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Hello there beautiful readers!!!! Well this is basically those crazy ideas that come o my head but it's not long enough to write a whole fan fiction so yeah ;) It's mostly Larry but I've been working on a Gashton (Gemma and Ashton) story so yeah xD Hope you guys like it :D


4. Our Little Miracle

Warning: This story contains M-PREG material, meaning one of the guys is going to be pregnant! You don't like the idea, don't read it :D

Harry has three weeks feeling sick, nausea, dizziness, cravings, among other things. If Harry were a woman, He would think that he is pregnant, but that is impossible. He is a man and he has the body of a man so that idea is discarded. He moves away from the toilet, wiping his mouth. He flashes the toilet, trying to stand up.

"Harry," He hears his husband's voice follow by a knock, "you alright, love?" 

"Yeah," He feels like throwing up again

"Let me in," Louis says trying to open the door 

"I don't want you to see me like this," Harry says, washing your face with cold water

"In sickness and health, remember?" Louis whispers against the door

Harry smiles at himself, knowing that Louis is right. They promised to be with each other in richness and poorness, in sickness and health, till death do them part. Harry walks to the door, isn't a long distance but because of his dizziness, he feels like he just walked two miles. When he opens the door a worried Louis is shown. Louis wraps his arms around his sick husband, holding him tight.

"You alright, love?" Louis whispers against Harry's ear

Harry shakes his head, burring his face on Louis' chest. Louis smiles softly as he cuddles with the love of his life. They stay like that for a bit until Harry feels like vomiting again. He tries to move away from Louis but he just hold him tighter against his body

"'M not going anywhere," Louis says, caressing Harry's messy curls

"Gonna throw up again," Harry warns him, walking to the toilet

Harry kneels in front of the toilet as he throws up. Louis stands behind him, caressing his back, saying words of encouragement and love. When Harry finishes throwing up, he covers his face with his hands. Louis takes Harry's hand of his face, examining his face. Harry is pale as paper, black circles are noticeable under his beautiful green eyes.

"Wanna go to the hospital?" Louis asks, moving his chocolate brown curls away from his face

"Yeah ...." He whispers, "I don't feel go Lou," Harry cries

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no don't cry baby" Louis says as he brings Harry into a hug, "I'm taking you to the hospital right now,"

Louis sits Harry on the toilet and runs ti their room. He gets a white shirt and black sweatpants and put them on. He gets his wallet, Harry's wallet, a jacket for him and one for Harry. He goes back to the washroom where Harry is still crying.

"Baby," He hugs him, "You'll be okay"

"I don't feel good Lou," He swallows hard, "My tummy hurt"

"Don't worry baby, I'll take you to the hospital right now!" Louis says desperate

He wants to do something to make the pain go away, Louis would change places with Harry if that were possible so Harry wouldn't have to feel pain anymore. He hates feeling helplessly, he really wants to make the pain go away. 

"Baby cakes," Louis whispers


"I need you to help me a little bit, yeah?"


"We gonna walk to the living room, there I'll out your and mine shoes on," He pauses, "Then we gonna walk to the parking lot, if for any reason you can't walk anymore let me know ans I'll carry you to the car, okay?" 


They do as Louis said, they walk to the living room. There they just stop to get their shoes on and to grab the car keys. Louis helps Harry to stand up, immediately Harry put almost all his weight on Louis. He manages to the to the door, he opens it and closes it without problem. On their way to the car Harry feels weak, he wants to throw up again. 

"Lou," Harry whispers


"I need to stop," He says covering his mouth

"Want to throw up?" Louis asks, caressing Harry's back

Harry nods as he tries to walk away from Louis. Louis rolls his eyes as he follows him. Harry manages to walk to a trash bin, he vomits there. Louis like early this morning tells him sweet words to make him feel better. When Harry stop Louis carries him bride styles and walk to the car. Harry didn't want to because apparently his too heavy for Louis, but Louis carries him anyways. 

When they finally make it to the hospital the doctors run a lot of test on Harry. They give him a pill so his malaise go away. 

Right now they're at Harry's room. Louis is standing next him, trying to comfort him. Harry still feels sick but he doesn't say anything just to not worry Louis. 

"I love you," Louis smiles

"Even when I'm sick?" Harry giggles

"That's when I love you even more," Louis kisses his hand

"I love you too, Louis Tomlinson" Harry whispers

Louis gets close to Harry to give him a small kiss on his lips

"You don't want to do that," Harry says, moving his head away

"Why not?" Louis looks at him, "Just because you're sick?"

"Duh?" Harry jokes

"That's not gonna stop me,"

"I know," Harry smiles, "you're stubborn,"

Louis giggles at Harry's comment. It's true he's stubborn and he knows he will never change that. The doctor knocks on the door before entering the room. He smiles at them as he stands next to Louis.

"Mr. Harry Tomlinson?" The doctor reads out loud from the papers

It's been 3 years since they got marry and Harry still not used to be call Mr. Harry Tomlinson. He giggles every time somebody calls him "Mr. Tomlinson".

"Yes, that's me," Harry answers

"And you are?" The doctor asks looking at Louis

"I'm Louis Tomlinson, his husband!" Louis says proud

"Glad you're here," He smiles at Louis, "Because I have some news for you two"

"Is it bad?" Harry asks scared

"Not really," He smiles, "He run some test on you Mr. Tomlinson," The doctor smiles at Harry again, "And we can not explain how this happened but you're pregnant,"

Harry looks at Louis afraid of his reaction, "What?" Harry whispers, trying to understand but he can't. He just can't understand how in the hell is he pregnant.

"We still don't know how, but we made three different test on you and in all of them it says that you're pregnant. You have a little piece of your love inside of you," He smiles

"Oh dear," Louis says hugging Harry tight, "You have a little piece of our love inside you," Louis adds, rubbing Harry's tummy.

"Our little miracle," Harry whispers, tears running down his cheeks

A minute later reality hits Louis, he knows that a man pregnant isn't common. He smiles at Harry before he turns around to face the doctor.

"What are the risks? I know he's a male and he wouldn't be pregnant so tell m the risks," Louis says, trying to keep himself together

"Extreme consequences?" The doctor asks

Both of them nod, "He can die," Harry's and Louis' heart sink in their stomach. How can something so beautiful become in something where the love of his life can ended up dead?

"You have the option to ....."

"That's not an option!" Harry and Louis says in sync 

"Can I talk to my husband in private please?" Louis asks in a polite tone

"Sure, we still need to talk about this though,"

"Yes, we know but right now I need to talk to my husband in private," Louis says again

The doctor nods as he leaves the room. Harry starts crying as soon as he hears the door being close.

"No,no,no,no,no,no baby" Louis wipes the tears off his face, "Don't cry"

"How can I not? It's literally me or our baby," Harry sobs

"He didn't say that," Louis says, stroking his curls "That would be in a extreme consequence, doesn't mean it will happen okay?"

"Okay," Harry whispers, "But if you ever have to decide between me and our baby," He pauses, "Choose him or her, okay?"

"That won't happen," Louis says, trying to stay positive

"But if it happens, promise me you'll choose him or her?"

"Harry don't ask me to do that," Louis eyes get watery

"Please Lou," Harry whispers, "I already had the blessing of having you .... I would like him or her to see what an amazing father you will be"

"How do you know I'll be an amazing father?"

"Because you're an amazing husband and I know if I'm gone you will love him or her as much as you love me because he's or she's a piece of me" Harry says, rubbing his tummy

"You don't have to worry about it because he or she won't let you die, he or she will love you so much that he or she will not hurt you," Louis leans close to Harry's tummy, "You won't hurt Papa, right?"

Harry giggles to the cute image of his husband and their unborn baby. The doctor comes back to the room a few minutes later and explains everything to Harry and Louis. Harry has to follow a very strict diet because He is a pregnant man, which is not common. Louis took very seriously all the doctor's instructions he also hired a nurse to take care of Harry while he is working. He doesn't want anything to happen to them, he doesn't want to choose between Harry or their baby.



This one shot came to my mind because of this pictures .....


He literally looks pregnant! I mean look at his belly xD I literally lost it when I saw him, I was like "Louis Tomlinson you made my idol pregnant, we need to talk about using condoms" xD Sorry if you didn't like it because it had MPREG but I warned you before I started the story :/ This story will have two parts because I need your help on the baby's gender and name! Well I really hope you guys like it and well let me know what you think by leaving your comments, suggestion and opinion on the section below.... Also if you want me to write about something specific just leave your ideas on the section below as well :D Love you guys from the bottom of my Larry heart!

P.s: You choose the gender and the name of the baby so vote!
Girls:                           Boys:
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*Jade                          *Ethan







"Fate took soul mate to a whole new level with Harry and Louis"

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