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Hello there beautiful readers!!!! Well this is basically those crazy ideas that come o my head but it's not long enough to write a whole fan fiction so yeah ;) It's mostly Larry but I've been working on a Gashton (Gemma and Ashton) story so yeah xD Hope you guys like it :D


7. Our Little Miracle (Part 2)



Warning: This story contains M-PREG material, meaning one of the guys is going to be pregnant! You don't like the idea, don't read it :D

After three days of been in the hospital Harry and Louis finally go back home. Louis took very seriously all the doctor's instructions he also hired a nurse to take care of Harry while he is working. He doesn't want anything to happen to them, he doesn't want to choose between Harry or their baby.

"Mr. Tomlinson you can't do that!" The nurse, Jesy, tells him as she tries to make him sit back again on the couch.

"Jesy I already told you, call me Harry!" He rolls his eyes, "And I can't be here anymore, I need to go to work, I need to do something!"

"Yes, I understand but Mr. Tomlinson and your doctor says that you have to rest!"

"I already did, I need to move, I need to walk." Harry sighs, "I'm getting fat."

"You're gaining weight because of the baby, isn't fatness!" Jesy smiles.

"Yeah and if I don't walk or move around I'l get super fat." Harry says rubbing his tummy.

You can't see his tummy or him gaining weight but Harry know it will happen eventually and he thinks it's already noticeable. 

"Mr. Tomlinson will be here at anytime." Jesy smiles at him. "Don't worry he'll take for a walk."

"What time is it?" Harry asks curious.

"It's almost 4."

"God, I hadn't cook anything for Louis," Harry says trying to get up from the couch again, "Come on, help me please?"

"You can't do that!" Jesy says again.

"Come on! I need to had something ready for my husband."

"Harry, you're a pregnant and it's just that you're a guy who's pregnant!" Jesy says, trying to make him sit again.

"You people need to stop treating me like if I move I'll lose the kid," Harry rolls his eyes and gets up from the couch.

He makes his way to the kitchen, when he gets there he stops for a moment to think what to cook. He remembers that he has pasta, it's something that will be ready in less than half hour. Around 5 Louis gets home from work, Harry has the table set up. Louis smiles when he notices Harry in the kitchen finishing dinner. He walks behind him and wraps his arms around him. Harry giggles to the touch; his husband's skin is so warm on his. 

"Hello beautiful." Louis whispers, placing a kiss on Harry cheek.

"Hey gorgeous." Harry says, turning around to face him. "How was work?"

"Work was okay." Louis kisses Harry lips gently. "We still don't have a home for fluffy, but hopefully a good family comes to the animal hospital and adopt him."

Louis works as a vet assistant in a High Desert Animal Hospital, it's not a big thing but it gives them money to live; specially right now that Harry had to quite his job as banker. 

"I love you." Louis whispers against Harry's lips. "And I love you too." He says to Harry's belly as he kisses it.

Every day after that is the same; Louis comes from work to find Harry on the kitchen finishing dinner. Harry kisses him, Louis talks to their unborn babe and after that they have dinner. Sometimes they have desert after dinner, only if Harry feels okay of course. Harry has a lot of craves in the middle of the night, sometimes he wants ice cream with strawberry jelly. Another day he was craving curly fries and well Louis woke up at 3 in the morning and went to the closet fast food restaurant that sells curly fries to buy him some. Harry gets a little self- conscious sometimes since he's gaining weight but Louis never forgets to tell him how much he loves him and the baby he's carrying. They want to know the gender of the baby until she or he born but they've talked about names already.

"Any names?" Harry asks, caressing Louis' forearm. "I asked you last time and you told me you have to think about it."

"Of course I did." Louis says gently. "Since we don't want to know the gender what about if we choose 3 girl names and 3 boy names?"

"Sounds like a plan." Harry smiles from ear to ear.

Louis get close to him and kisses his lips gently. Harry giggles into the kiss; making Louis smile. 

"For girls I like Victoria .... Jade .... and Maia." Louis says, counting on Harry's fingers.

"I like those." Harry smiles. "Mines are Catherine .... Zoraida ..... and Erin."

"Erin sounds lovely." Louis says kissing Harry's lips.

"For boy ones ...." Harry pauses to take a deep breath. "I love Louis ..." He giggles.

"I see what you did there." Louis kisses him again. "But we're not gonna name our love child after me."

"What?" Harry gasps. "Why not?" He frowns.

"I don't know .... but if you want to name our child after us we should name him Harry like his mother." Louis says wrapping his arms around him.

"You know," Harry says in a sad tone. "If anything happens to me ..."

"Harry," Louis interrupts him.

"No, Louis." Harry gives him a weak smile. "Let me finish." He kisses Louis' lips. "If anything happens to me I want you to name him Harry if it's a boy and if it's a girl Harriet so you know I'm still here with you."

"But our little miracle won't hurt papa." Louis says, putting his face in front of Harry's 7 month belly. "And beside everything is going so good."

"I know ... but just in case ..."

"Of curse I will Harry." Louis interrupts him kissing him deeply. 

"I love you." Harry whispers.

"And I love both of you." Louis says rubbing Harry's belly as he kisses him for the billion time this day.

The next two months pass so fast, Louis is surprised when Harry told him his tummy was hurting. Louis takes him to the hospital as fast as he could. When they get there Harry's doctor is already in the emergency room waiting for them. Obviously Harry can't have his kid the normal way that women do. When everything is done the doctor lets Louis to go inside of the room where Harry and their baby girl are. Louis is nervous as he opens the door. His heart shrinks when he sees the adorable image of his husband with their baby girl in his arms. Harry looks at him and smiles. "Come." He mouths and Louis obeys. Louis walks closer and closer to Harry and their baby girl. Louis stares at her for a moment; admiring how much she looks like Harry.

"She looks exactly like you." Louis whispers. "She's so beautiful."

"She looks like us." Harry corrects him.

"She has blonde hair," Louis points out. "Which you had when you were a baby."

"But she has your nose." Harry says in a sweet tone. "An your eyelashes and I bet she has your lovely eyes."

"Harry," Louis blushes.

"It's true love, she looks a lot like you." 

"She looks like us." Louis reminds him.

"She looks like a Harriet." Louis whispers, caressing her.

"She also looks like a Louise." Harry tries to make a point.

"What about Haise Tomlinson Styles?" They hear a voice coming from the front door. They look to the door to find Gemma there, smiling at them.

"Gems!" Harry says excited.

"Hey H! Hey Lou!" She greets."I heard you guys talking about the name and well 'Haise' is Harriet and Louise combine." Gemma explains. "So you don't have to choose between them."

"What about Lourriet?" Harry asks curious. "I mean it's Harriet and Louise combine."

"Do you want your child to hate you forever?" Gemma teases him.

"Is that horrible?" Harry asks faking being hurt.

Gemma and Louis nod, Harry gasps when he sees Louis nodding. 

"Then Haise it is." Harry rolls his eyes playfully.

Harry stays in the hospital for ten days because the scar of his surgery had to heal. When they get bad home Louis is happy to be there with his husband and their little miracle.



HEY GUYS!!!!!!
Holy mother of cotton candy, it took me like 3 months to update the second part of this shot!!! That's bad ans I'm sorry :/ 

I'm sorry I've not write anything lately but I don't know I had a block and well *sighs* it sucks!!!! But the good news it's that I went to WWA In Arizona and it was AMAZING!!!!! I died 193194756545623565683165821658562856856850 times when I saw the boys sooooooo close to where I was. They were literally right in front of me and dsjgghjwbvejfwfgwrgfugjfBEG *Screams* BTW I have no voice after Tuesday night ;) hahaha! I hope to write something new soon so yeah :D Love you guys!








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