Larry Stylinson One Shots!

Hello there beautiful readers!!!! Well this is basically those crazy ideas that come o my head but it's not long enough to write a whole fan fiction so yeah ;) It's mostly Larry but I've been working on a Gashton (Gemma and Ashton) story so yeah xD Hope you guys like it :D


2. Tragedy

Thursday, March 11 2004. It's a day like any other day in London. The sun is bright, the birds are singing, everything is perfect on Harry's little world. He's walking to Waterloo train station, like he does every day from Monday to Friday. The curly haired boy feels a strange happiness in his heart, well isn't strange at all because it's the feeling that he gets every single morning. He walks faster, his heart is beating so fast, making him feel like if going to come out of his chest. He wants to walk faster, he needs to walk faster. When he finally arrives to the entrance, he runs when he sees that his train is already there. The door almost closes but he can get in. He sighs as he tries to find a seat. He looks around, searching for a person, searching for a beautiful blue eyed boy. When Harry's green eyes finally meets his blue ones the smile on his face gets bigger, showing his two beautiful dimples. 

"If I were more handsome, or more confident I would walk to your side and tell you who I am" Harry thinks as he sees the boy, the most beautiful, handsome boy he had ever seen. Harry closes his eyes, a little bit nervous because it's the first time that those big baby blue eyes look directly at him. He takes a deep breath before opening his eyes again, noticing that those baby blue eyes aren't looking at him anymore. "Good job Harry! Now he might be thinking that you didn't want to look at him!" Harry, mentally, palms face himself.

Harry can take the red line train which doesn't make any stops but instead he take the regular train which he has to take it an hour and half early before school starts. He plays with his hands nervously, as he waits for his stop to come by. He fixes his curls to the side as he looks at the ground. He thinks in how many different ways he can introduce himself to the beautiful blue eyed boy. 

"Why don't you take the red line which doesn't make any stops, until it gets to the station where you have to get off?" An angelic voice pulls Harry out of his thoughts. He looks up, noticing the blue eyed boy next to him. Harry gets nervous, more nervous that he already was. The beautiful boy was so close to him, so so closed that he can smell his cologne.

"E-excuse me-e?" Harry barely says

"Yeah, I mean this line makes 10 stops from Waterloo to 7th street where you get off and if you take the red line you wouldn't have to come so early because it doesn't make any stop from Waterloo to 7th street" The beautiful boy explains

"You know where I get in and get off?" Harry thinks, trying to control his nerves 

"Oh, I-I didn't-t know-w" Harry lies, of course he knew but he always chose his train to be able to see him

"Well now you know, your welcome" The brunette boy winks at him

Harry smiles nervous, wanting to control the blush that he knows is going to appear soon.

"I-I'm Harry-y" Harry says nervous

"I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson!" He smiles, showing his perfect teeth

"Louis .... wow, the beautiful blue eyed boy has a name .... Louis Tomlinson" Harry bits his bottom lip. 

"So, what are you studying?" Louis asks in a heavenly tone

"Graphic-c Design" Harry says, smiling at Louis

"Oh, that's awesome" Louis smiles, looking his phone

"and you?" 

"Hmh, I work" Louis fakes a smile

"Work? How old are you?" Harry asks curious

"Yeah I work as a receptionist" Louis says nervous


"Yeah, I didn't keep studying after high school so I got a job in this hotel as a receptionist" Louis smiles

"So how old are you?"

"I'm 24"

"Oh, you don't look like" Harry smiles, playing with his fingers

"Thank you and you?" 

"I'm 17" Harry smiles

"You're so young" Louis says delightful 

"Yeah?" Harry gets nervous

Harry looks around, noticing he's on 3rd street. Two more stops and all this would be over but he doesn't want it to be over, he wants it to last for ever. Harry and Louis are on the first wagon of the train, suddenly a explosion is heard in the back of the train, causing Harry, Louis and all the other passengers in the wagon to jump off their seats. Louis steps in front of Harry, trying to protect him. Harry starts shaking, feeling how the air is not getting to his lung. He feels like the walls of the train are closing on him. Louis notices it, he feels Harry's body shaking against his. He turns around, putting his hands on Harry's shoulders.

"Harry! Harry! Calm down, everything will be okay!" Louis encourages him

Harry stares at the back of the train which is on fire and people are screaming, begging for help, begging for anyone to open the door to let them out. Harry feels like this immense weight on his chest, his mouth goes dry. He brakes into a sweat, and he can't move, not a finger. Louis puts his two hands on Harry's cheek, making him to look at him instead of the horrible tragedy that's happening on the back the train.

"Harry look at me" Louis whispers in a sweet tone "Sweet cheeks look at me"

Harry keeps crying, sweating, trying to focus his attention on Louis but another explosion on the back of the train gets his attention. 

"L-louis-s" Harry whispers "L-louis-s I'm-m s-scared-d"

"Don't worry we'll make it! I promise you we will make it" Louis whispers

Another explosion is hear is on the wagon behind where they are. Louis hugs Harry tights, as he places him on his chest. Harry's body shakes against Louis', knowing that the end is near. Harry whispers something, but Louis can hear him. 

"Kiss-s m-me" Harry repeats

Louis doesn't think about it twice, he closes his eyes and kiss the beautiful, scared boy in front of him. They lips meet in a shaky kiss, Louis feels Harry's warm breath on his mouth. It happens, everything that Harry is afraid of, the wagon where they are, explodes. The explosion makes Louis and Harry fall. Louis falls on top Harry which protect him from all the metals, chairs and things that are flying around the wagon. A pieces of the ceiling falls on Louis' head, killing him immediately. Harry was unconscious because of the fall, but when he wakes up and notices a unconscious Louis on top of him he gets scared, again.

"Louis! Wake up!" Harry shakes him "Come on Louis, we have to get out of here!"

Harry shakes Louis again, but he doesn't move. Harry notices the piece of ceiling on Louis back and tries to remove it. Finally, when Harry is able to remove the ceiling from Louis' back, he kneels.

"Come on Louis! We have to get out of here!" He says looking around 

The image is one of the most horrific things that Harry had never seen. Death bodies everywhere, blood all around the place, and some of them agonizing. He looks back at Louis, who's still unconscious on the floor. 

"Louis come on!" Harry says, shaking Louis again

For the first time Harry notices that Louis' chest isn't moving. Desperate, Harry bends down to check Louis' breathing. Harry freaks out when he realizes that Louis isn't breathing, He grabs his arms, trying to check his pulse on his wrist. Harry's heart breaks into million pieces when he sees Louis' lifeless body. Harry bends down to hug Louis' death body, feeling his cold skin on his warm skin. Harry sits down, placing Louis' death body on top of him. 

"You promised me we would make it our" Harry whispers

Harry keeps crying, holding tight Louis' lifeless body against him. The rescuers arrive where Harry is 5 minutes after the explosion, noticing that Harry is okay they run to him. They remove Louis' death body off Harry and help him to stand up. Everything happened so fast, Harry can't believe that Louis is dead. I mean, a few minutes ago he was alive, they were talking for the first time. 

"Excuse me sir" A voice pulls Harry out of his train of thoughts


"We need to ask you some questions" The police officer says


"What's your name?"

"Harry-y Styles" Harry barely says

"Okay Mr. Styles, the person who was with you who is he?"

"I barely talked to him today, his name is Louis, Louis Tomlinson" Harry says, remembering how Louis introduced himself a few minutes ago

"Okay so by any chance do you a family member of Louis Tomlinson?"

"No sir"

"Okay" The officer sighs "Here it comes the hard questions" He gives Harry a weak smile "What happened? Can you explain to me in detail what happened?"

Harry's mind start remembering everything. It's like if a movie is playing in his head. In tears and sobs, Harry explains to the officer what had happen. An hour later Anne and Gemma come to the station to him up, knowing about the explosion they freaked out. 

"Harry are you okay?" His mum asks worried

"Yeah" Harry fakes a smile

"Oh my .... I almost die when I heard the news" Anne hugs him

"Yeah" Harry says again

Anne drives him to the house, Gemma is with him all the ride back home. She knows something happened to Harry.

"Everything will be okay" Gemma smiles


"I bet everything will ..." Gemma stops when she realizes that Harry's crush also travels on that train

"His name was Louis" Harry whispers

"Who's name?" Gemma asks curious

"His!" Harry says again

Gemma smiles at him, knowing that finally Harry had talk to him. Days pass by, the news still reporting everything that happened on the trains on March 11, 2004. Harry doesn't talk to anybody, his mum thinks it will be good if he goes to therapy but he doesn't think he needs it. Harry thinks that he just needs time to pass by because as they say, time heals it all. Two weeks after Louis' funeral Harry decides to go to his grave.

"Hi Louis" Harry says, smiling at the skinny grave in front of him "I'm sorry I didn't come to your funeral but .... I just couldn't" Harry sits down next to the grave, tears rolling down on Harry's cheeks "I know we officially met the day that everything happened but I watched you from my seat, every day, from Monday to Friday for 5 months" Harry smiles "I knew when you over slept because you always wore a beanie, I knew when you woke up early because your hair looked so stylish" Harry pauses, looking into Louis' grave "I know this might sound creepy but I fell in love with you .... I still am" Harry smiles, placing some flowers need to another ones that where there "Look I brought you flowers ... hmh I don't really know what kind of flowers you liked but I thought this would look really nice on your grave"

There is a long pause, I mean Louis isn't talking at all but Harry was. Harry smiles at the grave, trying not to cry.

"Why?" Harry asks, heartbroken "Why it had to happen that way?" Harry fixes his curls to the side "I'll never understand, I mean it was the first time that you talked to me and then that happened" Harry says "I guess, I should be thankful because I least I knew your name and you knew mine ..... and we kissed" Harry says, touching his lips, remembering the kiss "I promise you I'll come to visit you every day" Harry smiles "But for now I have to keep going" Harry stands up "Bye Louis, see you tomorrow" 

He smiles at the grave for the last time before he starts to walk away. Like he promised, Harry visits Louis' grave everyday. Each day he brings him a different flower because he never knew what kind of flowers he liked it. 

10 years had passed by since the tragedy. Today March 11, 2014 Harry, The Tomlinson and all the families of the victims are on the ceremony, remembering the tragedy that took some many lives. 

"Hi Lou" Harry whispers "I can't believe it's been ten years" Harry smiles "Hey, hmh ....." He says nervous "I know it's weird but I want you to meet Noah

Noah, Harry met him when he went to therapy. He looks like Louis in creepy (good) way. Noah knows everything about Louis and doesn't really mind.

"Hey there, Louis" Noah says, smiling

All thought Noah and Harry are just friend, he is glad to have somebody to talk to. Sure, he never talked as much as he walks to Noah with Louis but in his heart nobody will replace Louis, never.

Hello My Beautiful People!!!!!!!

OMG I'm crying my eyes out!!!!!! Seriously this fiction is based on song, it's a song in Spanish call "Jueves" By La Oreja De Van Gogh. Basically the attack to the train stations happened but it was in Madrid, Spain not in London, UK :P And well the song talks about the two of them traveling on the same train and they talked to each other that day that the terrorist attack happened. I don't really know about if any of them survived but yeah I wanted to change a little bit the ending and I'm so sooooo sorry for killing Louis but idk xP So I hope you guys liked it and well leave your comments, suggestions, opinions on the section below! And don't forget to add it to your favorite list and share it with your friends because sharing is caring!!!!!! Love you to bits from the bottom of my Larry heart, Astrid :)x

P.s: Another one shot is coming sooooooon so yeah I hope you guys enjoy it!






"Fate took soul mates to a whole new level with Harry and Louis"


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