The Alpha Mate

Meet Liveena, a girl who was taken in at age 12 by the Silver Sky Pack who doesn't know her parents and had been on her own since she was 6. She spent 12 years building up walls to protect herself from anyone who could try to harm her in any way and there is only one thing in the world that could ruin that, her mate.

Christian, Alpha of the Rocky Mountain Pack, and not to be messed with, has a dark past of his own. Though he would love to find comfort and tranquility in his longed for mate, but she rejects him.

Both have dark pasts, how will they help each other overcome their demons ? Will they be able to ? What will come crawling back from their pasts to haunt them ?

Read and find out.

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1. TAM 1

The trees whizzed pass my head as I padded through the forest, running deeper and deeper into the abyss of tree, branch, dirt, and leaf. The air felt so good tonight, and it was a fool moon to. The wind blew though my fur making me feel right at home in the middle of the forest. I slowed my pace and sniffed the air. I ran for 10 minutes more and arrived at a beautiful waterfall that eased into a steady lake and drunk from it. In the distance I heard the ruff sound of a howl., music to my ears. I layed down and rested for half an hour. Trying to fall asleep was obviously not going to be accomplished since I couldn't stop thinking about what happened back at the pack house. Derek, my caretaker, you could say, tried to force me to apologize to a girl from my training session earlier today.

Flashback. . .

Kick, Punch, Dodge, Repeat !

I was watching a sparring session between Alpha Brett and Derek, his Beta. They were giving the pack training instructors insight on how they wanted the pack trained from now on, and let me tell you, it was intense. Non-stop combat moves until someone fell out from exhaustion or someone bested the other. I can't really say I blame them, due to the increase in Rogue attacks lately but damn, it was rough. If you were between ages 6-10 you had it good. All you had to do was watch an hour of training sessions then be on your way. Ages 11-13 started baby training and ages 14-16 just went though hell. But if your like me, turning 18 in a day with a non-existent mate that you should've found at 16. then you should just kill yourself now.

Derek: Carrie, Livina, your up.

Shit, and I was hoping I wouldn't be up first. I was barely paying attention, even though seeing Derek get his ass kicked was pretty funny, I was over it and ready to go. Seems like I wouldn't get away that easy today though.

Alpha Brett: Is there something wrong, you two ?

Livyna: Uh, no Alpha Brett.

I was first to speak and seemed to speak for the both of us as the crowd made way for us and created a big fanned out circle around the tattered and worn grass Alpha Brett and Derek had just occupied. When I stood directly infront of my opponent I inwardly groaned. This was the newest member of the pack, through a mating. She was 16, freshly marked, and just couldn't keep my name out of her mouth. Every time I walked past and/or glance at her she would be leaning into her friend's ears whispering while looking directly at me with that, 'I'm talking about you and I want you to know it', look. I ignored her for the most part, I mean she was 16, and obviously needed something else to do besides her mate. I crouched in ready position and waited for Alpha Brett to call the start of the match. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't screw this up, I just had to be more intense that regular training. Almost like a real fight, but not trying to kill. Truthfully, Carrie was no match for me, barely anyone besides the grownups were, and I was sure I could beat a good portion of them. I hid how strong I truly was because I don't want to waste my time training other kids close to my age or any of the other kids. I'd rather be at home, reading a book or out with my friends, Kyle and Jenny. They were mated, to separate people, but still made time for our friendship. I loved that about them. Suddenly I was mind linked and didn't like what I was hearing.

Carrie: Ready to get beat ?

Livyna: Please, you should know your not even worth my time. Your mate hasn't told you that yet ?

Just then Carrie let out a growl at the mention of her mate. I know I shouldn't even bring something like that up before a match, a person could get real defensive and lose their head when mentioning their mate but hey. I was honestly tired of her, and the fact that she mind linked me meant that she was trying to get in my head. I'm guessing so that she could win the fight and look good infront of her mate, Tony, who was standing at the front of the many people about to watch the match.

Carrie: Don't even mention him again. Your just upset and bitter because you have no mate ! Your just some dirty old washed up Rogue.

I shot Carrie and deathly scowl and clenched my fists tighter. I was practically known as the helpless little Rogue, brought in by Beta Derek at age 12, and destined to NOT have a mate because I hadn't found mine yet. That was my story, at least that was the story everyone knew. It was true, but it wasn't complete. Only Alpha Brett and Derek knew the whole story and that's how it was going to stay. If she thought she was going to make me lose myself over petty shit like that, she was crazy.

Alpha Brett: Begin !

And just like that the match was in full effect. We circled each other and waited for the other to attack, both of us trying to play defense. Tiring of the game, Carrie lunged at me and I quickly dodged, throwing a right jab to her ribs. I wasn't going to play around with her, I was going to get this over and done with. Carrie winced slightly but otherwise showed no sign that I had hurt her, which I knew I did. We circled each other again and when she lunged I dodged and threw a punch to the side of her jaw, then the next time I kneed her in the stomach. She was waiting for something, she wasn't attacking me like she was soppose to be doing, and I didn't know what it was. Or maybe she was scared of being embarrassed and was prolonging the ass whipping I was going to give her infront of her mate. We were now circling each other once again, a creepy grin came and went from Carrie's face and she eyed me with curiosity.

Carrie: No parents. No Mate. And when Beta Derek finds his mate, he'll forget all about you. You'll be all alone.

By now I was throwing lighting quick punches and kicks at her. She really wanted to go there ? Just to win a stupid match ? I swear this girl was looking for a death wish she didn't know she had coming. Caught up in my haste, Carrie, instead of blocking, side-stepped one of my punch and kick combos, waited for the right angle and landed a perfect kick to my gut, sending me flying back onto the ground. I quickly regained my balance but by time I was up she threw another punch and I stumbled backwards, stunned. She threw another punch from the opposite hand and knocked me to the ground again. As I regained my balance once again, I guessed her antics and caught her hand while she was in mid-punch and I spun my body, opposite of hers, and flipped her over my shoulder. I could have ended the match right there but I didn't. I let go of her arm and backed away, going back into ready position. She wanted to be a bitch, I'll show her what happens to those. After she rose she was knocked down, continuously. I was toying with her, tiring her out, and rapidly gaining the upper hand. She was stupid not to notice she was losing energy and no longer pacing herself, but that's what I wanted. I punched her down, kicked her down, let her try to hit me then dodge it swiftly, and repeated. Those were my lessons right ? I knew that wasn't what Alpha Brett had meant and that I was torturing the poor girl but she needed to learn a lesson. And I was going to give it to her. I completely stilled my body and just looked at her, still in ready position, just no longer moving in the slightest. She looked at me suspiciously and started circling me. Once, Twice, Thrice. She couldn't figure my game, and she wasn't risking attacking me to find out, which didn't play into my hand so I gave her a little bit of motivation.

Livyna: Look at your mate, he looks concerned for your well being. I told you, you aren't a match for me, but no, instead you entice me and put your mate to shame. If I were him, I'd wish you weren't mine.

And she was off, running full speed at me after letting out a ferocious growl. I knew I was poking the bear until it ripped my head off but I didn't really care. Call it childish, I call it pay back. As she ran towards me I remained still until she was close enough so that I turned around and brought my knew up to connect with her stomach, the impact breaking her ribcage and forcing her to cough up blood. She was now on the ground and everyone stood in shock. Guess now she'll learn. I watched as people crowed around Carrie and I heard Tony growling at me while trying to lunge at me but was being held back by some bystanders. In an instant I was turned around and yanked up by my shirt with Alpha Brett hovering over my 5'4 frame and a death glare pointed straight at me. He must be in fumes cause I've never been yanked up by my shirt like some adolescent child that needed a good shaking to get there thoughts straight.

Alpha Brett: What the HELL was that Liv !?

Liveena: Something she started but couldn't finish ?

Alpha Brett was staring at me as if I had lost my mind but I was dead serious and I'm guessing he knew that because my response made him even more upset, and it wasn't nice having a raging Alpha in your face.

Alpha Brett: Something she started but could- , Are you stupid !? Behavior like that it unacceptable ! This is training ! You are not some savage out in the world fighting any and everybody you come across, you are apart of a pack !

Liveena: I know that.

Alpha Brett: Evidently not because THAT was not PACK behavior ! Go home and don't bother with leaving until I say your allowed, understand ?

Liveena: Yes.

And with that Alpha Brett let me go and walked away towards the pack infirmary with his wife in tow. I felt bad for her, having to calm THAT down would be something else. I headed back to my house that I shared with Derek and smiled to myself as I stepped through the door.

Derek: The hell are you smiling about ? Something funny happened today that I don't know about ?

My smile dropped and I brushed pass him only to be yanked back and forced to stare up at him. Damn, he was just as pissed and Alpha Brett, if it was possible, probably more so.

Liveena: Derek, let me go. I did nothing wrong.

Derek: You know you really are something. I bring you into my pack and accept you with open arms and all anyone here has ever tried to do is be nice to you but all you do is break rules, pack code, and what you did out there ! Assaulting one of your own in such a vicious way !? Your lucky Alpha Brett won't throw you out on your ass for that because I wouldn't allow it and you know it. IS that why you do this shit Liv ? Huh ? Because you know, no matter what, you will always have this pack's protection and loyalty ? You know if you keep this shit up then there will be a time when I won't be able to stop Alpha Brett from turning his back on you.

I stood there stock still in silence. There was nothing I could say that would change how he thought I felt and part of it was true. I do act out but not because I know I will have a place to return but because, well I don't really know. I guess because of the amount of attention it gains me now that I think about it. But I had stopped acting out a year ago. Now I just stayed to myself, not wanting the attention anymore because it wasn't the kind I wanted. Derek knew this, yet he still brought it up as if I was an honest problem child like I used to be. It hurt, but I wouldn't show it. Derek gave a little chuckle, a very morbid one, and released my arm.

Derek: Nothing to say for yourself huh ? I figured, as always. You need to be making your way to the pack infirmary and apologizing to that poor girl.

Liveena: Apologize ? HA, your funny Derek, but no can do. I refuse.

Derek: You refuse ? You can't refuse me Liv, I am your Beta and you will obey me. It's about time you start learning to respect your pack authority which you never seem to do. Now go and apologize this instant.

Livyna: Do you know what she said to ME Derek !? Huh !? She said that I was going to be forever lonely once you found your mate and that I was just a little pitied Rogue brought in by you.

Derek: You know that's not true so I don't know why you would let something as stupid as that control your actions Liveena. Now go apologize to that girl and then come straight back here prepared to clean every inch of this place.

Livyna: What !?

Derek: NOW !

I walked out the front door and ran straight into the woods, he probably wouldn't even notice that I was gone which would be good for me since I definitely needed to get away. There was no way in hell I was apologizing to that girl. She wanted to play big girl games so I played them with her. That was on her, not me. Hope Derek doesn't hold his breath on that apology.

Flashback Ends. . .

I still didn't understand why Derek would belittle me like that and then tell me to apologize to Carrie, he has had years to say those things to me and he waits until I'm no longer acting out and turning 18 to tell me what's been on his mind for so long. I was getting angry again just thinking about it and I instantly rose and broke into a full fledged run, not caring where I was going. I was half a days worth from the pack and I wanted to be days more. Eventually I would have to go back or I would be considered Rogue but I needed a few days to myself for now. Lost in my thoughts I hadn't noticed that I was being followed. They were wolves and for a second I thought Derek, Alpha Brett, and the others had figured out I was gone and caught up to me, but these were not scents I'd recognized so it couldn't be them. In a flash I was hit with a powerful blow to the side and sent flying into a nearby tree, hitting my head against the bark, hard. I tried to stand but I just couldn't. My ribs were broken and my vision was hazed from the trauma to my head. This was bad, I couldn't even lower the block I put on my mind linking because I was in such a bad state. Suddenly 3 wolves surrounded me and another approached from behind a nearby tree seconds later in human form, having shifted back while the others watched me. He studied me for a second before his eyes glazed over and, I'm guessing, began mind linking someone, maybe his Alpha. Don't get my wrong, broad shouldered, a toned muscular build, shaggy blonde hair, and a handsome face to match his tall stature, he radiated power, just not Alpha power. I was sure he was Beta though. I just wondered why they felt the need to hunt me down, I did nothing to them. I was just running and now I'm paying for that ? Great.

: We have received orders to throw it into the cells. Kaylub, shift back so we can take her to the pits.

The man before me spoke with so much authority as if he was the Alpha himself. He never let his hard expression soften for even a second. This man was the true definition of a ruthless warrior. A second later the man named Kaylub shifted back and, was not to surprisingly, just as hard faced as the Beta. If everyone in the pack looked like this, I would LOVE to be in the cells, alone. But why was I being put into the cells in the first place ? I had to know. Slowly I let my wolf form slip from me and shifted back into my human form. This did nothing to change the expression of the men before me, nor make the 2 wolves still surrounding me shift uncomfortably. I squinted my eyes and saw that they were all surprisingly mated which explained why my shifting did nothing for them, not that I wanted it to. As I opened my mouth to talk a sharp pain took over the back of my head and ribs, making me wish I hadn't shifted back to human form. Things hurt less in wolf form. I managed to choke out one word before I succumbed to the pain and squinted my eyes shut against it.

Liveena: Why ?

I couldn't see the facial expression of the person that spoke but I heard laughter in their voice as they spoke to me, as if I were suppose to just know this information.

Kaylub: Your trespassing on Rocky Mountain Pack territory honey. Did you think you would get away undetected and we'd just let you cross our lands ?

Then I blacked out.


KAY, so this is my first werewolf story and I'm ready to post the next chapter, if only I could get some feedback . . . . Or at least some votes ? Till then ! Seeyallz !👋😃

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