The Alpha Mate

Meet Liveena, a girl who was taken in at age 12 by the Silver Sky Pack who doesn't know her parents and had been on her own since she was 6. She spent 12 years building up walls to protect herself from anyone who could try to harm her in any way and there is only one thing in the world that could ruin that, her mate.

Christian, Alpha of the Rocky Mountain Pack, and not to be messed with, has a dark past of his own. Though he would love to find comfort and tranquility in his longed for mate, but she rejects him.

Both have dark pasts, how will they help each other overcome their demons ? Will they be able to ? What will come crawling back from their pasts to haunt them ?

Read and find out.

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12. TAM 11


The link was dropped and Christian wasn't there anymore. I tried calling out to him but he put a wall up and blocked me out. I heard a thump come from upstairs and some crashing.

What the hell is going on ?


I began to mak my way towards the steps when Kaitlyn suddenly appeared at the top.

Kaitlyn: Luna NO ! Stay downstairs ! Open the door for no one !

She ran back to where she had came from and I felt as if walls were closing in on me. I didn't know what was going on but there was definately something going on upstairs and I couldn't bear the fact that one of my pack got hurt just protecting me. It may be my job to stay safe for my people but it was also my job to protect.

As I was about to run up the steps I heard a knock at the door that more resembled someone pounding on it in haste. Kaitlyn's warning to open the door for no one resounded in my head as I made my way to the door to lock and bolt it. Suddenly I was thrown across the room into a wall with the door landing on me roughly and dazing my vision.

: Where the hell is she ?

: I don't know but find her !

I heard walking and could only guess that the door was covering my frame since the men talking couldn't see me.

: Wait, I smell her. She's here.

My breathing stopped and my body tensed. I tried calling out to Christian and even Beta David but it was useless, they were blocking me out.

: Of course, leave it to the mutt to sniff her out.

: Leave it to the bloodsucker to be useless as usual.

:This bloodsucker could still leave you within an inch of your life, so watch it.

: Noted, now come on I smell her this way.

What the hell ? Werewolfs and vampires working together ? Since when ? I scared out of my mind, a couple of vampires, cool. A bit of werewolfs, alright. But both of them together with completely different battle skills wasa lot to handle for one wolf to handle, even with my added alpha strength from Christian. It didn't help either that the vampire's voice sounded familiar. What if it was one of Thanatos' men ? I would surely be captured and brought back to that hell hole of a place they falled a home.

: Right here.

I had failed to realize that the footsteps had ceased and now the weres voice was directly infront o where I lay sprawled out underneath the door. I tried to bring my hands up behind me to support my body's weight but came to the realizaton that my arm was broken and thought it was healing quickly, it wouldn't heal quick enough.

The door was picked up and thrown to the side and a man with slight muscular build and short stature was sneering over me.

: Found her. Boss is gonna be so proud !

: Whatever, just grab her and let's go.

I squirmed around as the Were grabbed me and I ended up kicking him in his shin which caused him to drop me and hold his leg in his hand.

: You litte bitch !

He started moving towards me but the vampire stopped him.

: It was said she was not to be harmed, period.

: The little bitch kicked me !

: And ?

: Fine then, you get her !

The vamp turned and grabbed my arm, yanking me up off the ground and dragging me with him as he walked, not caring if I was actually walking or not. I tried yanking my arm away but it was like trying to escape a vice grip, useless.

: I'd advise you not to try the same with me.

I didn't try again. We were at the door when Kaitlyn came hurdling into the Were that slammed into the vamp and sent us all off balance. The vamp caught himself and moved to the side to watch as Kaitlyn and the Were fought.

They circled eachother and continued an ongoing combat. At first Kaitlyn was winning but a swift kick to her stomach had her coughing up blood and doubling over in pain. I wanted to help her but the death grip on my arm wasn't loosening up. The Were now had Kaitlyn right where he wanted her and extended his claws at her throat, ready to kill her.

Liveena: No ! Don't !

The Were looked at me and laughed.

: Look at this, the stupid little Luna of the most ferocious pack in L.A. begging for her pack mate's life. This is just amazing.

: We didn't come here to fool around, finish up and let's go.

: No, I want her to see me kill this one in cold blood.

The Were eyed Kaitlyn closely and a sick smile flicked across his features.

: And maybe even have a little fun with her too.

Liveena: If you touch her, I will kill you.

: Oh ? Big talk from a captured Luna.

Liveena: Never captured, only detained.

The vamp's body stiffened at me saying this.

: Using unique little quotes now ? Well they won't help you, your pack, or your mate. Everyone else is probably dead by now anyway.

Liveena: They would never fall to the likes of you and whomever you came here with.

: Shut up bitch ! Neel, escort our hostage out.

I looked up at the vamp but his face remained focused on his Were companion.

Neel: I don't answer to you. Finish with your business so we can leave.

I remained looking at the vamp still holding onto my arm and almost stumbled when he started walking towards the door, passing the Were and Kaitlyn.

Liveena: No ! Let me go !

Neel: Shut up, theres nothing you can do now.

Liveena: Let me go and you'll see what I can do.

Neel: Not a chance.

I gathered every inch of strength I could manage and kicked the vamp in his balls. I smiled when he groaned but instantly regretted my actions as his grip on my arm got tighter. With llightening quick actions the vamp's hand was wrapped around my throat and he had a thunderous expression on his face as he stared me down. I lifted my eyes from the hand wrapped around my neck to look right into his and we both froze.

Liveena: Ramone ?

Neel: Liviyana ?

We stared at eachother in awe as his grip loosened and his hands fell to his side.

: What the hell are you doing Neel ? She'll get away ! Allow me.

My hair was jerked backwards and I fell to the ground. Another yank on my hair had me being pulled backwards as I was being dragged away from the house.

Neel: Jason. . .

The Were turned around expectantly and in that moment his throat was ripped out of his body. Blood squirted from the mangled area and slowly spilled out the sides of his mouth before me fell with a heavy thud against the concrete of the ground.

I looked up at Neel to see him reaching for me. He never got the chance to. He was thrown from infront of me and knocked unconcious against the brick walls of the house. Suddenly I was pulled into a large bear hug and felt tingles spreading throughout my entire body.

Tears formed in my eyes and I buried my face in Christian's chest. Now I felt safe and secure, like I should. I was going to question him but I felt his added worry and decided against it. Scuffling of the feet appeared around us and I looked up to see fighters of the pack removing the body of the dead Were. A loud and pained howl escaped from the house and me and Christian split apart to run inside.

The sight wasn't pretty. Beta David was knelt over Kaitlyn while he held her in his arms. She was two claw marks ripping over her flesh at the neck and where half of her shirt was ripped off of her at the stomach sat a large gash. She was bleading out but wasn't dead and from David's expression, he felt every bit of it.

I cut a look at Christian before approaching the mated couple on the ground. David instantly began growling at me, his eyes changing colors and his instincts of protecting his mate taking over. Christian pulled me back and shot a look of anger towards his Beta.

Liveena: Christian, I can help her.

Christian: Livy, I think it's best if you let the pack docters handle this.

Liveena: Where are they ?

Christian: On their way.

Liveena: She's beeding pretty badly Christian, at least let me do what I can. It is my fault that she's like this.

Christian: No it isin't, she was only following orders like anyone else who had been here with you would have.

Liveena: Doesn't matter, I want to help her.

Christian sighed seeing the determination in my eyes and looked over to David before mind linking him. David put Kaitlyn down and rose catiously. I kneeled next to her body and placed my hands over her wounded stomach, where much of the blood was seeping from. I focused and did a repeat of my healing powers from which I used last time.

Minutes passed and there was little improvement on Kaitlyn's wounds. The Were must have laced his claws with something toxic. The seemingly pack docter came rushing in I stopped my treatment. It wasn't Docter Sanders, but a woman and she was elderly with grey and white streaked brown hair and boring brown eyes. She looked me over dissmissively and waited as I rose from my position next to Kaitlyn.

: Alpha, it is not good to have my patients treated beorehand. This could endanger their lives more.

Christian: Yes, I know bu-

Liveena: I'm sorry. I had to do something. She risked her life for me.

The woman looked at me in shock and then bowed her head respectively. She begaan examining Kaitlyn's wounds and a look of worry flashed over her features.

: Actually, it seems you may have saved her life, Luna. She has terrible poisioning. I won't be able to ddecipher the exact toxins used until I get her to the infirmary but it's lethal, I know that much.

Liveena: So how have I saved her if it's as lethal as you said, yet her body still isin't healing well ?

: Well in truth, I was too late. Her body healing will do nothing but trap the poison in her body. Me not knowing this and coming in here to do what I just did, she would have been dead already. You, with whatever voodoo magic you worked on her, slowed her blood stream thus forcing the poison to take longer in moving through her body.

I was shocked. At least I had done something.

Liveena: But can you stop the toxins from spreading through her body ?

: Luna, I'm the best pack docter in L.A. She will live. Johnny ! Cravis ! Get the stretcher in here and bring Ms. Kaitlyn to the infirmary in the emergency section. Stat !

To boys, no older than 15 but with great build, moved in with a stretche and lifted Kaitlyn away, David hot on their tail. I caught the elderly woman just before she was about to leave.

Liveena: Excuse me, your name ?

: Josey.

Liveena: Nice meeting you, Josey.

Josey: As it is you, Luna.

I gave a half smile and watched as the two boys and Josey hustled out o the building. I turned to see Christian standing over me protectively and my questions aroused again. He didn't look beat up but as I eyed the rest of the fighters who were standing around I saw gashes and various wounds that would need rest for healing.

Liveena: Christian, what happened ?

Christian: Rogues Livy, and they wern't alone. They're working with vampires now and they set up an ambush. I wanted to keep you safe but. . .

Liveena: No, listen you did keep me safe. Loo, I'm still here right ? Unharmed.

Christian: Not completely.

Liveena: I'm alive though, you did your job.

Christian: I should have been here.

I looked Christian in the eyes and saw that he was seriously torn up about this but he also had to understand that I got the fact that he had to fight to. Fight to protect me and his pack. There was nothing he could have done diferently.

Christian: And then to walk up and see that scum about to touch you, I damn near shifted again, right there.

Scum ? Oh ! I ran outside to see the retreating bodies of two men holding up another man while walking towards the where the cells were placed.

Liveena: Christian tell them to stop !

Christian joined me outside and look at me in confusion.

Christian: No, why would I do that ?

Liveena: He did nothing wrong !

Christian: He attempted to have you captured, that's enough wrong done in itself.

Liveena: No, you don't get it. Yes he did that but he killed that Were.

Christian: Possibly to have you to himself, no doubt.

Liveena: No. He saved my life Christan. Trust me. Let him go.

Christian eyed me and just when I thought he would deny me my request the two guards did an about face and started bringing Ramone backtowards us. When they reached us, the guards let his arms all and he slumped to the ground. I knelt beside him and lited his head with my hands.

Liveena: Wake up, I know your not passed out.

Ramone cracked one eyes open at me and then smiled. It was a trick he performed often when I used to know him.

Neel: Livy !

Ramone hugged me tightly and I hugged him back. A menacing growl vibrated through the ground and I tried to pull away but Ramone payed it no attention and continued to hug me even closer. I was snatched up and dragged back into Christian's arms while he scowled at Ramone still on the ground. Ramone got up and scoffed at him before turning his attention back to me.

Neel: It's been long Livy.

Liveena: I know Ramone, too long. But why change your name ?

Neel: Why not ?

Liveena: I thought you considered your name one of the finest for a male such as yourself.

Neel: Hahaha, and it still is but for cover wise, I had to change it.

Liveena: Cover ?

Neel: As it seems-

Christian: Liveena.

Christian's voice startled me, I had forgotten of his presence while conversing. I angled my head to look up at him for he still had me pressed firmly against him.

Christian: Who is he and how do you know him ?

Liveena: That's ha-

Neel: None of your business. Either way, back to our conversation Livy, I-

Christian's body had tensed up and his hold on me has loosened profoundly to where his arm was sliding off of me. I stepped to the side to view Christian better and saw that his fists were clenched and he had veins popping out of his biceps as a clear sign of him trying to control his wolf. His eyes were black and his jaw was clenched tightly.

Christian: You dare disrespect me in my own territory ? I will have you skinned alive and left to bleed out for the rogues if you think for one second that your going to do it again. She- Christian gestured to me -is mine. I WILL know who she talks to and where they come from.

I could tell that Christian was really worked up about this and close to shifting.

Liveena: Christian-

Christian: Now, who are you ?

Neel: I am Neel.

Christian: Why does my mate call you by another name ?

Neel: It is my real name.

Christian: Why did you seize my pack's territory ? And why were you working with rogues ?

Neel: Well it was more of an inside operation. I'm a freelancer, I was just along for the quick money. But the main objective was to retrieve Livy.

Christian growled and I instinctively placed my hand in his. His muscled relaxed a bit and I could feel some of the tension begin to drain away in him from the mating bond.

Christian: Why ?

Neel: From what little I had overheard, it was something about weakening your pack.

Liveena: But that still doesn't explain why you were working with wolves, let alone rogues.

Neel: It was my employers idea to take up the job with the rogue boss. Said that he'd pay big cash to see this job finished.

Christian began pulling me behind him, his stance defensive.

Neel: No need to worry, I would never harm Liviyana.

Christian raised an eyebrow at Neel and then turned to me expectantly with both eyebrows raised.

Liveena: That's my name Christian.

Christian: I thought Liveena was your name.

Liveena: Not my birth name.

Christian: Why didn't you ever tell me ?

Liveena: It never came up.

Neel: Oh yea, remember Pat ?

I turned to Neel excitedly upon hearing my old friend's name and stepped towards him, moving away from Christian.

Liveena: Yea ! I haven't seen her since middle school's graduation ball. She never did get over Conner shooting her down that night.

Neel: Yea I know, but I saw her recently.

Liveena: Seriously ?

Neel: Yea, cooped up in France. She's been inspired to become a painter.

Liveena: Again ?

Neel: Yea. Apparently her next best boy toy told her that she-

Suddenly I felt a void and I realized that Christian was gone. I didn't like the fact that I hadn't realized until he was already gone so I mind linked him.

Liveena: Christian ?

Christian: What ?

I noticed the hostility in Christian's voice.

Liveena: Is there something wrong ?

Christian sighed before replying to me, seeming slightly irritable.

Christian: No, just going over pack casualties and damages.

Liveena: You sound stressed out, how about I stop by your office for a while before bed ?

Christian: No. I have a lot to do, you'll only distract me.

I felt hurt. He said I'd only get in the way and though it might be true it still hurt to hear it said so adamantly by my own mate. But I had to stop thinking selfishly, my mate's pack was just invaded and his mate was almost stolen from him, right under his nose. He likely did have a lot to do and I would be a bad Luna to put my feelings before the packs needs.

Christian: Plus, I can't guarantee that that vampire friend of your will make it through the night without around. He's your responsibly until he's gone.

I smiled at that. Now that was more true than naught.

Liveena: Alright, try not to overwork yourself though.

The mind link dropped and I came to to my unfinished conversation with Neel's hand waving in my face trying to get my attention. I blinked quickly as the fast motions of his hand cause my eyes to water.

Neel: There we are, back to earth.

Liveena: I'm sorry, I was just checking on-

Neel: Save it, I already know. So what are we going to do ?

Liveena: What are we going to do about what ?

Neel: How long were you ignoring me ?

I blushed slightly at the accusation.

Liveena: Sorry.

Neel: What are we going to do about the rest of the movement ?

Liveena: Movement ? I'm sorry, truly, but could you catch me up on the conversation. What movement are you referring to ?

Neel: The rogue and vamp movement against this pack.

Liveena: What ? That's ridiculous.

Neel: I'm not joking.

I looked at Ramone'd face to see that he indeed wasn't playing around. But a movement ? He made it seem as if there was an army approaching or something. This had to be a sick joke.

Liveena: Explain.

Neel: Rogues and vamps are pairing up in this area to bring down your precious little mate. It's not pretty and they're not messing around. I don't know when they're coming but there's a lot of them and the bigger picture gets worse.

Liveena: The big picture being ?

Neel: It's not only your pack that being targeted, it's all of them in San Francisco.

I burst out laughing. Oh this was good ! A revolutionary movement of rogue werewolf's and vampires teaming up to take down not only Christian's pack, but also all of the others in San Francisco ? That was unbelievable, literally. If Christian were to hear this he would probably want to string Ramone alive or lying.

Liveena: Okay, enough playing around. I thought you said this was a one time mission and you were in it for the money and ect ?

Neel: I lied. I didn't expect Christian to believe me but you, id expected you to.

Liveena: I'm sorry but it's insane. Werewolf's and vampire just don't get along, period. There no way that vampires who can kill at will and then rogues who's nature is to kill on instinct, can co-exist long enough to create a force large enough to do anything remotely closs to what your suggesting.

Neel: Why not ? You did it. You befriended countless vampires and other rogues like yourself when you were rogue. Don't tell me becoming a Luna has blinded you from seeing things for what they actually are and can become ?

That made sense, but only because it was true. I had befriended vamps and weres while I was rogue, many of which I still consider friends to this day. Suddenly the weight of Neel's words hit me and I could tell that he was livid over my ignorant nature.

Liveena: That's not it-

Neel: Oh, then it was your time being in a pack ? Being somewhere where you don't have to watch your back every second and wonder when someone's going to attack you and try to kill you or rob you of your resources ?

I could never forget that. That was engrained into me forever, whether I wanted to forget it or not.

Liveena: Ramone no, I-

Neel: Save it, I'll be around if you need me. I'm sure you know how to find me. In the meantime, try to remember where you came from.

Ramone walked away into the woods. He looked back at me once before he completely disappeared within a blink of an eye. I didn't like that he thought that I had forgotten where I came from but I guess the way I was acting would make him think so. It's not that I didn't believe him but, if what he was saying was true then that would mean added trouble and there was no 100% chance that what he was saying was true because the notion itself was absurd. I decided that it'd be best to keep this from Christian, the less he has to worry about, the better.

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