Larry Stylinson One Shots!

Hello there beautiful readers!!!! Well this is basically those crazy ideas that come o my head but it's not long enough to write a whole fan fiction so yeah ;) It's mostly Larry but I've been working on a Gashton (Gemma and Ashton) story so yeah xD Hope you guys like it :D


6. Just A Little Of Your Heart

There he was; on the X Factor house. Harry always wanted to be in that competition, he loved singing and by coming to this competition he knew music producers were going to discover him and he really wanted that; he wanted a record deal.

One thing that he didn't want was to fall in love. He didn't just fall in love; he fell for a his best friend who was a guy. The fact that he was a guy didn't surprised him at all since he always knew he was gay. He remembered the first day he saw him on the auditions for the show in Manchester. A blonde girl was with him all the time; Harry knew she was his girlfriend since that girl never left his side and she was always kissing him. A few more people were with him too but the only one Harry pay attention to was the boy with the icy blue eyes. He was so beautiful, so gorgeous; Harry just couldn't keep his eyes away from him.

Before that he had never thought about anyone like that but that boy was just so too beautiful to be real. He remembered running into him in the toilets; that was embarrassing he must say. He remembered seeing him on bootcamp; he had a really nice voice and he knew that boy with the most beautiful icy blue eyes was going to get far. He remembered seeing him when the boys who we're going to judges' houses were called out. He didn't know his name; he was paying attention to see if the boy stepped in front of the line because his name was call but he never did. When the last name was called out he didn't even realized they didn't call his name because he was to busy waiting for the icy blue eyes boy's name to be call out. When Simon said "that's it guys." He felt sick, he couldn't understand how they didn't pick him. All the boys walked backstage and there he was, smiling like if his name had been called out.

Harry smiled at that even though when his tears wanted to come out of his eyes. After a few minutes a guy from the staff called all of them. He had a message from the judges. "Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles." The guy said after calling a few of the girls name too. "Follow me." Harry noticed that the boy with the icy blue eyes was walking with them in the same group. He tried to remember that names since one of those name was going to be his. They reached the stage and walk in front of the judges. Harry was trying to pay attention to them but it was hard when the icy blue eyes boy was in the same room as him. He just heard Nichole saying "group" and "judges' house". After that he saw the icy blue eyed boy running toward him. He was surprised but he hug him anyways. He didn't just hug him; no, he picked him up and spin him around as he buried his head on his shoulder. When they heard Simon saying "guys, guys!" Harry put the icy blue eyed boy on his feet and the boy apologized. Harry shook his head saying it was okay.

After that Harry learned that the boy's name was Louis, he was from Doncaster, he loved football and his favorite movie was Grease and his girlfriend's name was Hanna. They spend a few days on Harry's dad's place in the country side of Holme Chapel before going to Spain. Days passed by and Harry was falling harder and harder for Louis. Louis always looked at him as his friend and that hurt Harry a lot to be honest. When they were on Spain Louis cut his foot with a sea shell and he needed to go to the hospital. Harry wanted to go with him but Louis didn't let him. He said it was okay and Harry stayed at Simon's house. Louis came back before their performance; they were nervous that Louis wasn't going to make it on time but he did. They sang the song as as always Simon's face was emotionless. They went to the room where the other were and waited. Harry might have asked Louis if he was okay a billion time while they waited. When a guy told them it was time for them to go with Simon Harry helped Louis to get up. Simon gave them the good news that they were going to the live shows. The boys couldn't be more happy about it. The shows started until the second week of September and it was barely the beginning of August when they went back to England. All of them were in their hometown for that month but Harry and Louis kept in touch. Harry really wanted to see Louis again.

The month that Harry had to wait to see Louis again was the longest month of his life; he always had his phone on his hand just in case that Louis called him or texted him. When they moved in to the X Factor house was the first time they saw each other again. All their families when there to say goodbye and of course Hanna was there kissing Louis again. Harry rolled his eyes as he said good bye to Anne and Gemma. In the house there was one room for all of them; five boys in one room. "Holy mother of god this was going to be a mess!" Harry thought when he saw all that things that the boys brought with them. The live shows started and everybody seemed to be in love with One Direction. Harry loved the girls attention but it was overwhelming some times. Some of them noticed Harry's and Louis' friendship and they made a ship name for them; "Larry Stylinson".  And to be honest Harry loved the idea.

Every Saturday their families would go to the live shows and him and the boys were happy to see them but Harry felt like killing someone when he saw Hanna the first Saturday. He knew she had to be there since he was Louis' girlfriend. The boys weren't allow to go out with their families but sometimes they visit them and they spend time on the X Factor house. A Wednesday  Louis was with Hanna on the back yard and Harry was looking at them from the window of their room. Louis seemed happy with her and Harry knew that. He wiped the tears off this cheeks and lay down on his bed.  He closed his eyes; trying to get Louis and his girlfriend Hanna out of his head. He remembered he had a diary on his suitcase; he had never used before but Gemma insisted him to keep it. He took the notebook out and start writing random words.
"I don't ever tell you how I really feel." He took a deep breath as he reread the sentence.
"Cause I can't find the words to say what I mean." He sighed as he closed the book and put it back into his suitcase. He took his iPod out and put the earphones on. Music always calmed him and knew that time wasn't going to be the exception. He closed his eyes as the music filled his soul; his being. He didn't really knew how long had been since he was laying there but he know it had been a while since Niall came and asked him if everything was okay. He just nodded and closed his eyes again.

The next day Louis was acting all loving with him but Harry couldn't just pretend like nothing happened. Even though nothing was going on between Louis and him; because he knew that, he used to get jealous whenever Hanna came around. Days passed again; they were on the semi finals and they went to their hometowns. Harry was excited to see his mum and sister again; Anne and Gemma couldn't go to the live shows so often so Harry had missed them so much. When they were at their house Gemma asked him if he had write anything on the notebook and he lied. He said he hadn't write anything in it yet, but then the two sentences he wrote the other day came to his mind. "I don't ever tell you how I really feel." "Cause I can't find the words to say what I mean." They stayed for a hour or so in Harry's house, then they when to Liam's hometown where they had a gig. A lot of people were there and they were overwhelmed.

When they were going back to the X Factor house Louis sat next to Harry. It was night time and they were so tired. Louis fell asleep on Harry's shoulder. Harry smiled as he thought of a quote. "I heard a little love is better than none." To his surprise when they got home Harry went straight to his suitcase and took the notebook out. He walked to the toilets and locked the door. He took the pen and wrote the quote that came to his mind on the car, "I heard a little love is better that none." He closed the notebook but something caught his attention, he opened it again. On the last page of the notebook was something written on. He knew that wasn't his handwriting, he looked at it again and realized it was Gemma's. He read the note and remained static; he read it again and again until he understood why Gemma gave this notebook to him.

A knock on the door pulled him out if his thoughts, "Hazza, are you okay?" He heard Louis' voice. He apologized for taking so long on the toilet and when to his bed. The day of the semi final came and sadly they didn't go through the final. When they were backstage Louis was trying to comfort Harry. "It's okay baby cakes," he whispered into his ear. "Everything will be okay," he repeated in the same tone. "This isn't the end for us." Louis wrapped his arms tighter around Harry. And Louis was right, later that night Simon called the boys to his office and told them he was going to sign them to his record label.

Days passed by and one night Louis called Harry telling him that he broke up with Hanna. Harry was happy; I know it sound wrong but he though he had a chance with Louis. Harry tried to make him feel better; he knew how to cheer him up. The following month Harry and Louis decides to move in together to a small flat in London. Harry immediately said yes, he wanted to share as much as he could with Louis. Harry loved the fact that he woke up every morning knowing that Louis was on the room next to his. One time he tried to cook breakfast but he almost set the flat on fire and since then Louis was never allowed to go near by the stove. Harry tried to cook breakfast for both of them every morning but sometimes was impossible since Simon called them to go to the studio or to do promo early in the morning. They came home tired but they always had time to watch a movie together or talk about things that only they knew about each other.

Louis once told Harry about a girl that he met a few days ago when they were on Manchester. Harry remembered how happy Louis was when they came back from that trip. Everything Harry did whenever Louis talked about girl was nodding and making him believe that that was amazing. Harry went to his bed that night early; wanting to write on his notebook again. "I don't ever ask you where you've been," he sighed. "And I don't feel the need to know who you're with." He took a deep breath as he closed to notebook and put it back on his night stand.

Days passed by and the boys started to record their first album. Everyone was excited about it; Liam even said that he was afraid all this was a dream and one day they would wake up and all this was gone. Harry knew the feel, he was afraid to wake up one day and realized all this was just a dream. Three months after their talk about the girl Louis was introducing the brunette girl to the boy as her girlfriend; Eleanor. Harry's heart sank into his stomach. Eleanor was beautiful; so pretty, so polite and Harry understood why Louis fell for her. Niall noticed Harry's reaction, he knew Harry and Louis were best friend and if any of them had a girlfriend that mean they weren't going to be so close anymore. When they were alone at the studio Niall make sure to talk to Louis about Harry. Louis told Niall that everything was going to be okay. Later that day Niall read a tweet that Louis tweeted to Harry. "Always in my heart @Harry_Styles. Yours sincerely, Louis". Harry saw that tweet and his heart stopped; he was glad that Louis actually loved him. Since then he knew he was going to be on Louis' heart forever because Louis said so. That night he added a new quote to his notebook; "Just a little bit of your heart, just a little bit of your heart is all I want."

Days passed by and Louis seemed to be happy with Eleanor. Harry was happy for him because he knew if Louis was happy he was going to be happy for him. Every night he heard Louis when he came from a date with his lovely girlfriend Eleanor. More and more quote we're add to the notebook; "I can't even think straight; but I can tell you were just with her."

Louis always treated Harry with love and sometimes Harry misstated that by thinking that Louis actually love him more than just friends. He realized Louis really loved Eleanor when he announced to him and the boys his engagement with her after 2 years of being together. More quotes were added to the notebook; "And I'll still be a fool, I'm a fool for you."

One time they were at their flat and Harry decided to asked Louis if he loved him. Louis immediately said yes; Harry smiled to the fact that at least Louis loved him, not in the way that Harry loved him but at least he was one of those lucky people who were loved by Louis Tomlinson. "I know I'm not your only, but at least I'm one." Was added to the notebook on Louis' and Eleanor's wedding day. Harry knew that he loved him with all his heart but sadly he was forced to share Louis with Eleanor but didn't matter because all Harry wanted was just a little bit of Louis' heart.




And this is what happens folks when I heard Ariana Grande's new song written by the one and only Mr. Harry fucking Styles on repeat at 2 in the morning!!!!!!

 Too much feels *chest pain* holy cheese ball I can't deal with my emotions .... They're all over the place D': Well, like I said this came to my mind when I was hearing Ariana's new song on repeat :'( God, the pain is real!!!!! I'm not saying this is the way that happen so if you aren't a Larry shipper and for some odd reason you ended up reading this don't start telling me how deluded I am because this is a FICTIONAL event!!!!! Let me know what you think on the section below!!!!! Sorry if I messed up with your feels :'( Love you to pieces from the bottom of my Larry heart!

P.s: The second part of "Our Miracle" is coming soon (hopefully) xD I'm kinda stuck on that one ..... Oops!






"Fate took soul mates to a whole new level with Harry and Louis"

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