 6'4 with chocolate brown hair, deep ocean blue eyes, a perfectly featured face that held a slight frown, and bulging muscles that flexed when he turned in every direction to sniff the air. I couldn't break my gaze away, and no sooner his gaze was on me. His blue orbs to my bright emerald green ones. It seemed as if it were only the two of us standing there in that moment and time. His edam's apple dipped, letting out a frightening growl. I knew he was Alpha Christian immediately. He radiated raw power like no other, not even Alpha Brett, or any of the other close-nit neighboring Alphas that came to the pack everyone once in a while. His muscles began flexing once more, then I realized he was walking, towards me ! I wanted to turn and run, but I couldn't. Another growl escaped his lips, those beautiful, oh so kissable lips, only this time a word came with it.

Christian: Mate.

And I was off, swooshing and zooming past the trees and the small animals that were lazily hanging around. No way in hell was HE my mate. The most ruthless, no non-sense, and powerful Alpha. There was just no fucking way, and even if it was true, I wasn't going to stick around to find out. My heart rate was off the charts and a sharp pain shot through my chest when I ran, but I didn't care. I knew it was my wolf's feelings counteracting with mine. Even though she couldn't talk, or didn't choose to, I wouldn't know she's always been this way, I could still feel her suddenly vibrant presence and know that she was hurting from running away from our mate but I didn't want him. I ran and ran and ran until I ended up back at the waterfall and I drunk, feeding my exhaustion. If anyone had been following me, they weren't now. The water threw off my scent and made it nearly impossible for anyone to find me, for which I was thankful for.

20 minutes had passed and I had shifted back into my human form. I looked up at the gray sky and concluded it was going to storm something terrible in the next half an hour or so. A huge gust of wind flew in and I found myself holding onto a rock for support, so as to not fall in the water from the sudden wind changes.

Christian: There you are.

Christian growled at me, emerging from the trees to my left. I eyed him warily, knowing from his stance that he was pissed, and with all that anger directed at me, I don't know what he'd do. He padded over towards me and I couldn't stop myself from letting my eyes settle first on his lips, then his perfectly trimmed and ripped torso to his-, holy shit, he was freaking huge. I've never seen anything like that be that big. It couldn't fit anywhere ! Certainly not between a women's legs. Not paying attention, he was directly infront of me, showing me all he had to offer up close and personal, and I can't say I didn't like. I looked to his sides to see rock's for fists, clenched at his sides. And when I looked up he still looked pissed, though I could tell he was pleased that I liked what I saw. He kneeled down infront of me yet still towering over me and reached for me. I flinched away, not knowing what he would do, if he would hit me or-. Shock and pleasure radiated through my body and Christian's lips found mine in a bruising, punishing kiss. He didn't like that I ran from him, I knew that, but he had to know I didn't want him. His hand crept up to slowly roll my hardening nipple between his fingers, he palmed them gently, testing their weight, while he changed the kiss into a deep, intimate one. His tongue licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance, which I denied. This made him ravel his hand in my hair and tug it back roughly, which made me gasp and he stuck his tongue in my mouth, tasting me. I couldn't help the moan that slipped from me at his dominating demeanor. He chose then to pull away and stare down at me, his face expressionless, just like his pack members.

Christian: Why did you run from me ?

I took a second to think of why. Why did I run from him ? Oh yes, because I didn't want him, and he needed to know that. Even if I couldn't resist his touch, he needed to know I couldn't be with him.

Liveena: B- Because I don't want you.

His expression didn't change, nor did his eyes, had I not known that mates feel hurt whether they want to or not from being rejected, I wouldn't have been able to tell that even cared about what I just said to him.

Christian: You didn't look like you didn't want me a second ago.

My cheeks flamed at the thought of him fondling my breast and making me moan in pleasure just moments before, something I've never done. And then I just realized I was embarrassed, something I haven't been in a long, long time. This man could unravel my walls, and that's what I didn't want to happen. I took to long building my walls just to have them broken down by a mate. I tried to get out of Christian's grasp but his hold was steady, he wasn't even trying to hold me down and he was.

Liveena: Of course I can't resist you physically, your my mate. But I don't want you Christian, I don't want you invading my li-

And his lips were back on mine. Instead of staying at my breast, his hand traveled lower until they grazed over my curls and found my clit. His kisses moved to my neck, licking and sucking where his mark should be. He rubbed my clit in slow circular motions making me grab his shoulder and arch my back. It felt so damn good, I couldn't help but moan, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop myself. He was no longer kissing me and was just staring down at me, why'll rubbing me. Slowly he stuck his fingers inside of me and I gasp and the agonizing and deliberate slowness his was taking to let his fingers have me. I closed my eyes and pushed my body against his fingers, trying to make them go deeper, which they did. Mmm, they were so long and thick, just like his-, oh god. He was moving his fingers inside of me now, slow, then fast, then slow again, and just a little faster. Ugh, he was torturing me on purpose.

Liveena: Christian, please.

Christian: Please what ?

Liveena: Stop tormenting me.

I cracked my eyes open to see him and he slightly chuckled, it didn't reach his eyes though.

Christian: But you don't want me right ?

Liveena: Yes.

Christian: Yes you do or yes you don't ?

Liveena: I do- ahhh !

Christian had started moving his fingers faster and deeper inside of me, and just as I was about to cum he stopped completely. I whimpered but he ignored it. I felt my orgasm climbing back down to zero before he started again, this time deep and slow.

Christian: Well ?

Liveena: I do- mm, I- ugh. I do, I do, Christian please stop.

He started his fingers going at a normal pace and slightly gained speed.

Christian: So you want me ?

Liveena: Yes.

Christian: Yes what ?

Liveena: Mmm, yes Christian.

Christian: Not good enough.

His fingers started going faster and faster and I felt my orgasm building rapidly, and just when I was about to burst I answered him.

Liveena: Yes, my mate.

Then once again, I blacked out. Only this time, from pleasure.

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