The Alpha Mate

Meet Liveena, a girl who was taken in at age 12 by the Silver Sky Pack who doesn't know her parents and had been on her own since she was 6. She spent 12 years building up walls to protect herself from anyone who could try to harm her in any way and there is only one thing in the world that could ruin that, her mate.

Christian, Alpha of the Rocky Mountain Pack, and not to be messed with, has a dark past of his own. Though he would love to find comfort and tranquility in his longed for mate, but she rejects him.

Both have dark pasts, how will they help each other overcome their demons ? Will they be able to ? What will come crawling back from their pasts to haunt them ?

Read and find out.

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11. TAM 10

Christian growled at me, his eyes were a midnight blue and he was looking at me intensely. I pressed my back against the door of the shower and just looked back at Christian. He was fighting his wolf and I could tell it was a hard fought battle.

Christian: Do you understand how much danger you put yourself in ? Do you not realize-

Liveena: Christian I-

Christian: QUIET ! I can't let you out of my sight without having to worry about you putting yourself in harm's way. Do you take pleasure in watching me squirm ?

I didn't look at it like that. Had he not been so thick-headed yesterday then I probably would have noticed, or cared to notice.

Liveena: I-

Christian: Did I tell you to talk ? I don't want you out of my sight until this whole vampire situation is resolved, do you understand ?

Liveena: I-

Christian: Do. You. Understand ?

Liveena: Yes.

Christian turned to walk out of the bathroom and I reached out to grab his arm.

Christian: Liveena, let go of me.

Liveena: Christian please, I'm sorry.

Christian: I need to go for a run, let go.

Liveena: No.

Christian: Now is not a good time to argue with me, I can't control what I might do if you don't let me go.

I reached around Christian to hug him from behind, squeezing tight enough so that he wouldn't shrug me off.

Liveena: Just calm down.

Slowly Christian's body began to relax and his heavy breathing slowed to match mine.

Christian: Why do you do it ?

Liveena: Hmm ?

Christian: Why do you disobey me every chance you get ?

Liveena: It's independence. I'm used to it Christian, I can't help the way I was raised.

Christian: But your not independent anymore, Liveena. I'm not just here for show, I'm the whole package, so get used to it.

I laughed softly and let Christian drop my hands from around his waist to turn around and face me. He cupped my face and stared me in my eyes.

Christian: I'm serious Livy. Let me do what I was given to you for, let me protect you.

Liveena: But you don't know what your facing, I can't-

Christian: Then tell me, tell me what I'm facing. Let me in.

Liveena: Okay.

Christian looked shocked at my sudden submission.

Christian: Really ?

Liveena: Yes, but let me shower first.

Christian gave me a smoldering hot look that made me clench my thighs together.

Christian: It seems a shower isn't the only thing you want.

I gasped at his forwardness.

Liveena: Christian !

Christian moved passed me to open the shower door and test the water with his hand.

Christian: It hasn't gone cold yet.

I took a step back from hovering over Christian's shoulder as he backed from the shower. I hadn't realized I'd been so curious as to what he was doing. Christian wrapped his arms around me and unhooked my bra, flinging it to the side. Then he removed my underwear and took a step back from me, gazing at my body for a long while. With a sigh he averted his eyes and opened the shower door for me. A breath I hadn't realized I had been holding was released but replaced by a sense of longing. It had indeed been long since I had had him, physically, and I ached for him.

Christian: Stop it, I already almost lost control once today.

Liveena: But, I haven't done anything.

I spoke seductively, knowing exactly what he was talking about. He gave a deep guttural growl in response.

Christian: Your smell. Your aroused. Very aroused.

Liveena: Then do something about it.

I walked into the shower and shut the door behind me. I heard shuffling and a zipper before Christian joined me in the confined space of the stand-in shower. I pressed my back against the wall for support and angled my neck up so that I could look at his face. I placed my hands on his toned abs before trailing my fingers up and over every defined line of his stomach. I was eye level with his chest and decided to run my tongue along the outer planes of his pecks before clasping one of his hardened nipples in my mouth and sucking on it. His breath hitched and I knew I had caught him off guard with my pleasuring. I sucked on his nipple until it hardened enough for me to bite it with my teeth then ran my tongue over it and began the process again. Not paying attention to my hands, they were trailing back down his stomach and heading south quick. Christian seemed not to notice either as I brought my mouth to the side of his neck without my mark on it, and began kissing it, leaving love bites in their place. My hands continued down their trail until they reached his pubic hair, and they fanned through it, reaching his erect member. It seemed to grow and strain against the skin surrounding itself even further now, and Christian's body jerked, now fully aware of what my hands were doing. I let my thumb roll over his tip before grasping him with both of my hands and pumping softly. I stopped kissing his neck to look at his face and saw that his eyes were closed and that he was bracing himself by placing both of his hands on the shower wall behind me. I gripped him tighter and started pumping faster. He bit his lip and tilted his head back in pleasure as I was quickly bringing him to his release. I knew Christian was almost there, I could tell by his eyes squeezing shut and his muscles clenching as his fists balled up against the shower wall.

Liveena: Look at me.

Christian lifted his head to my direction and cracked his eyes open before finding his release against my stomach, which was quickly washed away by the water poring over us. I still felt him pulsating under my fingertips as I leaned up on my tip toes to kiss him. Instead of it being light and quick like I thought, Christian deepened it and I gave him immediate access as his tongue came diving into my mouth, searching for mine. My knees were about to buckle from the intensity when Christian wrapped an arm my waist and pressed my back against the shower walls, hovering over me so that all the water hit his back and I was completely protected from it. I wrapped my arms around his neck and continued to kiss him until I felt his member rub against my belly feeling harder than he was the first time. I pulled away from the kiss for air but Christian seemed immune for the need as he continued down my neck to my collar bone, leaving hot trails everywhere his lips touched. I felt his hands flow down my back, across my ass, and to my knees before he grabbed them and lifted me against the wall, with my knees pressed to my chest. He let one leg go, to wrap around his waist, and used his now free hand to position himself at my entrance. He began pushing himself inside slowly, but stopped halfway in.

Liveena: Chri-

He slammed into me without warning and I threw my head back and cried out. He was moving in and out of me at a fast paste, almost like he couldn't control himself anymore. I wrapped my arms around him and my nails found his back as they scraped down to create claw marks from his rough passion. I fast found my release but Christian wasn't done yet. He dropped my other leg to wrap around his waist and brought us both to the shower floor, with him on top. He did away at me, pounding into me as beads of water escaped down the sides of his body and made a frame around my figure before piling into the drain. My hair was soaked and my legs were tightly wrapped around Christian's waist as he quickened his paste. Grunts and moans escaped us and echoed off the bathroom walls. My back arched into his front as I climaxed around his thrusting cock, and soon he followed and layed limp against me. It was quiet and I had feared Christian had passed out ontop of me.

Liveena: Christian ?

Christian : Hm ?

Liveena: Oh you didn't pass out, good.

Christian: Haha, we haven't gotten there yet Livy.

Liveena: Good, now get off of me.

Christian: And if I don't ?

Liveena: Your back will shrivel up into a prune.

With that Christian stood and slipped out of me then helped me to my feet.

Christian: God, your beautiful.

Wow, a carefree attitude after a hell storm, laughing after sex, and now compliments ? Where was this Christian everyday ?

Christian: He's always here, you just have to know how to get to him.

Oh shit. I had accidentally said that out loud.

Liveena: If only it was that easy.

Christian: For you, it is.

I gathered my washcloth off the railing and began lathering it with the bar of soap when it was snatched from my hands. I looked up at Christian questioningly as he lathered the rag in my place.

Christian: I'll do it. Turn around.

I turned and let his hands go to work, playing, fondling, and washing me. When he was done he quickly washed himself and I watched. He truly did look like a Greek God on planet earth, and he was mine. We rinsed ourselves and walk out of the walk-in shower into a cloud of steam leading from the bathroom to down the hallway. Since the door was nearly off its hinges, there was nothing to keep the steam inside. I turned to Christian and gave him a stern look.

Liveena: Next time your angry with me, don't take it out on the house OR my bathroom. That has to be fixed now because of you.

Christian: I know, but the bathroom doesn't matter. You'll be using mine from now on.

Liveena: Huh ?

Christian: As well as my bed, you will be using that to.

Liveena. Wait, what ?

Christian: You didn't think you wouldn't be staying with me in my bed as my mate did you ?

Liveena: No but-

Christian: But nothing. I want to keep you close to me, with that vampire running around, it'll be easier to keep heavy patrol around just that room of the house when I'm gone. Plus, I wouldn't mind at all coming home to what's mine every night. A happy man I'd be.

Liveena: Then a happy man you will be.

I smiled up at Christian. The first real, genuine smile I've given him and he gave one back in return. It made him look my age to see him smile so freely and not have it forced or just no expression at all. After I dried and put on some clothes, I met with Christian in his room. He was seated in his arm chair with one leg crossed over the other, ankle to knee, and he was leaning back, relaxing. He wore no shirt and some sweatpants that hung dangerously low, exposing the V line heading towards his . . . -

Christian: No.

Christian startled me out of my thoughts and brought my attention back to him.

Liveena: Huh ?

Christian: I can smell you, we still have a talk to get through before we do anything more.

I groaned inwardly at the word "talk". Thanks for reminding me.

Liveena: Alright, fine. Let's get this over with.

Christian: So what's this whole vampire situation about ?

Liveena: It's about dominance, if they're in this territory then it would only be right for them to want complete control of it, whether they were here first or not.

Christian: Okay, I can get that. But what does this have to do with you ?

Liveena: I know these vampires, I used to live with them.

Christian: You what !?

Liveena: It's true.

Christian: Why would you live with them ?

Liveena: I didn't live with them on my own free will. I didn't even really live with them, I was basically their slave. They took me up off the streets in my rogue years and-

I stopped, sudden memories flashing through my head, long forgotten and never remembered, until now. Christian had made move to come over to me but I put my hand up to halt him. If I was going to get through this, I needed to do it alone.

Liveena: I'm fine. As I was saying, at that age I was rogue and they captured me and took me in to be enslaved to them. It was a family of them, but to me it was just a mad house. They fed on me and laughed at my fear. They liked seeing me squirm beneath them and once they even . . . . . they let me escape. I thought I was free and I ran as fast as I could, shifting into wolf form. But it was only a sick game, I was the prey and they were the predators, playing a game of catch the coop. I was caught and dragged back to the same place I had grown to despise and fear. But one day, I escaped. I'd never had my heart beat so fast in my life. It was raining and the family was having guests over. They thought it funny to leave me chained up outside in the thundering rain with fresh whips across my flesh.

I winced at the memory, feeling everything I did from that day. I had only been 11. I was tough though. Christian waited, staring expectantly at me with sorrow in his eyes.

Liveena: It's funny actually. After I fainted, I could have sworn the chains around my limbs were loosened because I just slipped right on out. Then I ran. I ran so fast Christian, I- I-

Tears started forming in my eyes and I fought the urge to sob. Christian moved towards me and I didn't stop him this time as he encircled me in his arms. I rested my head on his shoulder and let him comfort me, soothe my raging heart beat.

Christian: It's okay, your not there anymore. You won't even have to be in that situation again, I am here to protect you.

I sniffled and gave a weak smile at Christian's possessiveness.

Liveena: I know but, the memories are just so . . . vivid. Like anytime I could go back to that place and resort to that way of feeling hopeless and scared.

Christian: That will never happen, you hear me Livy ? Look at me.

I gazed up at Christian with new unshed tears in my eyes. He looked so . . . confident in himself, like he just knew. I wish I could feel the same but the threat was ever so present and hovering right in plain sight. What if it isn't me to get captured ? What if it's one of my pack, or one of the pups ? My heart clenched and the resistant tears welling in my eyes still, fell. What if it was Christian ? If he were to be captured and taken I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

Christian: Shh. Stop it, whatever your thinking about, stop it. I can't stand to have you feel like this.

I had almost forgotten the mating bond connected us emotionally.

Liveena: I'm sorry, but to think of who might be harmed because of this stupid vampire threat hurts. I don't want to see anyone hurt because of me Christian, especially not you.

Christian: You don't have to worry about that, Liv. I have to protect myself to protect you right ?

Liveena: Yeah.

Christian: Alright then I won't be going anywhere. Plus, I'm Alpha, I am faster and stronger than the average wolf. The scariest one of L. A. , don't insult me.

Christian wiped the tears from my face with his two thumbs and faked an insulted expresssion.

Liveena: Haha. I'm sorry.

Christian: It's fine, now let's fill your needs.

I giggled like a school girl and fell into Christian's lap, letting him unwind me in his sensual bliss.

Next Day . . .

Kaitlyn: Hello ? You there ? Luna ?

My mind refocused and I snapped back to attention. Kaitlyn had been waving her hand in my face and was now staring at me curiously as I shook my head to rid myself of my thoughts. If the traitorous blush on my face wasn't enough then what Kaitlyn said next was a dead give away to what I had be day dreaming about.

Kaitlyn: I'd imagine the make up sex was something to behold last night ?

Liveena: What ! No, I-

Kaitlyn: It's fine Luna, I've been mated to my possessive Beta for 8 years now, I know how the sex can get.

I wanted to deny it, but it was true. After me and Christian had that talk he took his time exploring every inch of my body. I didn't even want to wake up this morning, but Christian's absence roused me from my sleep and sent a cold chill into the sheets, so I decided I had to at least shower and put some clothes on. Little did I know that once that was finished, there would be a feast on the table downstairs in the kitchen, which I thankfully ate away at after expending so much of my energy the night before, and then there would be Kaitlyn an hour later to council me on the Do's , Dont's , Jobs , and Expectations of being Luna. We were haflway through the boring lesson when I let my mind drift off to my mate.

Liveena: Look, that's not what we were discussing, please continue.

Kaitlyn: Alright, well as a Luna, you will be expected to put the pack before yourself and what you want. Which means, that incident at the mating ceremony won't be tolerated.

Liveena: I was protecting my mate, surely you understand that.

Kaitlyn: Yes, but as a Luna you will have to think more rationally and not endanger yourself like that. To the pack you are our secondary mother and the one who aids our strong and competent leading father. We are the children, Luna must always protect her children.

Liveena: Okay, I understand. No more barging through pack gatherings, trying to stop a vampire attack, when 'father' has it all under control.

Kaitlyn: Luna, I don't appreciate the sarcasm, this is serious.

Liveena: I know, I'm sorry. Go on.

Kaitlyn: Other than the numerous jobs and what your expected to do as Luna, there's nothing more really.

Liveena: Great ! Now maybe I can go on a run, sitting for 2 hours doesn't do me justice.

Kaitlyn: Yes, I will call on Javis for you on my home.

Javis was my assigned security guard and was expected to be with me or near me at all times.

Liveena: That would be appreciated, thankyou.

I made my way to the door after stretching my muscles and was about to open the door when I was summoned.

Kaitlyn: Luna, wait !

Liveena: Yes ?

Kaitlyn: There's one more important thing you should take into consideration.

Liveena: Alright, what is it ?

Kaitlyn: Though you may have your own responsibilities as Luna, you have your responsibilities to your mate as well.

I blushed at the sudden memories of my fulfilling my "responsibilities" last night.

Kaitlyn: I don't mean those types of responsibilities, Luna.

Liveena: How-

Kaitlyn: Your blush gave you away. Now what I mean is as our Alpha's mate, you can't go against his word. You must always stay by and on his side, and be there when he needs you most. Though he won't say when, it's your job to know. This means that you must calm him when he's angry, reason with him when he seems unreasonable, show him clarity when he isn't thinking straight.

Liveena: Okay but won't that only make him upset at me for trying to tell him what to do ? And then he'll still do what he wants.

Kaitlyn: Your not "telling him what to do", your advising him. And think about it this way, he must return to your bed at night. He may be the Alpha but your his Alpha.

Liveena: Hmm, well when you put it like that I guess it makes sense.

Kaitlyn: Yes, well I must be off now. Good day, Luna.

Liveena: I told you, call me Liv.

Kaitlyn: It shows deep respect to call your Luna by her title, and a woman like you who saved my life without knowing me in the slightest, is a woman I respect immensely.

Liveena: Oh, thankyou.

I hadn't known that Kaitlyn felt that way towards me and it was really refreshing to hear.

Kaitlyn: No problem Lu-

Kaitlyn's eyes glazed over in the middle of her sentence and her expression turned to one of solitude. I stared at her confused as her eyes started widening in shock and she walked over to grab my arm.

Liveena: What's wrong ?

Kaitlyn: We have to go.

Kaitlyn started puling my arm towards the stairs.

Liveena: What ? Why ?

Kaitlyn: I'll go get you some clothes, stay right here.

Liveena: Wait, who-

Christian: Livy !

Liveena: Christian, something's wrong with Kaitlyn. She said something about we have to leave and she's grabbing me clothes right now.

Christian: Listen to her Livy, go with her.

Liveena: Why Christian ? Where are you ?

Christian: Just trust me okay ?

Liveena: Okay but-

The link was dropped and Christian wasn't there anymore. I tried calling out to him but he put a wall up and blocked me out. I heard a thump come from upstairs and some crashing.

What the hell is going on ?

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